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  • ResMed Humidaire 2i Heated Humidifier

HumidAire 2i™ Heated Humidifier

The HumidAire 2i Heated Humidifier by ResMed is an integrated humidifier for use with the S7 line of machines. The humidifier is simple to attach and features a easy to use dial to adjust the humidity level.

Manufactured by ResMed.

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Product Features

This heated humidifier snaps easily on and off the ResMed S7 Series CPAP machines. The integrated humidifier is powered by the CPAP and has no extra cords to plug in. The heater provides warm moist air that soothes your sinuses and nasal dryness. Check out our Humidifier FAQ to get the details on how heated humidification can improve your sleep therapy.

The HumidAire 2i is compatible with the following machines:

  • AutoSet CS 2
  • S7 AutoSet Spirit
  • S7 Lightweight
  • S7 Elite
  • VPAP III Series
  • VPAP III ST-A with QuickNav
  • VPAP Adapt SV
  • VPAP Malibu

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