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    "This humidifier provides a great addition to the DreamStation. I'm very pleased with the humidification."

    January 12, 2016

    "Super aesthetic design! Given the curved design, practical to know in which direction to add water dispenser."

    August 7, 2016

    Product Overview

    The DreamStation Heated Humidifier by Philips Respironics is the integrated humidifier designed to connect directly to the DreamStation Series Machines in order to provide optimum comfort by adding moisture to therapy air. This humidifier offers a standard fixed heating mode as well as an "Adaptive" mode which automatically adjusts heat and moisture levels. For increased warmth, add the OPTIONAL Heated Tube for DreamStation CPAP Machines.

    Manufactured by Philips Respironics.

    Product Features

    PR's DreamStation Heated Humidifier is a user-friendly humidifier built to correspond with the Respironics DreamStation machines. A heated tube may be added to therapy to maintain the warmth of the therapy air as it travels through the hose to the mask.


  • Adaptive Humidification Option
  • User-Friendly Chamber Design
  • Dry Box Technology
  • OPTIONAL Heated Tube
  • Compatible Hose Options

    Adaptive Humidification Option

    When paired with a DreamStation machine, the DreamStation Humidifier can be set in "Adaptive" mode, allowing the device to monitor ambient temperature and humidity levels in order to adjust the heating levels as needed. Adaptive humidification is intended to provide optimum moisture to therapy air while lowering the chances of condensation building in the hose. The humidifier can also be set to fixed humidification if the user wishes to maintain one heating level throughout the night.

    User-Friendly Chamber Design

    The DreamStation Humidifier features an easily accessible water chamber which is located in the center of the device. Release the lid by gently pushing forward on the tab located on the top of the humidifier. The panel will open completely, exposing the clear, water chamber. This 325mL chamber is easily lifted with both hands holding either side of the rectangular shape. Please Note: If filled with water, be cautious when removing the chamber to protect the humidifier from potential water damage. It is imperative not to fill the water above the maximum fill line.

    Dry Box Technology

    Dry Box Technology was created to help reduce the chance of water damage when the OPTIONAL humidifier is used with the DreamStation machine. In the instance that water may escape from the water chamber, the Dry Box is designed to trap the water within the walls of the unit to prevent water from traveling through the machine and humidifier connection. Additionally, the air outlet port uses a one way valve to prevent water from exiting the water chamber and entering the machine. The air outlet port is located on the top of the chamber to help minimize total water displacement.

    OPTIONAL Heated Tube

    Adding the OPTIONAL heated tube to CPAP therapy may decrease the chances of rainout while providing warmth in the therapy air. As warm air is moves from the humidifier to the machine, the heated tube maintains an elevated temperature to ensure heated air is delivered to the user. When the warm air is pulled into the hose, the temperature of the hose works to prevent environmental temperatures from cooling the warm air inside the tube.

    Compatible Hose Options

    Respironics' DreamStation Heated Humidifier is compatible with three hose types. The user may select between a standard 22mm hose, a slim 15mm hose, or the OPTIONAL DreamStation slim 15mm heated hose. The variety of hose options allows for a combination based on individual preferences.

    Please Note: The DreamStation Heated Humidifier is only compatible with Philips Respironics DreamStation Series machines.

  • Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    • DreamStation Heated Humidifier
    • Water Chamber

    Product Specifications

    Heated Humidifier Specifications

  • Dimensions - Humidifier Alone (Height Excludes Air Outlet Port): 5.75 in L x 7 in W x 3.25 in H (14.61 cm L x 17.78 cm W x 8.26 cm H)

  • Dimensions - Machine and OPTIONAL Humidifier (Height Excludes Air Outlet Port): 11.7 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H (29.7 cm L x 19.3 cm W x 8.4 cm H)

  • Weight - Humidifier Alone: 1.44 lbs

  • Weight - Machine and OPTIONAL Humidifier with Power Supply: 4.37 lbs (1.98 kg)

  • Weight - Water Chamber: 5.57 oz

  • Water Chamber Capacity: 325mL (11 oz)

  • Depth of the Air Outlet Port: 2.75 in (7cm)

  • Compatible CPAP Tube Diameter: 22mm Standard, 15mm Slim, 15H Heated Tube

  • Maximum Temperature - Heater Plate: 149 degree F (65 degree C)

  • Maximum Pressure Drop with Humidifier: 0.6 cm H2O at 60 LPM flow

  • Operating Temperature: 41 degree F to 95 degree F (5 degree C to 35 degree C)

  • Storage Temperature: -4 degree F to 140 degree F (-20 degree C to 60 degree C)

  • Relative Humidity (Operating & Storage): 15 to 95% (non-condensing)

  • Atmospheric Pressure: 0 - 7500 ft (0 - 2286 m) (101 to 77 kPA)

  • Maximum Recommended Pressure: 25 cm H2O

  • AC Power Consumption (with 80W Power Supply): 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 - 1.0 A

  • DC Power Consumption: 12 VDC, 6.67 A

  • Mode of Operation: Continuous

  • Sound Pressure Level (Machine and Humidifier): 27.9 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)

  • Sound Power Level (Machine and Humidifier): 35.9 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)

  • Limited Warranty: 2 Years

  • Languages: English or Spanish

    'Optional' Heated Tube Specifications

  • Maximum Recommended Pressure: 25 cm H2O

  • Inner Diameter of the Heated Tube: 15mm (0.6 in)

  • Length of the Heated Tube: 6 ft (1.83 m)

  • Heated Tubing Temperature Range: 60 degree F to 86 degree F (16 degree C to 30 degree C)

  • Heated Tubing Temperature Cut-Off: Equal to or Greater than 106 degree F (Equal to or Greater than 41 degree C)

  • Heated Tubing Material Components: Flexible Plastic and Electrical Components

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    Important Tips

    User Manual:

    The user manual included with this humidifier can be viewed and downloaded here: DreamStation Heated Humidifier.

    Compatible DreamStation Series Machines

    The DreamStation Humidifier is compatible with the following machines:

    How to Connect and Disconnect the DreamStation Machine and Humidifier

  • Connect the DreamStation Machine and Humidifier

    Please Note: Empty the water chamber before moving the humidifier to protect the machine from potential water damage. The humidifier should never be placed directly onto carpet, fabric, or other flammable surfaces.

    The air outlet port found on the back of the DreamStation devices will line up with the front of the humidifier which is indicated by the opening for the water chamber. Once the machine's air outlet is directly connected to the humidifier's air inlet port, the two devices may be joined by sliding them together until a clicking noise is heard.

  • Disconnect the DreamStation Machine and Humidifier

    Begin by removing the water tank from the humidifier. Next, make sure the unit is disconnected from the power source. Grasp the machine and humidifier with both hands. Position one hand on the machine, while placing the other hand on the humidifier release button found along the bottom rim of the humidifier. Gently pull the the machine and humidifier apart while holding the release button.

    How to Connect and Disconnect the Tube to the Humidifier

    The DreamStation Humidifier is compatible with standard 22 mm hoses, slim 15 mm hoses, and the 'optional' heated 15 mm hose.

  • Connect the Tube and the Humidifier

    The heated tube has a connector located on the bottom cuff of the CPAP hose. When attaching the heated hose, align the connector with the air outlet port on top of the humidifier. The clicking sound that is made by the fasteners attaching to the air outlet port will signify the hose is properly attached.

    To position a standard 22mm hose or a slim 15mm hose, slide the cuff of the CPAP hose over the air outlet port.

  • Disconnect the Tube and the Humidifier

    To disconnect the OPTIONAL heated hose, carefully press the clips at the connection point on the tube to disconnect hose from the air outlet port.

    When disconnecting a standard 22mm hose or a slim 15mm hose, use slight pressure to pull the cuff from the port.

    Water Chamber Tips

    • Do not fill the water chamber past the maximum fill line.
    • Remove the water chamber from the humidifier before filling it with water.
    • Fill the water chamber with room temperature, distilled water only.
    • The water chamber is designed to be hand washed daily with mild soap and warm water.
    • The chamber may be washed in a dishwasher once per week on the top shelf only.
    • Disassemble the water chamber from the humidifier before traveling.
    • Do not use the humidifier without the water chamber. If the tank is not being used, the humidifier must be set to 'OFF'.
    • Please Note: If the humidifier was recently used, the heater plate below the water chamber will remain warm for 15 minutes. Wait for the heater plate to cool before removing the water chamber.

    Tips for Accessing the Water Chamber

    The water chamber is enclosed inside the humidifier. To access the water chamber, find the tab located on the top of the humidifier. Gently push the tab forward to release the humidifier wall. The panel will open completely, exposing the water chamber. Cautiously remove the water chamber with both hands, place it on a flat surface to fill it with water, and return the chamber to the humidifier. Please Note: Do not fill the water past the maximum fill line.

    Before beginning therapy, ensure the humidifier lid is securely closed and re-attach the device to power.

    Cleaning Tips

    Before cleaning the humidifier, be sure the device has been disconnected from power and from the DreamStation machine. Use a damp cloth and mild detergent to gently clean the surface of the humidifier. Do not submerge the unit under water. The air outlet port on the top of the humidifier may be cleaned with a small, bottle brush or a damp cloth.

  • How to Clean the OPTIONAL Heated Tube

    Do not engulf the tube in water causing the Humidifier Connector End to become covered. Instead, hold the tube and gently rinse with warm water and mild soap. Make sure to clean each part of the hose including the connectors at the end of the cuff. The connectors should be cleaned, but they cannot not be immersed in water. Rinse thoroughly and allow the tube to dry completely before re-connecting the hose to the humidifier. Repeat this process weekly.

  • How to Clean the Humidifier Base

    Please Note: If the humidifier was recently used, the heater plate will remain hot for approximately 15 minutes following the end of therapy. To avoid potential burns, wait the allotted time to remove the water chamber.

    Wipe the base and heater plate with a damp cloth. The base must be completely dry before being used.

    Travel Tips

    Do not move the humidifier when the chamber is filled with water. As a rule of thumb, always remove the tank from the humidifier and extract all of the water when preparing to travel. Let the humidifier chamber air dry completely after the water is emptied before returning the chamber to the humidifier. When all the equipment is dry, place the device in a carry-on bag to help protect the unit. Per the manufacturer, the carrying bag cannot guarantee the safety of the equipment when checked as luggage, so use the bag as a carry-on only.

    Present the text on the bottom of the humidifier or purchase an OPTIONAL Medical Identification Luggage Tag for CPAP Equipment to clarify that the carry-on holds medical equipment.

    When traveling to other countries, remember to switch to universal or compatible power cords and adaptors. Do not use the humidifier while aboard the flight.

    Caring for the Humidifier Lid Seal

    The seal found under the top of the humidifier lid is designed to fasten the lid to the humidifier when closed. On occasion the seal may need to be cleaned or replaced to sustain the strong grip. Follow these steps when cleaning the seal:

    • For simple, daily cleanings, use a damp cloth to to wipe the circumference of the seal.
    • For more complex cleanings, remove the seal cautiously and place it in warm water. Cleanse the seal with mild soap and continue to rinse with warm water. Wipe the seal to remove excess water and place it out of the sunlight to air dry completely.

    If the seal is still in good condition, it may be re-installed on the humidifier lid. Line the hole of the seal with the interior form of the humidifier outlet port. To ensure the direction of the seal is correct, align the wire channel found in the center of the hole with the bottom of the air outlet. The seal will not feel secure until it has been pressed into the border of the humidifier lid. Press the center of the seal to solidify the grip around the outlet.

  • Replacement Parts

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