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Dr. Audrey Wells

Medical Advisor

Dr. Audrey Wells, MD

CPAP.com and Dr. Audrey Wells, MD: Advancing Sleep Health Together

CPAP.com, a leading authority in sleep apnea solutions, proudly highlights our collaborative partnership with Dr. Audrey Wells, MD, a board-certified sleep and obesity medicine physician who brings unparalleled expertise and a holistic approach to our mission. This partnership underscores CPAP.com’s commitment to delivering scientifically accurate and actionable sleep health information, reinforcing our dedication to improving the lives of those we serve.

Comprehensive Solutions for Better Sleep and Health

Our collaboration with Dr. Wells is central to CPAP.com’s approach to offering the most reliable and transformative sleep health content. Through this partnership, we ensure that every piece of information, advice, and solution we present is grounded in medical excellence and practical wisdom. Dr. Wells’ role in enhancing our content’s credibility and effectiveness is invaluable, as she brings a unique combination of skills and experiences to our platform.

About Dr. Audrey Wells

Dr. Audrey Wells, MD, is not only a collaborator with CPAP.com but also a leading figure in the world of sleep and obesity medicine. As a board-certified physician in both specialties, her dedication to helping people improve their sleep and overall health is profound. With her expertise in CPAP therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), and life coaching, Dr. Wells provides comprehensive solutions to help people feel their best.

Her passion for staying up-to-date with the latest treatment options and technologies allows her to offer personalized care to those struggling with sleep and weight issues. Dr. Wells’ unique combination of medical training and life coaching skills sets her apart, as she helps patients manage their minds and develop a reliable relationship with themselves.

A Compassionate and Experienced Physician

Dr. Wells’ approach to sleep and health is not just academic; it is deeply personal. Having experienced insomnia and sleep problems herself, she understands the challenges her patients face and is committed to helping them find effective solutions. Her personal experience with CPAP therapy and her ongoing search for safe and effective CPAP alternatives demonstrate her dedication to personalizing care and improving outcomes.

As a certified life coach trained at The Life Coach School, Dr. Wells recognizes the power of mindset work in addressing sleep and health issues. Her ability to help patients manage their minds and develop a reliable relationship with themselves is just as important as her medical training, making her program truly unique and transformative.


To ensure we’re providing the best and most accurate information to our readers at CPAP.com, our expert editorial team strives to go above and beyond our high writing and researching content standards by requesting a medical professional to review, edit, and verify the sleep health content we publish.

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