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20 Tried & Tested Sleep Hacks

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Looking for some tips and tricks to get to sleep faster? We’ve asked CPAP.com employees to share their ultimate sleep hacks with you! Keep reading below to find out what our sleep experts are doing to help catch those elusive ZzZs.

  1. “Having the blue light on my phone/laptop switch off around 9ish to help me fall asleep faster and better. Using essential oils in diffuser-specifically chamomile, lavender, or something minty. ” Sara, Customer Service Representative
  2. “My favorite sleep hack is my traditional Cassette player, where I listen to my prayers and my favorite songs while sleeping, and most of the time, it happened that I slept before my cassette completed on one side.” Sunita, Internal Auditor
  3. “I like to fall asleep with old episodes of The Office playing quietly in the background. I set the timer on my TV to hibernate itself after some time, so my brain isn’t engaged all night long – makes for a happy going to bed and restful night.” Layne, Customer Service Team Lead
  4. “I drink hot peppermint tea before bed to relax and get ready for sleep!” Erin, Ecommerce Merchandise Analyst
  5. “Blackout curtains + Air Purifier or Sound Machine, ” Lialah, Senior Art Director/Creative Brand Strategist
  6. “I massage my feet with Vaporub (or a similar aromatic massage oil) and then put on warm socks before bed. I am always surprised by how relaxing the process is, and I sleep better. ” Kristan, Customer Service Team Lead
  7. “Many people like to take showers in the morning, but my favorite sleep hack is to take a hot shower an hour or so before bed. It has always helped me sleep, and sometimes if I can’t sleep, I will take a quick shower in the middle of the night! I always believed that it would help relax my muscles. But I recently read that there is actually science behind why a hot bath or shower works – it kick starts the body’s process of lowering your internal temperature, which is a natural process that helps sleep! ” Anne, UX Designer
  8. “My favorite sleep hack is to take a hot bubble bath or shower before bed. This allows me to clear my mind and get ready for rest mentally, physically, and emotionally. I often play soft music (often Jazz or easy listening), and this puts me in the mood for rest as well.” Kyria, Customer Service Representative
  9. “Using a pedestal fan for white noise and for helping airflow.” Stephen, Consultant
  10. “Heavy leg workout.” Larry, CTO
  11. “Meditation with relaxing music or nature sounds before bed. This allows me to order my thoughts and go to sleep with a relaxed mind!” Liz, Customer Service Manager
  12. Sleep with the temperature of the room really cold so you can snuggle with the blankets and pillows!” Crystal, Customer Service Representative
  13. “Using a body pillow to help facilitate sleeping on my side, which reduces my AHI and helps my machine work better.” David, Product Content Specialist
  14. “Eliminate as much light in the room as possible, by taping over led lights on TV/cable box, etc. ” Lance, Director of Merchandising and Marketing
  15. “Reading or taking low doses of melatonin*.” Aaron, Communications Strategist and Analyst
  16. “(Before it became an office due to COVID) Keeping the bedroom a place for rest & sleep only, no TVs, nothing to over-stimulate the brain. This way, when you are going into the bedroom at night, your mind and body know it’s time to sleep.” Chris, Ecommerce Merchandising Manager
  17. “The amber morning light that streams in through our east-facing windows is beautiful, but it makes for a very early wake–up call. Switching out our curtains for blackout shades helps keep our bedroom dark, even at sunrise, so we can maximize our shut-eye. (Once I’ve had my coffee, I pull back the shades to let the sunlight filter in at last.)” Merritt, Copywriter 
  18. “I use Sleep Cycle’s free white noises and sleep tracking app to help drift off to sleep. They have a bunch of white noise sounds to test out for free, so you can find your favorite soothing track. ” Courtney, Content & PR Manager
  19. “My favorite hack is to put my phone away at 8:30, so I can unwind for the day. It helps me relax and lets my mind decompress.” Michael, Senior Buyer
  20. To unwind at night, I grab my newest book obsession to avoid blue light! Who says bedtime stories are just for kids?!” Taylor, Content Marketing Strategist

We want to hear from you! What is your go-to sleep hack?

* CPAP.com sleep hacks are not meant to be taken as medical advice. 
Always consult with your doctor when taking a new supplement.
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Table of Contents

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