Daniela Brannon


Monitoring and understanding the data that your CPAP machine records every night will help you and your doctor figure out if CPAP therapy is working for you, as well as where it could be improved. Explore the unique metrics you should track while undergoing CPAP therapy with this quick, easy to follow guide.

In order to get treatment for Sleep Apnea or other sleep-related issues, most people have to get through a sleep study test to determine their actual diagnoses, as well as the best course of treatment for each individual. Read to learn more about what to expect during a sleep study test.

Approximately 80% of Sleep Apnea cases go undiagnosed and untreated. This could be catastrophic to those who do not know they suffer from Sleep Apnea and are not seeking treatment. This article will help you determine if the symptoms you are experiencing should be cause for concern and how you can talk to a medical professional about Sleep Apnea symptoms and its treatment options.