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Partner Snoring? How to Talk About Sleep Apnea

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how to show sleep apnea support

Most of us have experienced a partner snoring. While it can be very frustrating for you both, open and honest communication about concerning Sleep Apnea symptoms can benefit your relationship in the long run. Here’s why it’s important to encourage your partner to get help, and how you can approach the topic in a productive way.

Understand Your Partner’s Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Research is valuable because it will help the conversation transcend the immediate “you’re snoring” issue to something much more important. First, research what it means to have Sleep Apnea, what the signs and common causes are, and what the treatment options are. Then, create a journal that captures specific Sleep Apnea-like episodes with your partner. By being fully informed and having documented proof of Sleep Apnea concerns, it is more likely your partner will actively listen to you.

Show You’re Concerned

Instead of presenting the disorder as a simple “partner snoring” annoyance you demand to be resolved, show your support and empathy, and tell your partner how concerned you are about their health. You can bring up some of the statistics uncovered during your research to back up your claims. Tell your partner how important it is to pay attention to their symptoms and seek treatment for the condition. Loving concern will translate into a higher likelihood that your partner will seek help.

Let Them See for Themselves

Sometimes, it might be worth letting your partner see what it looks like to be in the middle of a Sleep Apnea episode. This could entail filming them while they sleep or having them participate in a sleep study. Seeing oneself tossing, turning, gasping for breath, snoring at a high volume, and otherwise getting truly poor and unhealthy sleep is often enough to drive your partner to the doctor’s office. It may be uncomfortable to watch at first, but it’s important your partner knows what Sleep Apnea looks like and why they should seek treatment.

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Discuss Any Financial Concerns

Many medical decisions are made today based on the bottom-line cost to the patient. But getting the right treatment can be life-changing, especially since Sleep Apnea can increase your risk of other diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Show your partner that you care by having a frank conversation about finances, and spend time researching and comparing the options your doctor recommends.

Encourage Therapy Compliance

You’ve had the talk, your partner has agreed to complete a sleep study, and now the decision has been made to begin CPAP treatment. That’s great, but simply using a CPAP once or twice isn’t enough – it has to be used according to a specific treatment plan, meaning the right device is worn properly and it is used during all periods of sleep. Therapy compliance will help the patient learn to use the mask the right way, and can also help them understand other Sleep Apnea triggers to avoid – like caffeine, alcohol, smoking, weight gain, sleep position problems and more.

You may have to sell your partner on the basic idea of seeking CPAP treatment, but it is a worthwhile venture that can add years to the life of your loved one. Sleep Apnea can be life-threatening, but early intervention and targeted treatment methods can go a long way toward addressing the disease. Providing Sleep Apnea support for your partner is one of the most loving things you can do.

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    Daniela has researched and published over 60 articles covering topics that aim to inform and empower people living with Sleep Apnea. As an avid reader and researcher, Daniela continues to grow her knowledge about Sleep Apnea and CPAP therapy everyday with the help of coworkers, CPAP.com customers, and members of other CPAP communities online.

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Table of Contents

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