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The Best Sleeping Conditions for a Good Night’s Rest

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The best products for sleep organized by the 5 senses. Sky background with iconography of the 5 senses and a pillow with cpap.com logo.

Sleep is a crucial element in both mental and physical health, from physically resting and restoring the body to improving emotional well-being. Sleep also plays a huge part in the immune system, memory consolidation, and cardiovascular and metabolic health. 

Insufficient sleep can lead to a range of issues, such as lack of memory, difficulties concentrating, an increased risk of stress and anxiety, and can compromise the body’s ability to fight infection or illness.  

So, we know how important sleep is, but how can you ensure you get a good night’s rest? We’ve analyzed the ideal sleeping conditions based on the five senses: smell, taste, feel, sight, and hearing to help improve the quality of sleep. 

How to improve your sleep

Falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow is much easier said than done. But there are ways you can aid sleep, whether that be falling asleep or staying asleep. We’ve identified and ranked the top sleep products for each of the five senses based on the average customer rating, number of customer reviews, and price to help create the most ideal sleeping conditions for each individual.


An infographic highlighting top sleep products, categorized by the five senses, featuring a ranked list of 5 scent-related items with prices.

Certain scents can have calming effects helping you to relax and therefore fall asleep easier. Here are some of the top-rated scented products that can help you sleep.

  1. Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, 4.9/5 | $35.86

With over 2,000 Google reviews this versatile lavender oil can be added to your bath, applied topically to the skin, or added to your water. Lavender has natural calming and sedative properties helping you to relax and fall asleep – it smells great too!

  1. Maple Holistics Dream Essential Oil Blend, 4.9/5 | $12.95

A blend of Lavender, Sage, Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang creates a peaceful environment and invokes relaxation to help you unwind and doze off with ease. At only $12.95, this essential oil can be added to a diffuser, your pillows and bedsheets, or bath water.

  1. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Vanilla Pillow & Body Mist, 4.8/5 | $14.95

This pillow and body mist has notes of Lavender for calmness and Vanilla for relaxation, spray on your pillow, bedsheets, and even on yourself before bed, and let yourself drift off into the land of dreams.

  1. NEOM Bedtime Hero Sleep Mist, 4.7/5 | $39.00

Made with 13 pure essential oils including Chamomile nectar, Ylang Ylang, and Cedarwood, simply spritz your body and pillows with this sleep mist and let yourself unwind. 

  1. NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist, 4.7/5 | $39.00

NEOM makes the top five again with their other pillow mist, the only difference being the fragrances used. English lavender, Chamomile, and Patchouli are just some of the 14 essential oils that make up this perfect sleep accompaniment. 


An infographic showcasing the best sleep-enhancing products, organized by the five senses, with a focus on the top 5 taste-related items.

Certain foods and natural substances can help produce hormones and physiological reactions that aid sleep. Forget a midnight snack – why not try some of these powders and supplements instead?

  1. Bright Brain Crash & Reboot, 5/5 | $35.99

With claims that it “targets multiple brain pathways to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep” and with over 5,000 Google reviews, these capsules may be just what you need for those times you struggle sleeping. Simply take one an hour before bed, when you require a deep sleep.

  1. Slumber Party Sleep Boost Powder, 4.9/5 | $37.99

By just using one scoop a day that can be mixed with water or milk, the Melatonin and Valerian Root in this supplement can help with both falling and staying asleep. Melatonin is a crucial hormone in the sleep-wake cycle, whilst Valerian Root promotes relaxation. 

  1. RestWise 100% Natural Sleep Supplement, 4.9/5 | $29.00

Made with ingredients such as Passion Flower, which is believed to alleviate insomnia, Lemon balm to improve mood and Chamomile extract to induce calmness, these capsules support falling asleep faster and quality sleep cycles. 

  1. NutraChamps Melatonin Liquid Drops, Natural Berry, 4.9/5 | $15.95

This liquid Melatonin supplement helps you fall asleep quicker and remain asleep throughout the night, so you wake up refreshed. Take the recommended drops based on your age and you’ll be getting that much-needed beauty sleep in no time!

  1. Mantra Labs Rest, 4.8/5 | $54.99

With ingredients including Magnesium, Melatonin, and Passionflower extract, this powder supplement can help you feel calm to drift off and rest with ease. It’s also zero calories – a win-win!

Please be aware that you should always consult with a medical professional before taking a supplement or capsule. 


An infographic showcasing the best sleep-enhancing products, organized by the five senses, with a focus on the top 5 touch-related items.

Assuming your bed is pretty comfortable (if not, that’s a whole other issue), there are specifically designed pillows, sheets, and curtains on the market to help you sleep better and for longer. 

  1. Newentor Height-Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow, 4.9/5 | $49.99

Having proper support for your head and neck, maintaining spinal alignment, and of course – comfort, are all key factors in choosing the right pillow. With over 2,000 Google reviews this memory foam pillow is also height-adjustable so no matter your needs or sleeping position it can fit perfectly. 

  1. Get The Sleep You Deserve: 3-in-1 Adjustable Pillow for Dreamy Nights, 4.9/5 | $120.00

Being able to adjust your pillow to your requirements such as height and position you sleep is key to getting comfy and dozing off. This 3-in-1 pillow also stays cool which promotes sleep and you can adjust to soft, medium, or firm depending on your preference. 

  1. Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Sheets, 4.8/5 | $204.00

Nothing quite beats getting into bed after a long day, but what makes it even better? Heavenly bed sheets. With nearly 5,000 Google reviews this 400-thread count Sateen weave is soft and promotes temperature regulation – it’s also available in various colors and sizes to match your bedroom! 

  1. Bamboo Fitted Sheet Set in Clay, Size Full by Quince, 4.8/5 | $79.90

Hypoallergenic with a 300 thread count, these organic bamboo bed sheets have over 1,700 Google reviews and come in 11 different colors. Soft and cool, this bed set makes drifting off to sleep a breeze.

  1. Talatex 100% Natural Premium Latex Pillow, 4.8/5 | $59.99

Supporting sleep no matter whether you sleep on your back or side, this latex pillow also helps relieve pressure, neck, and shoulder pain. Choose from varying firmness depending on your preference and take your head hitting the pillow to a whole new level.


An infographic showcasing the best sleep-enhancing products, organized by the five senses, with a focus on the top 5 sight-related items.

Going back to a time before alarm clocks our bodies would rely solely on light to know when to sleep and wake. Darkness still plays a crucial role in our natural circadian rhythms triggering Melatonin production (the sleep hormone) and decreasing cortisol levels (the waking hormone). 

  1. Charcoal Silk Sleep Mask, 5/5 | $53.00

The ergonomic design completely blocks out the light whilst the 22 momme Grade 6A Mulberry Silk is delicate and cool on the eyes, helping you fall asleep easily. There are also eight different prints and patterns to choose from so you can sleep looking chic.

  1. StangH Thick Velvet Curtains 96 Inch – Heavy Duty Large, 4.9/5 | $45.95

If wearing a sleep mask isn’t your thing, black-out curtains may be the answer. These thick curtains block most sunlight and UV rays, allowing your room to be in total darkness invoking the right conditions your body needs for sleep.

  1. Delta Blackout Sleep Mask, 4.9/5 | $44.95

Fully adjustable to fit all head sizes and blocking out 100% of light, no matter how bright the streetlights may be outside your home, you can drift off in total darkness with this sleep mask.

  1. Sleep Mask, 3D Deep Contoured Eye Covers, 4.9/5 | $13.98

Made from rebound memory foam, this 3D-contoured eye mask will not put pressure on your eyes or touch your eyelashes – perfect for those who wear lash extensions. The breathable, soft material also features an integrated nasal wing to prevent light from entering through.

  1. Sweet Dreams Black Out Sleep Mask, 4.9/5 | $44.95

With an eye cavity design to remove pressure on the eyes, this silk eye mask is both cool and soft. Blocking out 100% of light you can sleep no matter the time of day, which is ideal for those who work on shifts.


An infographic showcasing the best sleep-enhancing products, organized by the five senses, with a focus on the top 5 sound-related items.

Noise sensitivity and the effects of sound can vary from person to person, some prefer total silence to fall asleep, whilst others prefer a constant sound such as a fan or the A/C. The key to falling asleep is relaxing, so whatever noise levels you find most comforting is the way to go.

  1. USB Rechargeable White Sound Machine, 4.9/5 | $29.00

Featuring nine natural sounds including white noise, waterfall, and bird song, you can choose whichever you find most comfortable to aid your sleep. Compact and lasting 36 hours on a full charge, this sound machine is also only $29.

  1. Mini White Noise Sound Machine, 4.9/5 | $39.99

White noise is a type of sound that is consistent and steady, containing equal intensity across the frequency spectrum, making it a “non-intrusive” sound. This sound machine includes 20 calming sounds and allows for 4-5 hours of cordless use on a single charge. 

  1. Sleep Number White Noise System, 4.8/5 | $16.19

At just over $16 and with nine different sounds to choose from, as well as an auto-off timer this white noise system is ideal for anyone who wants to drown out background noise and replace it with a constant calm.

  1. Triple-Layer Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs, 4.8/5 | $25.99

Prefer total silence? These earplugs offer triple-layer protection to block out any unwanted sound so you can drift off in peace, no more laying awake staring at the ceiling listening to the outside traffic or neighbors’ dog barking!

  1. Sleepmac Pink Noise Machine, 4.8/5 | $29.99

With a huge 41 sounds in total to choose from, this pink noise machine also has a dual sound feature so you can layer up two sounds at the same time. There are also 13 sounds specifically for babies so if your little one is struggling to sleep through the night, why not give this a go? 

Where can you experience the best sleep?

There’s no place like home (or your bed), however, there’s just something about sleeping in a hotel bed or in a surrounding far from your everyday life that hits differently – right? We’ve chosen some of our favorite hotels and Airbnb’s across the country that offer sleep experiences like no other.

Please do not disturb sign hanging on the door handle at a hotel

Top 10 U.S. Hotels and Airbnbs that offer the top sleep experiences

  1. The Langham Hotels & Resorts – Boston, Los Angeles, New York

The Langham Hotels & Resorts offer a ‘Sleep Matters’ package which includes aromatherapy bath salts, eye masks, ear plugs, and a 60-minute Signature Chuan Harmony massage with aromatherapy enhancement. Sounds like an absolute dream…

  1. Park Hyatt New York – New York

Offering a sleep experience like no other is the One Bedroom Sleep Suite by Bryte at Park Hyatt New York. Featuring the Bryte BalanceTM smart bed that boasts multisensory relaxation, as well as an essential oil diffuser and sleeping masks in the room.

  1. Lake Nona Wave Hotel, Orlando, Florida 

Featuring the latest in wellness technology and innovation are the Well+ech rooms at the Lake Nona Wave Hotel. From bedding fabric that enables healthier skin and hair to CBD-infused beverages, you’re sure to sleep soundly and easily in one of these rooms.

  1. Equinox Hotels – New York City, New York

The Art + Science of Sleep by Equinox Hotels is a program designed to give you restorative rest. With Cryotherapy, a Spa Wave Table, morning and night in-room rituals designed to support circadian rhythm, and access to hot and cold plunges. 

  1. The Royal Sonesta Benjamin – New York

The Benjamin offers a Rest & Renew program with on-demand meditation, sleep masks, ear plugs, blackout curtains, and noise machines. The offering also features 10 different pillows to choose from, including anti-snore, satin, and memory foam. 

  1. Hotel Figueroa – Los Angeles, California

If you want a night dedicated to good sleep, the rest and recovery suites at Hotel Figueroa feature red-light lamps to help you drift off, air purifiers, earplugs, and coffee alternatives. Offering an elite sleeping experience, with the latest in sleep technology you can truly treat yourself to a well-earned rest.

  1. Lotte New York Palace – New York

The Hästens Ultimate Sleep Suite boasts deep soaking bathtubs to unwind and get ready for a good night’s sleep in the Hästens Vividus king bed. These luxury beds are sure to give you a restorative rest, you’ll probably not want to get out of bed in the morning! 

  1. New Hip & Luxe Bungalow – Los Angeles, California

After relaxing in the private hot tub in this L.A. bungalow, you can lay down your head and get a glorious sleep in the king-size bed in the master bedroom. The privacy of this location ensures quiet and calm surroundings, with black-out curtains to shut out any light pollution.

  1. Zen Oasis – New Orleans, Louisiana

Boasting ultra-comfy Queen foam beds and black-out curtains, this aptly named ‘Zen Oasis’ is the perfect spot for a good night’s sleep. Situated in a peaceful neighborhood and with relaxing amenities like a pergola to watch the sunset and unwind, this duplex can give you the rest and tranquillity you need.

  1. Quiet Clean King-Sized Bed with Blackout Curtains – Cincinnati, Ohio

For those looking for a quiet night alone, this room with a king-sized bed and blackout curtains in Ohio is the ideal spot. The bed is memory foam and features hypoallergenic bedding, complimentary earplugs, a personal white noise machine, and a hospital-grade HEPA air filter. 

Do you struggle with sleep due to sleep apnea? We have a range of machine types to maintain an open airway while you sleep. Take a look at our CPAP machines today and you’ll be getting quality sleep in no time!


Using the sources outlined below, we identified and ranked the top sleep products for each of the five senses based on the average Google customer rating, number of customer reviews, and price. 


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