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Five More Minutes! Tips for Becoming a Morning Person

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Let’s face it, not all of us are morning people. We wake up already bearing the challenges of our day. But, have you ever heard the expression, “perception is everything?” It’s true, if you go to bed dreading the morning, you are bound to wake up more irritable. To be honest, I’ve tried most gimmicky things such as different alarm clock apps, or even setting my alarm two hours earlier hoping I annoy myself enough to wake up on time. But no matter how loud or obnoxious the sound, I manage to find myself fighting for just five more minutes! For the next 30 days I’ve challenged myself to try and become an early riser. Here are a few methods I plan on using to get me closer to my goal.

1. I “Love” Mornings!
Mornings can be looked at as “evil.” They come too early, interrupt your peaceful slumber…that perception needs to change! Transform that childhood misconception and start this process with a clean slate. The first thing that will make a difference is to remove any negativity associated with early mornings.

2. What’s Your Dream Morning?
Picture the perfect way to wake up. Whether it’s with a warm cup of coffee outside on the patio or getting in a quick yoga session, create your motivation. Plus, this creates the perfect opportunity for some quality “Me” time.

3. Take Your Time
This is not an overnight miracle. I plan on waking up 10-15 minutes earlier than usual at first. And then, steadily increase this time over the next 30 days. Remember, there’s no need to set a deadline. But it’s always healthy to give yourself a time frame to refrain from putting it off.

4. Find the Right Alarm Clock
Remember back in the day when an alarm clock just beeped its way into your slumber? Now, in addition to the variety of beeps, you can set your alarm clocks to prompt math formulas or cognitive games upon becoming conscious. Sound fun? You could be one of the few who wakes up based on a riveting math problem, but for most it’s a simpler journey. Make sure to test out which method works best for you.

5. Good Night = Good Morning
No one can become a morning person if overall you aren’t getting good sleep. Maintain a set bedtime to increase your chances of an early start.  Eliminate distractions that would keep you from falling asleep such as the TV or any distracting lights emitting from your devices.

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Waking up early is linked to many different positive findings. Researchers have found, increased productivity, more family time, and overall increase in timeliness. Good habits increase the likelihood of better health and a happier life. Technically, that should be motivation enough. Read more benefits in a recent Research Spotlight by CPAP.com

Do you have any early rising tricks that worked for you? Post a comment below!

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Table of Contents

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