Get Better Sleep In Just 20 Minutes a Day

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Researchers have found that light exercise for 20 minutes a day few times a week can help decrease Sleep Apnea occurrences by 25 percent.(1) They also noted that people who exercise throughout tend to get better sleep.

get better sleep - Sleep Quality Cycle

As your daytime and physical activity increases, your sleep quality may improve and the better you sleep the more active and alert you will be during the day. It’s like a cycle, the better you sleep the more energy you have for the day, and the more energy you use during the day the better you sleep. It’s a win win!

How To Get Better Sleep With Exercise

Getting started with exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting task and once you find the right activity for you it can be a lot of fun. Here’s a few pointers to get you on the right track and help you start getting better sleep and rest with 20 minutes a day.

Don’t Rush It
Ease more physical activity into your day slowly. You can start with simple tasks around the house like tending to the yard or cleaning out the garage. You can also can also start with walks around the neighborhood or at your local park.

Choose Fun Activities
Don’t choose a rigorous high intensity workout like weight lifting. Pick something that’s fun and enjoyable. Walking, jogging in the park, swimming, or hiking can be fun and easy ways to increase your physical and daytime activity.

Make It Matter
Staying consistent is important and making exercise a part of your daily schedule may help you stay focused. Treat your exercise as you would with other important daily tasks and mark it down in your calendar.

Start including exercise into your life and you may be happily surprised at how your sleep improves. Start slow, prioritize and have fun!

(1)”Exercise Improves Sleep and Nighttime Breathing Troubles” – WebMD Health News (Source)

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Table of Contents

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  1. Poor guy, it is hard to watch! I remember the first time I woke up ganspig for air. Luckily for me tho it was almost like a temporary thing because it seemed to all happen around the same time, 6-10 nights, and hasn’t happened since. I still will never forget what it was like.

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