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Reviewing the IntelliPAP 2: Common Questions

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The IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust CPAP is an intelligent, travel-sized CPAP machine offering advanced comfort features that can help assist in establishing a more comfortable and successful therapy. Our Product Analysts, Chris and Ashley, are product experts. We invite you to read their responses to frequently asked IntelliPAP 2 questions:

Q:  What is the difference between the IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2?

A:  The biggest differences between IntelliPAP and IntelliPAP 2 are the large colorful display, built-in bluetooth, optional pulse dose humidifier, and “PureView” AutoAdjust Algorithm.

Q:  What is the purpose of Pulse Dose Humidification?

A:  The Pulse Dose feature provides moisture during inhalation only. The humidifier is bypassed during exhalation to help clear moisture out of the hose. Pulse Dose uses less water and reduces the power draw from the machine and humidifier.

Q:  How does the “PureView” AutoAdjust Algorithm work?
How does it benefit sleep therapy?

A:  The “PureView” AutoAdjust Algorithm uses logic to detect and address advanced apneic events and changes the pressure based on the user’s breathing pattern.

The auto-titrating machine operates between a low and high-pressure range. The pressure will remain at the lower pressure until an event is detected requiring a higher pressure.

Q:  What is SmartCode?

A:  SmartCode renders an encrypted code which holds personalized sleep data. The code can be entered online to generate a therapy data report. View reports based on 1, 7, 30, or 90-day increments; or cumulatively.

Q:  What is the difference between SmartFlex and Adjustable Rounding?

A:  SmartFlex decreases airflow during exhalation by 1, 2, or 3 cm H2O to make breathing more comfortable.

Adjustable rounding enhances comfort by easing the transition from exhalation to inhalation and inhalation to exhalation allowing the user to experience more natural breathing.

To help you make sense of CPAP machines like this one, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to CPAP machines and how they’re being used to help people overcome Sleep Apnea.

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Table of Contents

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  1. What are the cost of these various items also how are they different from
    the very small soda can size cap

    1. Hi David, the features mentioned here are included in the IntelliPAP 2 except for Pulse Dose Humidification. The optional Pulse Dose Humidifier, which aids in rainout reduction, can be purchased separately for $299. Besides offering the added comfort of Pulse Dose Humidification, the IntelliPAP 2 has a few more added features over other small size CPAP machines such as the Transcend: the IntelliPAP 2 comes with a data card, mask off alert, and back lit display. For more information, you may contact our experts at 1-800-356-5221.

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