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The Night Before CPAP

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With the holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to celebrate your CPAP therapy and a good night’s sleep! When sitting around the fire with your loved ones this year, share CPAP.com’s Night Before Christmas to prepare for a night full of sweet dreams.

The Night Before CPAP

‘Twas the night before CPAP, when all through the house

Not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse.

The stockings clung to the chimney with fear,

In hopes that the roaring snore would soon clear.


The children were restless all awake in their beds,

While visions of sleeping danced in their heads;

And momma snoring and I lying awake,

Unsure of how much more noise I can take. 


When out of the blue there arose such a clatter,

I looked at my wife to see what was the matter.

Her snoring once again, much louder than a crash, 

I tore open the computer, CPAP.com loaded in a flash. 


It wasn’t always like this, there once was a fix,

But Susan’s CPAP machine called it quits.

A new mask, machine, and humidifier she needs,

With her RX in hand, CPAP.com has the leads.


The moon peeking through the blinds up above,

Gave a magical glow to this thoughtful act of love.

Then, what to my hopeful eyes should appear,

But thousands of machines and endless CPAP gear. 


With a search and a click, so lively and quick,

So many brands! It must be a trick

More options than others, I clicked, they came,

And I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;


“Now, ResMed! Now, EVO! Now, Phillips Respironics. On, Bleep! On SleepNet! On Ventlab and Somnetics!

To the top of the wishlist! And added to the cart!

Now ship away! Ship away! Straight to my heart!


And then, in an instant, I heard the bell ring.

I ran to see what UPS had to bring.

As I flung open the door and was turning around,

Down the chimney, St. Goodman came with a sound.


The box was adorned with a big green bow, 

Placed carefully beneath the Christmas tree glow.

A bundle of CPAP machines he had placed on his back,

The solution for all who sleeping they lack.


The machines—how they twinkled! The masks how merry!

The pillows were like clouds, the hoses—how airy!

The humidifiers all neatly tied with a bow, 

And the filters glistened as white as the snow. 


I sprang into action, not losing any time,

Making sure the machine and mask aligned. 

I ran up the stairs, where my wife still slept. 

Not willing to wait one more second, I crept. 


Good morning, I whispered into her snoring zone.

“What,” she said, waking to my tired tone.

“Look what St. Goodman delivered just for you,”

A machine to help make my dreams come true. 


In the quietness of morning, St. Goodman cheered out of sight, 


  • Taylor Whitten

    Taylor has seen sleep apnea treatment first-hand and has learned the ins and outs through formal training in CPAP machines, masks, and equipment. She strives to make learning about sleep apnea and sleep apnea therapies a breeze. Interested in sharing your story or have a topic you’d like CPAP.com to investigate? Contact us!

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Table of Contents

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