How The Swift FX Nano Compares to the Swift FX Nasal Pillow

Swift FX Nano
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    This week ResMed launched the Swift FX Nano Nasal Mask. We’ve had a lot of questions on how this new mask compares to the original Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask, so we made this video so you can see the differences:

    Swift FX Nasal Pillow vs. Swift FX Nano

    Can’t watch the video right now? No problem! Here are the main points:

    • If you want the light-weight and minimalist feel of a nasal pillow system but with a nasal cushion, the Swift FX Nano is made for you!
    • The biggest difference between the two masks is the cushion; the Swift FX Nano uses a nasal cushion as opposed to a nasal pillow.
    • The elbow joint for the Swift FX Nano has more room to bend and move than the Swift FX elbow, which is just a solid piece.
    • The elbow joint on the side of the short tube for the Swift FX Nano is a ball joint that allows for easier movement and a more stable fit.
    • The hose-connecting side of the short tube for the Swift FX Nano is much quieter when it spins.
    • The silicone headgear is the same for both masks.
    • The back strap for the Swift FX Nano comes in two colors: gray and pink.
    • Other differences with the back strap are:
      • The Swift FX Nano’s back strap is shorter compared to that of the Swift FX. It is also made of thicker and slicker material, and has a harder edge.
    • Both masks come with soft wraps.

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