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New Transcend CPAP Machine and Heated Humidifier

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If you’ve had your eye on the Transcend (or if you have one on your bedside right now), then heads up! Somnetics just came out with two new products, the Transcend CPAP machine with EZEX and the Transcend Heated Humidifier.


The Transcend CPAP Machine with EZEX

This latest version of the small and lightweight Transcend comes with EZEX pressure relief, a technology that gently lowers the pressure as you exhale. Not much larger than a can of soda, this new CPAP is compatible with the solar charger, the multi night battery and the brand new heated humidifier, making it ideal for travelers.

The Transcend Heated Humidifier

Whether you have the original Transcend or you’re getting the brand new EZEX, you can reap the benefits of heated humidification. The Transcend Heated Humidifier has five different heat settings and a warm-up indicator. The smart stackable design of this full size humidifier allows the machine to leave a small footprint on your nightstand. Remove and re-attach the dishwasher-safe chamber with a sideways movement for easy cleanup.

Both the EZEX and the humidifier can be pre-ordered now.

The EZEX is expected to ship the week of Oct. 14th. The Transcend Heated Humidifier is expected to ship in early November.

To help you make sense of CPAP machines like this one, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to CPAP machines, that will help you figure out of some of the best features and options. It provides information that will help you on your journey towards CPAP success!

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  1. I don’t know how old you equipment is but when I first got my full face mask, I had to preoblm keeping it on my face but then I experienced the same preoblm as you, it wouldn’t stay on my face. I hope your preoblm will be as simple as mine was to fix, I had cut my hair and the straps had to be readjusted. Put the mask on your face, start with the top and tightened it slightly until you tightened the bottom. Reposition the mask over your nose so that it is comfortable and then tightened the straps until you have a comfortable fit. I hope this will help you as it helped my preoblm.

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