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Warning Signs Behind Drowsy Driving

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Have you ever had a long night and wake up without enough sleep? You probably didn’t think twice before getting behind the wheel of your car. But, you actually increased your chances of a traffic accident by 20%. AAA estimates one out of every six deadly traffic accidents is due to drowsy driving. Luckily, the National Sleep Foundation is spreading awareness and offering great tips to re-ensure you are ready for the road.

What You Should Ask Yourself Before Getting in the Car:

Am I blinking frequently?
Are my thoughts disconnected?
Do I keep yawning or rubbing my eyes?

 What You Should Ask Yourself When You’re On the Road:

Are that past few minutes a blur?
Does my head feel too heavy to keep up?
Can I properly stay in my lane without tailgating or drifting?

 If you’re already on the road, don’t feel pressured to make it to your destination. The best thing to do is pull over and rest.

Enough sleep before getting behind the wheel reinforces good memory, alertness, and judgment. We often can look over the danger we put others in when we feel particularly ambitious. A few hours of lost sleep can amplify into a lost life. It’s great to see researchers hone in on what technically seems like common sense. Sometimes it takes hard facts to put things into perspective, but from there its up to us to spread the knowledge. Share this post with someone you care about.

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Table of Contents

2 Responses

  1. in december of 2003, i fell asleep at the wheel on i-35 at about 80 mph, in the late afternoon, after years of ignoring my sleep apnea.
    my son astutely pointed out that treating sleep apnea was a whole lot cheaper than buying new suburbans, hence i saw a pulmonary specialist and received a prescription for a cpap.
    after being summarily robbed by apria healthcare on my first cpap, i sought the advice of a friend who referred me to cpap.com.
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    thank you cpap.com, and remember my sons advice:
    treating sleep apnea is a whole lot cheaper that buying new suburbans!

    michael egan.

  2. Michael,

    First of all, apologies for the delay in response.

    Sounds like you raised a smart son! I am glad to hear you got diagnosed and have been treating your Sleep Apnea. My dad had a similar thing happen many years ago and CPAP changed his life. It can be difficult to adjust to, but a very important thing.

    I am also happy to hear we’ve been able to help. That’s our goal! If you have any feedback or any other advice, feel free to share!

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