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The Best CPAP Equipment to Come Out of 2015

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As we start fresh into 2016, we can’t help but reflect on last year’s most memorable moments. Do you remember when the Price is Right accidentally gave away a new car? Or the pandemonium J.J. Abrams set off when releasing the Force Awakens teaser? There were many reasons why we lost sleep last year, whether it was  a heavily awaited movie or the lengthy innings of the World Series. While we were building memories, CPAP therapy continued to evolve, making improvements to better adjust sleep into our busy lives. Let’s take a look at the best CPAP equipment to come out of 2015.

The Amara View CPAP Mask

The impact of changes in CPAP can be felt when products become easier to use or when masks become less invasive. Last year, the Amara View brought more clarity to full face mask users. Literally, the new design opens the line of vision by omitting the traditional forehead support. Many users were pleased and gave rave reviews about this new concept.

amara view best cpap equipment 2015“Title says it all. How your nose fits is different than any mask I’ve owned. I really like the mask. Will buy it again. But it feels so different than any other mask I have. I’m looking forward to getting used to this new style.” –Bob, VA

The Dreamwear Nasal CPAP Mask

Philips Respironics launched an original design in October 2015, bringing new excitement to nasal mask users. The Dreamwear Nasal Mask delivers air directly through a tubular frame into the cushion. The cushion rests gently under the nose and seals both nostrils without covering the entire nose. As a result, we’ve seen many nasal pillow users make the switch to this minimal nasal mask style.

dreamwear best cpap equipment 2015“Unlike masks with nose pillows in the nostrils, the breathing piece rests comfortably beneath your nose and has a slit that allows the air to flow into your nose, yet you don’t need a chamber sticking out from your face surrounding your entire nose. It is a great blend between a traditional nasal mask and the nasal pillow design.” – Robert, TX

New CPAP Machines of 2015

Even though CPAP masks took the majority of center stage in 2015, we can’t fail to mention the new advances in CPAP machines. Philips Respironics uncovered a new line of machines called the Dreamstation. Advances add to the already popular structure of the PR machine to provide innovative features. For instance, the DreamStation has a built-in sensor on top of the machine which is designed to detect ambient light in the bedroom. It dims the screen in a dark environment and it brightens the screen when the area is filled with ample ambient light. Plus, the user screen and knob are located on the edge of the machine, making it easier to navigate the menu while laying in the bed. This machine is great because it really tries to keep you involved with your therapy!

“I had a system one and though it wasn’t a bad machine this new one is great, my wife couldn’t tell it was running and the ease of the Bluetooth to get the data in the morning is a nice touch.” – Paul, OH

New CPAP users who purchase the DreamStation machines, may enjoy the Easy Start feature, which is similar to Ramp, gradually increasing the pressure over several days. This is perfect for users still adjusting to their pressure settings. For those who are more familiar with their pressure have the option to use Smart Ramp. Smart Ramp will allow the machine to remain at a lower pressure until events are detected. And on of my favorite features, the integrated humidifier,  it’s a beaut. Snaps right in and uses a special dry box technology to help reduce the chance of water entering the machine from the humidifier.

Machines are becoming easier to manage, more in tune with therapy requirements, and much more affordable. Let’s take the Luna by 3B Medical for example. When the Luna launched back in August, customers were excited to see a well equipped, economical machine come to market.

However, since some small or economical machines can run at a higher decibel, users have started incorporating the Q-tube to their setup. It was released last year by HDM to help soften the motor sound in the Z1 machines. But, many other machine users are making the purchase since its compatible with most CPAPs.

Nasal Pillow users saw a new comfort product added to their selection of accessories. RemZzzs released nasal pillow mask liners to provide a soft, efficient barrier between the user and mask cushion. This was huge considering there are not many comfort products out there specifically for nasal pillow users. Customers were thrilled to have this available and rejoiced over less skin irritation. It’s the small things that really go a long way.

“Finally! I have been having issues of the pillows rubbing my nose wrong causing “sores.” Since I started using these I have had no more problems!” – Deanna, NV

With 2015 in review, we saw a lot of headway for the CPAP world. Even though the Airing still seems out of our reach for the moment, we can’t help notice how manufacturers are responding to users by delivering new and effective products. Now, can’t help but look forward to what’s in store for next year. Let’s all raise our masks to a healthy, happy 2016!

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Table of Contents

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