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Used CPAP Machine to Sell or Donate? Here’s What to Do With It!

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If you have a CPAP machine that you no longer use or need, you may be looking for the best way to get rid of it. Should you donate a CPAP machine, sell it, or simply throw it out? Throwing it out is not a great option since this is a costly machine that could help someone else, but what are your options? Here is a closer look at what you can do with a used CPAP machine to keep it out of the dumpster and potentially do some good for someone else.

Consider Your Motivation for Selling

First, before we look at where you can sell or donate your CPAP, consider why you are getting rid of it. Do you find it uncomfortable? Did you get tired of using the CPAP mask or wonder if it is really working? CPAP is the most effective way to treat sleep apnea, and when you use it you will feel more rested throughout the day, will snore less, and will wake less during the night.

But learning to use CPAP equipment takes time. It can take several months to start feeling the benefits, and that is only with consistent, nightly use. If you give up too early, you may be losing out on the benefits of the device before they even have a chance to kick in. It can take several months before you notice the full benefit of CPAP.

If you simply feel that CPAP is not working for you, don’t give up! It may be that you are experiencing one of the many common problems with this therapy. Take some time to troubleshoot to see if you can enjoy the full benefits of your therapy.

Remember, treating sleep apnea is not just so you will feel more rested. Treating this dangerous condition helps keep your heart healthy and can improve diabetes control for diabetic patients. Sadly, only about 60 percent of those who need CPAP therapy actually use their machines nightly. Don’t be one of these statistics.

Yet if you do find yourself with a CPAP machine that you don’t need, these are your options for getting rid of it.

Four Options for Used CPAP Machines

If you have a used CPAP machine, you have four basic options for it. If you’re continuing to use CPAP therapy, consider saving it as a spare machine. This will ensure you never miss a night of therapy, even if something happens to your main machine.

If you do not wish to keep it, you can sell it. However, it is not legal to sell a CPAP machine to someone who does not have a valid prescription1 for it, because these are medical devices. While you may be able to find people selling on Craigslist, for instance, this is not the best route because it’s technically illegal.

Though people who cannot afford their device but need a CPAP machine will look on Craigslist, the machines sold here may or may not work properly, the seller may not post accurate listing information, and the machine may not be set to the correct mode or pressure.

On Ebay, you can only sell CPAP machines if you have FDA approval2 to do so, which would not apply to most people selling a used device. If you are looking to sell a used CPAP, you will need to go through an authorized reseller who will sell to individuals with prescriptions, rather than trying to sell on the open marketplace.

A third option is to recycle the CPAP. If your device is broken, this is the best way to keep it out of the landfill. Keep in mind that many broken CPAP machines can be fixed, so consider all of your options before recycling your device.

The fourth, and potentially best, option is to donate the device. Donating your CPAP machine will get it out of your home, give you a tax benefit, and allow you to help someone who needs sleep apnea treatment but may not be able to afford it. Here is a closer look at how and where you can donate your used CPAP machine.

Why Donate CPAP Machines?

Every year, thousands of people with sleep apnea do not get treatment because they cannot afford a CPAP. Some of these individuals have no insurance, while others have insurance with high deductibles that make it impossible to afford the device. Even more people suffer because their insurance companies deny their coverage for CPAP.

If you have a CPAP machine you aren’t using, you can help some of these people who cannot afford one by donating gently used equipment to organizations that offer lower-priced CPAP machines to people in need.

Where to Donate a CPAP Machine

When looking for a place to donate, be careful about the organization you choose. Some charitable organizations3, like Goodwill, will not do anything with your CPAP, but will simply destroy it.

Look for organizations that specifically deal with sleep disorders, breathing conditions, and lung conditions. You can also discuss your donation with companies that take durable medical equipment donations. Make sure the organization cleans and inspects the devices and either gives them to individuals who need them or sells them at a deeply reduced price.

This will ensure that your device is able to help someone in need. Finally, choose an organization that is a registered charity, so you are confident they are not looking to make a profit off of your donation.

Some good options to consider include these:

Each of these organizations has its own requirements for donation. Some will require you to pay the shipping fees, but all will provide you with a donation letter that will allow you to write off the donation on your tax return. This is an added perk that you will enjoy as you enjoy the benefit of knowing you helped save someone’s health and potentially their life with your used machine.

If you would prefer to keep your donation local, consider reaching out to your local homeless shelter, food pantry, or churches in your area to see if they know of someone who needs help. It is not illegal to give your lightly used machine to another person, but do make sure that they actually need it or have a prescription for it. Remember, CPAP machines are medical devices and they should not be used without the direction of a doctor.

CPAP therapy is an effective way to treat the dangerous condition of sleep apnea. If you have a CPAP machine that you are no longer using, consider using it to be a blessing to someone else through donation. By donating your machine, you keep it out of the landfill, avoid the legalities of selling it, and give someone less fortunate a new lease on life!


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96 Responses

      1. I’m interest in buying an used CPAP for my mom. Where can i get it?
        I live in Dominican Repúblic. If I sent the prescriotion we will be approved to but it?

        1. Please contact me at ddesacia@gmail.com with details about this unit. I am desperate for a unit and both my drs have advised me to get one ASAP. I am on disability and cannot afford a new one. I even moved to MX for stem cell treatments as my disease is incurable. Its spread to my diaphram muscles and I am having tremendous difficulty breathing. Thank you for reading this,hope to hear from you soon!

    1. I have cpap machine for free. It works great. I got a new one and maybe someone out there can use this use I got. Email and come get it

      1. Hello,
        Is your unit still available? I hav a neuromuscular disease that has spread into my diaphram. Its a rare and complex disease. I am currently living in Mexico recieving stem cell treatments for my disease. There are very few treatments and no cure. The stem cells are my only hope. Both of my drs think i would benefit from cpap therapy and have advised me to get one ASAP! If you would like to donate yours to this desperate women i would be forever grateful! I would pay for shipping of course. You can call me if you like to discuss the possibility. My phone number is 480-278-9551. Please text me first as i usually dont answer unknown numbers. My name is Dawn DeSacia. Thank you for reading this. God bless you,hope to hear from you.

      2. Do you still have this? Where are you located. Friend home from AZ and trends in three out cpap machine. Has hoses

        1. Hi Luis, I know that when you’re first diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, it can be a little overwhelming. The cost of equipment widely varies and often very little guidance is given. CPAP.com, offers affordable equipment, machines ranging in price starting at $250.00 depending on the type of machine you need (prescription required).

          Please feel free to give us a call at: 1-800-356-5221 and we’ll be happy to provide you with the needed equipment at reasonable pricing.

          Best Wishes!

        1. I have reamed CPAP I am willing to sale for 200 i barely used it it has a carrying bad and only 14 hours on it and it has all the mask hoses and carry case msg me 9362573361

    1. James David Hunte,
      If you still have one available I would love to have it. My cpap got stolen when I was traveling. I have severe sleep apnea. Please email me back if you still have one. I can pay for the shipment. Thank you.

    2. Hello James I. Need one if u want to sell it plz contact me . I just found out I have it and I had a garage door spring that hit my nose 5 years ago and I thought that’s what caused it .. But I was wrong so now I have to pay out of pocket to try to breathe when sleeping . Or any info on how to get a cheap one I have no Insurance and live in South Dakota ..

      1. I have a brand new airsence 10 with two masks including the full face mask. Still has protective sticker films on it you can contact me via email trevcombs89@gmail.com or via Facebook Messenger my username is Trevor Combs from Clarksville Tennessee. Be sure to message the Trevor Combs username on Facebook not the Trev Combs Trev Combs is my old account forgotten passwords. Thank you

      2. Call me if interested in purchasing a slightly used, Resmed CPAP.

        I could not get used to it, and maybe used it 30 days.
        973 452 5762

      3. I have an old CPAP machine I only used 1 yr, but I purchased it used. I just want to donate if it can be used by someone.

        1. If u r interested to donate ur CPAP
          machine. I wl be very thankful to u .
          I m a patient of sleep anemia , I required urgently. If u can send me Pl note my address given below.
          A-1297, GD COLONY, MAYUR VIHAR PHASE -3, DELHI 110096.
          PH : 8383041162

    3. Hello,
      I am in desperate need of either a cpap or bipap machine. I have a neuromuscular disease that has spread into my diaphram. Its in the same class as ALS and its getting harder and harder to BREATHE! My Drs feel i would benefit from cpap/bipap therapy. I’m so scared i will just stop breathing one night! Please contact me at ddesacia@gmail.com if you have one to donate or sell reasonably. I would pay for shipping of course. Thank you for any help you can provide!!
      Dawn DeSacia

    4. Dear James sir… My name is ABDUL WAHEED my father need bypump machine very urgently.. bcoz my father is not well admitted in Victoria hospital.. doctor’s saying patient need bypump machine at home.. am a ZOMATO delivery boy I don’t hve that much rupees to buy.. so I request u plz help me to improve my father breath ???.. my number is+919739478693 watsup number also.. plz humble request

  1. I have been suffering with sleep on if you need for more than 5 years and I’m losing my short-term memory, and suffering sleep deprivation. I’d like to learn how I can get a CPAP machine at low cost.

    1. Hi Wilfredo, i’m sorry to hear about the symptoms that you have been experiencing. CPAP.com, has very reasonably priced machines available ranging in price from $250-$900 (higher for BiPAP), depending on the type of machine that your doctor prescribes.

      The first step to improving your health and getting a better quality sleep is to visit your doctor. Your doctor may want to have you tested for Sleep Apnea, if you haven’t had a recent sleep study. From there you can contact us and we will be happy to work directly with your doctor to obtain a prescription for you and get your new machine on order.

      For furthewr questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or e-mail: cpap@cpap.com.

      We wish you the best!

      1. I have two Cpap machines not in use one is a older one, it was our sons he no longer using this one and another one. Please contact me for further imformation

        1. Dear BARB Sir.. my name is ABDUL WAHEED my father is not well admitted in Victoria hospital.. and he need bypump machine he is not well so plz i request u plz give me it’s help to my father.. am working in zomoto delivery boy I don’t hve that much to pay…

    2. Hi Wilfredo, I have a CPAP machine in perfect condition that I’d be willing to donate to you and I also have some supplies. Please send me your info and are let me know if you are still in need of one.??

      1. Hi, have you found a CPAP machine yet? I have one to donate if you would like. I have a few unopened supplies. Do you have a prescription for CPAP machine and supplies? My macine has been gently used

        Please email me back if you are interested

      1. High I have a practically new Respironics dreamstation dsx500h11c for sale send me a message if intrested I have pictures if you would like to see it.

    1. Avatar i need themyes I need one, elderly women on fixed income email me if you still have it at tabikitten@aol.com says:

      I need it all

  2. I have a broken cpap machine which I replaced a long time ago but would now like to see if it can be recycled for another person’s use. Looking to donate. Don’t want to throw it out but don;t want to keep it around either for too much longer.
    What are my options here?

  3. I have several new mask hoses and airfit 10 eauipment from my mothers passing where can i sell it near quincy illinois

  4. I have (22) ResMed Air Fit P10 size Small pillows as well as (18) Philips Respironics Nuance:Nuance Pro gel pillows. All are new and in packaging. Having a hard time finding concrete companies to sell to?

  5. Hello I am in need of C-Pap as well as supplies. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. I Am 30 years old and no Insurance 🙁 can’t Afford it.. yes I have a job but also have a new born also and I just found out I have it. I did the sleep study .. I had a garage door spring to my nose six years ago and I thought that’s why I couldn’t breathe at night .. but the doc Said has notting to do with it .. it’s all a new experience to me.. god will put some thing in my path when it comes time. God is great 🙂 davidtothe25th_power@hotmail.com

    1. Hey David, please see the link below for more information on the Reggie White Foundation, as they may be able to help you.


      Also, CPAP.com offers affordable machines, starting prices low as $249 for a new machine. If you would like to go over some of the low cost machines with us, please feel free to contact us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      We wish you the best!

    2. David,
      I have Everything that you would need. A ResMed cpap machine with Humidifier in excellent condition, a new mask, new nasal pillows and head strap and other new supplies. All jam packed in a Kirtland (Costco) 120 K-Cup Pods Box.
      All that I would ask is re-imbursement for shipping (IF) you can afford it. If so send be a shipping address & I will get a amount & email you back.

  6. BRAND NEW !!! CPAP DREAMSTATION. DSX700H11C Philips Respironics Dreamstation. It was my Mum Mum’s. She recently passed. She would say to me “I’m not using that damn thing.” Stubborn lady. I am selling this life save. Come’s with carrying case, 5’power cord, power pack, hose, 6 new filters.
    Contact Info. Alexander Johnson
    Cell # (610)245-7416

  7. Hello,
    I have replied to several posts already,NOW I see that i can create a comment here. I am in desperate need of a cpap or bipap or combo of the two. I have an incurable neuromuscular disease that has spread into my diaphram. My breathing muscles are getting weaker and weaker and I struggle to get in a deep breath. Both of my Drs have recommended that i get a machine to help me breathe. My disease is rare and complex, I cant tell you how many Drs I have seen who cant get me out of thier office fast enuf BECAUSE my syndrome is very difficult to treat! Most shrug their shoulders and refer me on to the next dr,who shrugs their shoulders,etc. I would greatly appreciate ANY help someone may be able to offer me; machine,accessories, advice….ANYTHING! I have a 25 year old daughter,I sure do want to stick around to be her Mom and watch her grow! Please contact me thru email,Ddesacia@gmail.com. I can then give you my phone number to talk more. Thank you and God bless ALL you kind people!!

    1. Hey Dawn, we are happy to offer some assistance. Step one – Do you have a prescription already or do you need assistance obtaining one – Please reach out to us at 1800-356-5221 and ask for Carol – or by emailing us at cpap@cpap.com attention Carol – so that we can better assist you.

      We hope to hear from you soon!

  8. I have a Philips Dreamstation with Humidifier. It has the heat tube and 4 months worth of filters. I purchased the machine and have used it possibly 15 nights. It was always cleaned and maintained after every night. I ended up getting surgery that fixed my apnea problem. I am wanting to sell the unit. I purchased it 4 months ago but only used it for the first month after purchase. I will also include the mask in with the unit. I recommend that you get one to fit your face but at least you have the headset and only will have to buy the actual face piece. If you are interested please reply to this comment and we will get in touch.

  9. Dear BARB Sir.. my name is ABDUL WAHEED my father is not well admitted in Victoria hospital.. and he need bypump machine he is not well so plz i request u plz give me it’s help to my father.. am working in zomoto delivery boy I don’t hve that much to pay…

  10. You have an old CPAP machine and you no longer required in your life? Why don’t sell it? There are so many people who don’t have a specific amount of money to buy a new CPAP machine then you can sell your used CPAP machine for those people. Even there are so many websites where you can sell your used medical equipment parts.

  11. I would like to obtain a device, as the prices are very high and I am unable to purchase one.
    is your company able to assist me to obtain a CPAP device, or obtain via donation?

    thanks and regards Naresh

    1. Hi Naresh, a lot of our CPAP machines are priced very reasonably. We have machines priced as low as $249, but it depends on the type of machine you are needing per your prescription.

      Please give us a call at: 1-800-356-5221, so that we may discuss what options are best for you!

      Hope to hear from you soon!

  12. I have a cpap machine for free, if someone needs it, you can have it. I got a new one. No tubings. It got a carrying bag, still in great condition.

  13. I am trying to donate my cpap and need the address please to donate. Ive only used it about 3 times/

    1. Hi Judy, it’s very kind of you to donate your machine. There are many different organizations accepting donations, but I have listed below the address for the Reggie White Foundation.

      The Reggie White Foundation
      2322 Morning Park Drive
      Katy, TX 77494

      For further questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221, or you may e-mail us at: cpap@cpap.com.

      Best Wishes!

  14. Hi. I have a CPAP that I used for less than a year, and I pack it very well, so It is in perfect shape. This happened some years ago when the masks technology where not there so confortable , so I stop using it. Then I got a new sleep study and insurance prescribed me an very specific one. So I have my previous one for Donation-no cost. Is there any one in real need that would like take it for free.?

  15. I have 2 resmed cpap machines and a Revemaster Cpap machine that I would like to donate. My email is auxfire@yahoo.com or you can text me at 512-284-0466. I’m just needing to get rid of these machines. Thank you.

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