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DreamWear Mask Review: Nasal, Nasal Pillow, and Full Face

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If you’ve always been curious about the line of masks in the popular DreamWear family or are looking to try something new, then you’ve come to the right place! The DreamWear family of masks have made their mark in the CPAP community as one of the most popular masks on the market (and in our warehouse). Today, we will be examining the DreamWear Nasal, Nasal Pillow, and Full Face masks by diving into the notable features of what makes each member of the DreamWear line truly unique!

If you’re looking for a try-on to see the fit and look of the masks, click the play button in the video below! Prefer to read a review? Then keep on scrolling!

What Makes the DreamWear Line Unique?

Let’s start out by painting a picture of what it’s like to wear a DreamWear mask. One of the very first things you’ll notice about the DreamWear masks is that they’re constructed very differently from most other masks on the market. The unique frame design allows air to move from the hose connection on top of the mask through the frame and connects to a cushion at the end of the frame. Through this design, you’re losing all the bulk of having a hose connection at the front of the mask.

By putting the hose connection at the top of the head, they’ve been able to create a 360-degree swivel, which is great for active sleepers. If you move around frequently while you’re sleeping, the hose connection is going to move with you. It’s going to help you not get tangled in the hose while you sleep and avoid waking you up throughout the night. The functionality and comfortability of the DreamWear design makes them truly unique.

The DreamWear Nasal Mask

Do you breathe through your nose while you sleep? People who breathe through their nose have two options when it comes to a CPAP mask: The DreamWear Nasal Mask or the DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask.

DreamWear Nasal Mask Description: Now, are you wondering what the difference is between nasal and nasal pillow masks? Nasal pillow masks use comfortable gel pillows (or silicone pillows) to seal around the base of each nostril. Whereas the nasal mask usually covers the bridge of the nose, forming a triangle around the nose and supplying air to the entire mask. However, the difference you’ll notice with the DreamWear Nasal Mask is that it supplies air to the base of the nose and doesn’t cover the bridge of your nose at all. It’s not going to seal inside your nostrils, but it’s going to bring air right to the base of the nose so you’re able to breathe.

Fitting the DreamWear Nasal Mask: When putting on the DreamWear Nasal Mask, you will first want to slide the headgear over the back of your head and start positioning the frame. Then you’d adjust the cushion and the frame so it’s comfortable. If you want to tighten or loosen the elastic straps, you can pull back and forth to get the fit that you want. To remove the mask, just slide the headgear up over the back of your head. Simple!

Unique Features: The DreamWear Nasal Mask allows for a wide-open field of vision. With this mask, you can watch television or read a book before bed with no obstructions. This nasal mask will become a part of your nighttime routine. You could put on your mask and start your machine while still chatting with your sleeping companion. Lastly, with this nasal mask, there’s no pulling or tugging of hair or facial features. The mask is very comfortable, lightweight, and not bulky.

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The DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask

Let’s move on to option number two if you breathe through your nose while sleeping: the DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask.

DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask Description: With this mask, you have two nasal pillows right at the end of the mask where the nasal cushion would have been. These pillows are actually going to seal inside the nostrils. The therapy air is going to travel through the frame (just like the nasal mask), but when it gets to the end at the nasal pillows, it’s going to go directly into your airway. Through this process, you’re not going to risk losing any of your therapy air. With the nasal pillow mask, you’re going to get a good seal.

Fitting the DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask: When putting on this nasal pillow mask, you will slide the headgear over the back of your head. You will then adjust the hose connection over the top of your head, bring the pillows down, secure them into place, and gently adjust the mask and headgear. You can tighten or loosen the velcro straps on the side as needed. To remove, slide the headgear over the back of your head, and it just falls into place.

Unique Features: Nasal pillow masks are popular because they give a much wider field of vision than a traditional mask. However, the unique feature with the DreamWear Nasal Pillow mask is that nothing will cover the bridge of your nose, meaning you can wear glasses before bed with no issues. If you’re a glasses wearer, the ability to see before falling asleep allows you to have your mask on but still watch television or read a book. With the DreamWear, you can move your head around easily and continue on with your nighttime routine. It is also a very lightweight and low bulk mask.

The DreamWear Nasal Pillow Mask is well-liked among our customers as is the DreamWear Nasal.

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The DreamWear Full Face Mask

The DreamWear Full Face is a little bit different from the other two masks. However, it is unique when it comes to other full face masks on the market.

DreamWear Full Face Mask Description: It uses bottom headgear straps to help anchor the cushion into place. The magnetic clips are composed of a little hole and a pin that goes into the hole. The connection is a little bit tighter than what you may have seen with some of our other masks. The nasal air outlet comes under the bridge of the nose, like a nasal mask, but it also covers the mouth entirely. So this way, you can breathe through your mouth or through your nose.

Fitting the DreamWear Full Face Mask: To put the DreamWear Full Face mask on, slide it on over the back of your head. Again, take the hose connection at the top of your head and slide it forward into place. Then, slide the cushion down into place. Tighten the velcro straps on the side of your head and attach the magnetic clips.

Unique Features: One notable feature of this mask is that the bottom piece, the cushion, and the frame combine to create a unique design, which allows you to see clearly when wearing the mask. You may be used to full face masks that go up the bridge of your nose and completely blocks your field of vision. However, that’s not the case with the DreamWear! You can easily read a book or watch TV. Similarly to the DreamWear Nasal Pillow mask, you can even wear glasses if you need to.

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