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Introducing the Nuance and the Nuance Pro CPAP Mask

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Nasal pillow masks are arguably the most comfortable and least intrusive CPAP mask style according to our customers. While they aren’t perfect for everyone, those that they work for seem to love them very much. 

One of the struggles of nasal pillow masks, however, is keeping the right angle and tightness for a good seal and the nasal irritation that can come with this dance. When your mask slides out of place too easily or is simply too uncomfortable to tighten to the point you need it, you’re not getting the restful and effective sleep therapy you deserve.

To combat these issues, Philips Respironics introduced the Nuance and Nuance Pro Nasal Pillow masks. While the Nuance’s cloth frame features padded cheek straps for greater comfort, the Nuance Pro’s silicone frame is lined with gel cheek straps for greater stability. Both masks feature gel nasal pillows instead of standard silicone for even greater comfort. 

If you’ve ever struggled with your nasal pillow mask, read our Nuance CPAP mask review to see if the Nuance or Nuance Pro could be a good fit for you!

Nuance and Nuance Pro At A Glance

Options For Comfort Or StabilityStill Suffers From Common Nasal Pillow Problems
Easy to Use and DisassembleVelcro Tabs Are Small
Lightweight and FlexibleNot Ideal For Smaller Head Sizes
Great for BeardsMay Not Outperform the AirFit P10

Nuance and Nuance Pro Video Review

What is the Difference Between the Nuance and Nuance Pro?

The main difference lies in the mask frame! The Nuance Pro’s frame comes with gel pads on the cheek straps. The Nuance mask comes with a soft cloth fabric frame.

While the cloth-frame Nuance focuses more on comfort and a sleep experience without red marks on your face, the silicone and gel Nuance Pro focuses more on stability and minimal need for readjustments in the night. 

Other than that, the Nuance Pro has a gray back strap with tabs to loop into the frame; the Nuance has a blue back strap with metal slots for the frame to be inserted into.

Both masks will come standard with free returns. Here are some other things they have in common:

  • Both feature the same short tube and elbow
  • Both come with all three sizes of gel nasal pillow which features a gel ring to contour and seal the nasal opening
  • Both masks have non slip headgear, a tube retaining loop at the top for the hose to be inserted into, and an adjustment crown strap

What Are Customers Saying About It?

The Nuance and Nuance Pro have been widely reviewed by our CPAP.com customers. While a small portion of reviews does complain about problems that are common with masks of this style, the vast majority have great things to say about this lightweight mask. 

A surprising number of reviewers, after trying the Nuance before several other masks, actually came back to the Nuance for its unrivaled comfort, security, and ease of use. 

Some users do complain that the velcro tabs may be too small or too weak to keep the mask tight. The Nuance and Nuance Pro also tend to work better for men and larger faces.

Final Thoughts

The non-slip Nuance headgear, lightweight design, and easy disassembly make a case for the foundations of a solid nasal pillow mask. Factor in your personal preference for support (Nuance Pro) or comfort (Nuance) and you have what might be the best nasal pillow mask on the market. 

Hopefully, our Nuance CPAP mask review has helped you make a more informed decision about your therapy needs. Both masks share the same product page, so if you decide to make a purchase, simply select which model you’d like in the drop-down menu before proceeding to checkout. 

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  • Eric Ott

    Eric has been writing for the CPAP.com blog since 2021, where he combines his passion for understanding the nuances of complicated topics with a commitment to educating individuals diagnosed with sleep apnea. With thorough research, empathy, and product knowledge, he empowers readers to confidently navigate the world of CPAP therapy and reclaim the restful sleep they need to protect their health and live their lives to the fullest.

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Table of Contents

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  1. They are very effective in ivriompng sleep time. Personally I would wake up four or five times a night and since using a CPAP machine I usually only wake up twice. If you have medical insurance they may cover your spending a night at a sleep medicine center to be tested and may pay for the machine.There are other brands of machines available besides Respironics including Resmed and DeVilbiss, although Respironics is certainly. a good one. You might find using nasal prongs (or pillows) more comfortable than a mask which many people find annoying. Nasal prongs work as well as a mask in my opinion.If price is important to you used CPAP machines can be bought surprisingly cheaply because medical insurance pays for them. Many people stop using them in a short time because they find the mask or prongs uncomfortable and since they paid nothing for them to begin with they sell them cheaply. A machine costing $800-$1,000 usually sells for less than $200. I bought a used second machine to keep at a second home so I don’t need to carry mine with me. You can find them on Craigslist. Ebay does not sell them because legally a doctors prescription is required to buy one.As an example:

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