Introducing the Nuance and the Nuance Pro CPAP Mask

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    The Nuance CPAP mask and the Nuance Pro CPAP mask just became available for pre-order. These masks by Respironics offer something totally new: gel nasal pillows. Typically nasal pillows are made out of silicone while gel has been a popular option for nasal and full face masks. By adding gel to nasal cushions, these masks try to maximize comfort around the nares. Both of these masks will have the gel pillows.

    What is the Difference Between the Nuance from the Nuance Pro?

    The main difference lies in the frame! The Nuance Pro’s frame comes with gel padding around the cheek area. The Nuance mask comes with a soft cloth mask frame.

    Both masks will come standard with free returns and three sizes of nasal pillows.

    • The Nuance CPAP Mask has a fabric frame, while the Nuance Pro has a silicone and gel frame.
    • Both masks have the same short tube and elbow.
    • Both masks come with all three sizes of the new gel nasal pillow by Philips Respironics, which features a gel ring to contour and seal the nasal opening.
    • The Nuance Pro has a gray back strap and has tabs to loop into the frame.
    • The Nuance has a blue back strap and has metal slots for the frame to be inserted into.
    • Both masks have a non-slip backing, a tube retaining loop at the top for the hose to be inserted into, and an adjustment crown strap.

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