Lumin Bullet Review: Use Powerful Disinfecting Light to Sanitize a Hose

Lumin CPAP Cleaner Review
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    The Lumin Bullet by 3B Medical is a revolutionary UV sanitizing system designed to quickly clean the inside of almost any CPAP hose in under two minutes. It’s quick and easy, with no mess. In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

    • What is the Lumin Bullet?
    • Hose Cleaning Overview
    • How Does it Work?
    • How Much Does the Lumin Bullet Cost?
    • Which Hoses Aren’t Compatible

    Let’s dive in!

    What is the Lumin Bullet?

    3B Medical created the Lumin Bullet as a solution for sanitizing the inside of a CPAP hose, without using ozone or other chemicals. It also uses no soap or water, and there’s no drying or waiting period after you sanitize the hose before you can use it again.

    The Lumin Bullet gives new and existing Lumin CPAP Cleaner users the ability to finally be able to clean the inside of a hose using the same technology found in the Lumin. Once you get the hang of using the Lumin Bullet, you can thoroughly sanitize your CPAP hose in under two minutes and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

    Hose Cleaning Overview

    To clean a hose without using a sanitizer like the Lumin Bullet, you’d need to run soapy water through the hose, and then rinse it. Alternatively, you could do the same thing with vinegar, but you’d need to set the hose over a towel rack to dry when you’re done cleaning by hand. Air drying a hose could take a few hours, as it needs to be completely dry before using again.

    Cleaning with ozone, or activated oxygen cleaner, cuts down on that time, but you’ll still need to wait a full 30 minutes for the ozone to leave the device before using it again in order to avoid breathing in toxic chemicals.

    With the Lumin Bullet, you simply sanitize, and you’re ready to use. Start to finish you can be done in under two minutes, with no waiting period. That’s the benefit to using the Lumin Bullet, the world’s only UV light CPAP hose cleaner.

    How Does it Work?

    When the Lumin CPAP Cleaner first hit the market, a big complaint was its inability to sanitize the inside of the hose, and the manufacturer was listening.  The Lumin Bullet is intended to be a compliment to the Lumin and to resolve its biggest pain point.

    The Lumin Bullet uses a small metallic probe to create the UV light source and is guided through the hose by powerful magnets in an outer shell that collapses around the hose— with the probe inside. The case also shields the user’s eyes from the light source, so it doesn’t pose any health risks from accidentally looking at the light.

    To use, place the silver bullet inside your CPAP hose, then enclose the CPAP hose within the magnetized case, next hold the outer magnetized case and slowly guide it along the hose.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Currently, the Lumin Bullet costs $99, but this could go up or down over time. $99 is a great price when you consider the technology that goes into the device, and how effortless it makes the usually difficult task of cleaning a CPAP hose.

    Which Hoses Aren’t Compatible?

    The Lumin Bullet is compatible with most hoses that are on the market today, with a few exceptions. Currently, there are only three hoses that aren’t compatible. They are:

    • ClimateLine Air
    • ClimateLine Air Oxy
    • DreamStation Go 12mm Micro Tubing

    ClimateLine Air & ClimateLine Oxy

    These hoses are designed in such a way that both ends of the hose are obstructed by plastic, leaving no entry point for the Lumin Bullet’s probe. The ClimateLine hoses also have a sharp 90-degree turn at one end that the probe would be unable to navigate.

    DreamStation Go 12mm Micro Tubing

    The DreamStation Go uses 12mm Micro Tubing and would be a tight squeeze for the Lumin Bullet—if it were to fit. But like the ClimateLine Air and the ClimateLine Oxy, each end of the hose has connectors that use plastic and blocks the path of the sanitizing probe, keeping it from being able to enter the hose.


    The Lumin Bullet makes it easier to take care of your CPAP hose and reduces the amount of downtime you need before you can use it again. We really like this product, and we hope you will too.