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CPAP.Com Springs Into May With Make a Difference Month

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CPAP.com, the most trusted online CPAP store, is kicking off its donation month in tandem with the global COVID-19 relief movement, Giving Tuesday Now, on May 5th by donating 20% of all proceeds to the Houston Food Bank. Every Tuesday in May, CPAP.com will be donating 20% of its proceeds to a different local or national charity; their hope is to raise a quarter of a million dollars by the end of May.

In conjunction with World Health Day, their first donation day raised over $31,000 for FrontlineFoods. So far, CPAP.com has donated over $100,000 in equipment, money, and time to communities affected by COVID-19. This family-owned business is out to show the world that anyone can have an impact when it comes to helping others.

“Our mission at CPAP.com has always been to give people a better way to treat sleep apnea and to provide the resources needed to make educated decisions about treatment.” Johnny Goodman, CEO of CPAP.com, continues, “This crisis has shown the world what really matters: people helping people, and that is something that has always been a part of our core company values.”

While supporting the sleep apnea community is still top of mind, Goodman has shifted Q2 priorities to focus on providing COVID-19 relief where they can. Within the priority shift, a significant percentage of the focus includes helping CPAP.com customers get the supplies they need.

In response to the recent FDA announcement that sleep apnea devices may be used as non-invasive ventilators, CPAP.com has stepped up its quarterly product purchases to ensure they have the necessary quantities of products available. With their increase in stock, CPAP.com has been able to donate over 30 ResMed AirCurve SV Units to hospitals where ventilator supplies are exhausted.

Goodman shares “If there is an opportunity to help supply hospitals with the equipment we have, then we want to do our part and help out where we can and when we can. In addition to the machines we’ve donated, we’ve also sent over 9 55-gallon barrels of hand sanitizer to local Houston hospitals.”

Click through to learn more about what CPAP.com is doing to help aid in the COVID-19 relief effort. For additional information, visit CPAP.com.

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    CPAP.com is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing affordable sleep apnea equipment to those who need sleep therapy. The CPAP team strives to provide insightful and meaningful information to its audience, keeping you in the know on the latest happenings in the sleep health and respiratory world.

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Table of Contents

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