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Headrest Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

Manufactured by AEIOMed.

This product no longer available and this information is for reference only.
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Redesigned Headrest Nasal CPAP Interface

Michael B, Schoenbrunn, AE – June 07, 2008

"If you're reading these reviews, it's because you're thinking about buying a new mask, maybe a nasal pillow mask. In 10 years of CPAP treatment I've used a number of different mask types and models and have tried on even more in "fitting sessions". No mask on the market is ideal for every head, face, and nose. In fact, no mask is ideal at all. You'll always have a trade off between upsides and downsides. So the question is what's more important for you: no strap marks, low noise, high comfort, good seal, more robustness, less rainout, light weight? Maybe you also have some special wants. Here are mine: I absolutely don’t want air blown into my eyes, and I want to sleep on BOTH sides. So my ideal mask will only touch my nostrils (no strap marks, no air into the eyes if seal loosens) and won’t have a trunk hanging from my nose (no pulling or getting tangled when turning from one side to the other, no air stream to eyes if hose gets into unsuitable position). The Headrest is not ideal either, but it’s the best I’ve found to date – for me: It fits like a baseball cap, seals well, and the connection tube runs along the top of your head where the exhaled air can’t get into your eyes. I hear my breathing and the air flowing through the tubing and it seems to require slightly more effort to exhale compared to other masks I’ve had. It’s easy to fit, comfortable to wear. No straps on your face or along the neck (which changes the position and tightness of the mask when you move your head). Among the nasal pillow masks I’ve tried was the top-selling Mirage Swift: Its connection tube is attached to one side of a cylinder under your nose. It leaks at the cylinder seams and is only for people who sleep either on one side or the other – not both. My latest conventional nasal mask was the best seller ComfortGel: The quietest mask I ever had, but it didn’t fit well on MY nose, got pushed away when sleeping on my side blowing air into my eyes. If you have a very small head or lots of silky hair you might want to try a different nasal pillow mask and if you have slotted nares, nasal pillows are probably not a good option. For everybody else – especially side sleepers, men with facial hair, or women with sensitive facial skin – I can recommend the redesigned Headrest."

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Mixed blessing

Shirley – March 09, 2010

"I was looking forward to getting rid of the pressure around the bottom of my nose from my previous masks when I ordered this one. I either had leaks or pain with my previous mask. The first night was bliss -after several adjustments - and those held for a few nights. (I like the venting, that works very well.) Then I found I was fighting the headgear. If it was too tight it slipped up and off. If it was too loose it slipped side to side. When I finally got that to a point I felt I could live with then the forehead patch became the noticeable problem. I had read one review where someone felt it was rubbing a bald spot. I'm getting something similar. I first noticed it was breaking hairs as I put it on and removed it at night. After about 4 weeks (past the insurance that I bought...) I noticed that I was having to comb my hair differently because of the way the hair is growing out under the pressure of the forehead support. (It's like wearing curlers every night to train you hair, except this trains it wild!) So, I'm currently wearing it very loose to try to help with that and instead of the strap supporting the nose part I am using my pillow mostly for that. Bottom line is I love the nose pillows and that concept, but this mask either leaves me with very difficult hair or struggling with leaking and propping between periods of sleep. It's a love hate relationship! Next time I will try anthoer nasal pillow mask, looking for one that would be stable via other design yet hopefully let me sleep on my side."

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Finally I can sleep!

Chris M, IA – October 29, 2012

"As a stomach/side sleeper, I have simply been unable to sleep with my nasal mask. Using this mask in combination with breathing strips has made a huge difference. If you're a stomach/side sleeper you need this mask."

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Second favorite mask

Gary B, NC – September 12, 2012

"Been a user since 2008 and this one is pretty good. Not as comfortable on the head as other nasal pillow masks but seals well and is definitely doable. It broke on me though and I went with the Breeze SleepGear or awhile until it broke (twice). I'm now using the F-P Opus 360 and it is awesome."

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love it!

Loretta B, MI – July 20, 2012

"best mask and headgear I have used- it does not cause any tenderness in the nares. I sleep on both sides and my stomach and it never moves at night no matter how much I toss and turn. There are no air leaks EVER. I used the rubber band fix (you can google rubber band fix for headrest cpap) and the fit is perfect. The headgear is lighweight, comfortable and very easy to adjust. great product!"

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