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Hybrid CPAP Masks

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About Hybrid CPAP Masks

Unlike full face masks, a hybrid CPAP mask does not completely cover your nose. It's flexible and ideal for mouth breathers who tend to sleep on their backs. The material is the same as other masks, so flexibility comes in being able to wear it in different ways along with cushions that allow custom fitting. Hybrid CPAP masks combine nasal pillows at the nostril openings and seals surrounding the mouth. You'll love having an unobstructed field of vision due to the open face design.

What Is a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

There are three main styles of CPAP hybrid masks:

  • Over the Nose — This style goes on the bridge of the nose, preventing you from wearing glasses or lying on your stomach. They are the least expensive of the three types. If you sleep well on your back or side, this may be a good option for you.
  • Under the Nose — This style that has a device to be worn under your nostrils, stretching easily while sleeping. While this does provide comfort, it will stretch out if you move too much at night.
  • Hollow Frame — This style with an open face appearance allows glasses to be worn, and you can move freely while sleeping. It is the most expensive of the masks but works for more people.

The best way to determine which mask is ideal for you is to come up with a list of your specific needs. Hybrid CPAP masks will give you more flexibility, but knowing your habits before purchasing will land you the perfect fit.

Benefits of a Hybrid CPAP Mask

There are many benefits of CPAP hybrid masks.

  • Less Expensive
  • Easier to Clean and Use
  • Flexibility in Movement
  • Lighter Than Traditional Full Face Masks
  • TV and Reading Friendly

Who Should Consider Hybrid CPAP Masks?

Anyone who switches between breathing through their nose and mouth, battles allergies or congestion at night, or moves a lot during their sleep will find hybrids the best mask option. When looking for hybrid CPAP masks for mouth breathers, we've got you covered.

Hybrid Mask FAQs

  • What Is a Hybrid CPAP Mask Used For?

    You can use a hybrid CPAP mask to treat both sleep apnea and other forms of respiratory insufficiency, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or cystic fibrosis. A hybrid mask can deliver oxygen to your nose and mouth at the same time, ensuring adequate oxygen flow while you sleep. Furthermore, the mask comes designed for your comfort by combining a nasal pillow and adjustable straps and sealing around your mouth.

  • How Do You Wear a Hybrid CPAP Mask?

    You wear a hybrid CPAP mask by placing it securely over your mouth, with the top of the mask entering your nostrils like a nasal pillow mask. As such, you will be able to enjoy a steady flow of oxygen to your mouth and nose in a low profile manner.

  • What Is the Difference Between a Hybrid and Nasal CPAP Mask?

    Hybrid masks primarily go over your mouth while nasal masks primarily go over your nose. Hybrid masks will thus provide airflow to both your mouth and nose but won't completely cover your nose.

    Hybrid CPAP masks can offer a perfect balance of comfort and care, helping you treat the symptoms of your sleep apnea.

Customer Highlights

Innomed/Respcare Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask
Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

Great For Those Who Are Claustrophobic

I am a little claustrophobic in some situations and wasn't sure how I was going to sleep with all the extra stuff crowding my face, but this mask is less intrusive than most. I did have to get used to it but now know I made the right choice. Also, it is easy to personalize to your own fit. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Verified Purchase 2019-04-04

Innomed/Respcare Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask
Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

Great Concept

I would say that the mask is a great concept, especially for side sleepers. I have tried other masks with the nose pillows and do not like that style. However, I thought I would try it again because my full face mask irritates the bridge of my nose. I think someone who is looking for the advantages of a full face mask with a minimal style would appreciate this mask.

Verified Purchase 2019-03-19

ResMed Mirage Liberty Hybrid CPAP Mask
Mirage Liberty Hybrid CPAP Mask

Great service

I'm a regular user of the Mirage Liberty, but this is the first time I ordered one from due to insurance changes, and the experience was great. After I scanned and uploaded my prescription, the order went through as expected, and everything was delivered in a timely fashion and full working order. For me, other masks irritate the bridge of my nose, which is why my doctor suggested this mask, and it's comfortable and effective.

Verified Purchase 2016-04-04