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Reviewing the SleepWeaver Family of Masks

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The SleepWeaver CPAP Masks from Circadiance are made entirely of cloth and are intended to be a more comfortable alternative to traditional gel or silicone CPAP masks. They are made of the same cloth used in ski apparel and are designed to fit all sizes of faces, especially small ones! The masks come in an adult size and a smaller size for pediatric uses as well.

Skin-Friendly Cloth Masks

The SleepWeaver CPAP masks are designed to be gentle on the skin and help alleviate the sores and skin irritation caused by masks with other cushion materials. The “balloon” action that the cloth creates means that the mask cushion itself only needs to make a small amount of contact with the face to keep therapy air sealed, as opposed to other masks which require a tight fit.

The masks also use gentle elastic headgear, using material designed to pull sweat and moisture away from the face. This helps reduce the likelihood of overheating or sweating and keeps you comfortable and dry throughout the night.

A Family of Masks

Circadiance has made a commitment to offering a cloth mask solution to anyone, at any age. This has proved especially helpful in hospital settings where most traditional CPAP masks are simply too large or bulky for small patients. In a 2015 article in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing1, a representative of Texas Children’s Hospital wrote about how masks like the SleepWeaver cloth masks helped prevent PAP-related ulcers from forming during pediatric treatment.

With this in mind, Circadiance has created a family of masks to help users of almost any age. For pediatric users ages 2 through 7, they have the SleepWeaver Advance Pediatric Nasal Mask. For those who are over the age of 7 but not quite large enough for the regular adult-sized mask, they have the SleepWeaver Advance Small Nasal Mask. Then for the adult users who prefer a gentler seal with less irritation, they have the regular SleepWeaver Advance, and in multiple colors.

Is the SleepWeaver right for you?

If you’re a person who can’t get used to the Gel or Silicone feel associated with most masks, and that dislike is keeping you from being compliant with your therapy, the SleepWeaver may be a good fit for you. You may also like it if other masks feel too heavy or bulky, or block your field of vision.

It’s also one of the few masks that have a version designed for children. If your child needs a CPAP mask, this is one of the best ones available. It’s lightweight and comfortable, with lots of fun colors and prints, which are intended to make the mask more appealing to kids.


The SleepWeaver CPAP Mask can be used to help make CPAP therapy easier to stick with, by making it more comfortable while still creating a reliable and gentle seal. It’s also fairly inexpensive when compared to other masks. Order yours today from CPAP.com!

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1. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. Nursing and Respiratory Collaboration Prevents BiPAP-Related Pressure Ulcers. Published on their official website in July 2015. Accessed on May 20, 2019.

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