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Product image for SleepWeaver Anew™ Full Face Mask with Headgear
SleepWeaver Anew™ Full Face Mask with Headgear

SleepWeaver Anew™ Full Face Mask with Headgear

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What Is a Cloth CPAP Mask?

With a soft, cloth CPAP mask, you'll get a reliable and comfortable seal as it naturally conforms to the contours of your face. You'll also enjoy the inherent moisture-wicking abilities of cloth CPAP masks, which continuously lift excess sweat and condensation from your skin throughout the night. Cloth masks are also great for frequent travelers, as they fold, pack, and clean more easily than traditional plastic and silicone masks. 

Different Types of Cloth CPAP Masks

Cloth masks come in every style that silicone masks do. Whether you're a side sleeper, a mouth breather, or someone with sensitive skin, you can find the perfect mask type for effective sleep apnea therapy. 

The SleepWeaver line from Circadiance contains some of the best and most notable soft CPAP masks available. Here are some of the top-selling products from the SleepWeaver line:

The SleepWeaver Elan is a lightweight cloth nasal mask that is great for active sleepers and features an open line of sight for reading or watching TV.

The SleepWeaver Advance is consistently praised by those with smaller facial structures and offers minimal facial contact compared to traditional silicone nasal masks. 

The SleepWeaver Anew is arguably the most comfortable full face mask you'll find. It's easier to clean and travel with than most full face CPAP masks and still offers an open sight line with no forehead support. 

Designed for children ages 2 to 7, the SleepWeaver Advance Pediatric is a soft and approachable nasal mask that's perfect for helping kids adapt to CPAP therapy. 

SleepWeaver CPAP masks comprise non-allergenic materials and quietly inflate to create comfortable airtight seals. With SleepWeaver CPAP cloth masks, you can avoid painful pressure points, pinching, and sore spots. These masks are also ideal if you're worried about facial lines caused by long-term sleep apnea therapy. Our inventory includes many nasal and full face cloth masks.

CPAP Cloth Mask vs. Silicone

Although silicone CPAP masks are an industry standard, cloth masks boast lightweight, skin-friendly designs that promote comfort and greater ease of use. These CPAP masks don't slide due to excess skin moisture, and they closely contour the face without leaving marks or impressions.

If you're sensitive or allergic to silicone, bruise easily, or find that your skin is constantly irritated from using traditional CPAP masks, a cloth CPAP mask may be right for you. Cloth masks are also an excellent option for those who struggle with sweat building up inside of their mask. 

Cloth masks are often more comfortable for active sleepers than silicone masks due to their ability to compress and change shape while maintaining a good seal.

Customer Highlights

Circadiance SleepWeaver Advance Nasal CPAP Mask
SleepWeaver Advance Nasal Mask

Best One For Me

The cloth masks are the only ones I can sleep with because of my chronic sinus pain and pain from masks touching my cheekbones. I put a light washcloth for padding underneath the top strap part that touches the upper part of my forehead/head as I’m also sensitive to that top strap's pressure. However, that strap does work well at keeping the mask in place, especially because I use a heavier climateline hose. It took me a long time to find a mask that worked well for me. This is the one.

Verified Purchase 2020-10-02

SleepWeaver Anew Full Face Mask
SleepWeaver Anew Full Face Mask

Best Mask So Far But With A Learning Curve

The SleepWeaver Anew is a unique all-cloth mask that makes CPAP easy. It doesn't leave marks or sore spots and does not feel constraining. It isn't for everyone, and there is an initial learning curve since too tight is just as bad as too loose and finding the balance takes a little time. However, once you determine how it fits your face, it is predictable, reliable, and comfortable. It is easier to clean than a rigid mask since the whole thing gets washed with liquid detergent and water. I love this mask and wouldn't change it back to a rigid mask for any reason.

Verified Purchase 2020-01-06

SleepWeaver Soft Cloth Nasal Mask
SleepWeaver SoftCloth Nasal CPAP Mask

Good Alternative For Latex!

I didn't know I was sensitive to latex until my latex CPAP started to leave welts on my face! I was pointed to this product which seems to be working well.

Verified Purchase 2018-08-18

SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask
SleepWeaver Elan Nasal Mask

Cloth CPAP Mask, Great Alternative To Silicone

I can't tolerate the silicone in other masks as they make my face and scalp break out anywhere they touch my skin and make my face swell. I have been using the Elan SleepWeaver soft cloth mask for the past week and am tolerating it well. I got the starter kit and have three size choices of mask to choose from. The mask is lightweight and hasn't leaked so far. The straps leave some marks on my face, but that seems to happen with all headgear that I've tried. The tether strap is nice as it keeps the hose in place over the head to avoid pulling. I'm sticking with this mask as long as it works well!

Verified Purchase 2016-03-26

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