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Have You Heard About the Philips Respironics DreamStation?

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Recently the internet has been buzzing with rumors of a new line of machines called the DreamStation by Philips Respironics. Nothing in the U.S. has officially been released by Respironics, but we’re anxious to see this machine in action.

Note: The Philips Respironics DreamStation launched on October 20, 2015 and is now available for purchase!

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What Versions Will The Philips Respironics DreamStation Come In?

As best as we can tell, the DreamStation will launch before the end of 2015 as a CPAP, delivering one constant pressure, and an APAP, automatically adjusting pressure throughout the night to provide the minimum pressure needed to maintain an open airway. There is no official word of if and when the BiPAP will be available.

DreamStation Image

Comparing the DreamStation vs the PR System One (Machine Only):


Most Notable Features:

  • The user screen and knob located on the edge of the machine make the machine easier to navigate from bed. If you typically have the machine sitting lower (like in a drawer), you may need to place it on top of the bedside table.
  • A sensor is built-in on top of the machine to detect ambient light in the bedroom. It dims the screen in a dark environment and brightens it when you are in an area with ample ambient light.
  • Opti-Start technology will monitor the average pressure needed and begin therapy at this pressure. Opti-Start will begin after 30 hours have been recorded with the feature on.
  • The humidifier design enables all connections to the chamber to be made when the swinging lid is closed. No need to slide or maneuver the chamber to connect it manually.

Other Standard Features:

  • Pressure Range: 4-20 cm H20
  • Flex Comfort: C-Flex, C-Flex+, A-Flex
  • Ramp (0-45 minutes) and SmartRamp
  • Automatic Altitude Compensation
  • Advanced Event Detection
  • Check Mask Fit Feature


To help you make sense of CPAP machines like the Philips DreamStation, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to CPAP machines. There you’ll find information about CPAP therapy devices, and how they’re used to treat Sleep Apnea. We hope you find this helpful as you begin your journey to overcoming Sleep Apnea. If you’re looking to upgrade or choose a new CPAP, our latest guide of the best CPAP machines is worth checking out!

What Have You Heard about the DreamStation?
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96 Responses

  1. I was given this machine yesterday. This is my first CPAP machine, other than what I used in the sleep lab. The screen is bright, clear, & easy to read & use the controls. The unit is lightweight and easily movable. The water tank is easy to remove & fill. So far it seems to be good.

  2. I received this machine last Thursday. So far I really like it.Particularly the feature where I can check the amount of air pressure I needed throughout the night.

  3. My first machine. Got it yesterday. Very happy and slept better than I have slept in years. Sleek, easy to navigate and virtually silent. Though I am new to the CPAP I recommend it.

  4. excellent machine, very quiet, and the nose pillow is unlike any I’ve ever used. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

  5. This past Saturday (10.10.15), I received the dream station BiPAP machine. This is my first breathing machine and I love it. I have not slept this good in many years.

  6. I’ve been using a DreamStation for almosr 3 weeks. Very quiet, user friendly and simple. It’s definitely not the smallest machine but it’s not huge either. I have traveled with it once and I’ll stick to my Z1 auto for traveling because of the small size but in my opinion the DreamStation is a winner as my “home” daily use machine. On a side note, the Respironics “nuance” gel pillow masks and “wisp” nasal masks that are now out are by far the most comfortable I’ve ever used although I do find the “nuance” a little noisy. Very impressed with the newer Respironics equipment!

  7. I am not yet happy with mine. It did not come with a heated hose water seems to get into the tube and then the mask. The souse makes noise at night which causes me to take it off. It looks nice – but not very helpful sitting on the nightstand turned off.

  8. I’ve had my DreamStation for about 2 weeks now and I haven’t been able to sleep with the mask on. The first 3 days were the hardest as I only got a few hours of sleep total. I find that I can wear it for 1-2 hours and will be wide awake then once I take it off, I can fall asleep within 20 minutes or so and sleep just fine. I like the pillows because they’re comfortable and I have no redness like with the nasal mask. I’m looking into getting a humidifier to help with congestion from the cpap. I like that it’s so quiet you can barely hear it!

  9. I have been using the DreamStation for a couple of nights but find it too noisy. I have taken off the mask and shut down the machine during the night because of the noise. I have had limited experience with CPAP but had another brand loaner from OMNISleep which I used for about a month and a half and it was much quieter than the DreamStation I am now using. I am a bit frustrated at this point. Will be taking it back for a different experience I hope.

  10. I’m a month into using this machine. I had been using a Remstar M series for about 8 years prior. The most important difference I noticed was when the mask setting was set to nasal pillows, the resenting pressure was much higher than I was used to and the c-flex was much more exaggerated than my old machine. I had a hard time sleeping with it until I turned the mask feature off and now it behaves almost identically to my old one.

    The new design is okay in that it is smaller than most of the other new devices that my supplier has, however, when you take into account of the larger power supply, it is not any more travel friendly than old Remstar M series. The tube connection is in the rear which does not do well with my partially enclosed nightstand, so I have the face of the unit away from me.

    To me, the biggest mistake with the unit was not integrating an alarm clock. It’s taking up prime clock real estate, it already keeps time and has a display, so why not have some value-add to it.

  11. Sounds like a nice machine..I want to buy it but it is not in Canada yet..I am just outside Halifax,NS and would like to know when it will be here.

  12. I rigged my wisp mask with straps to go around my ears instead of the headgear. I cannot sleep with the headgear. Headgear itches and every time I turn my head I have to readjust the strap.

  13. I have been using my Dreams Station for about a week now and it has been very helpful. This is my first machine and not only do I no longer snore, my wife has to check to see if I am breathing during the night because everything is so quiet. Still haven’t learned how to adjust the pressure up though. Love using the pre-heat function for the humidifier and also the ramp function helps me to fall asleep quickly.

  14. I just picked up my Dream Station yesterday. This is my first cpap machine. However, I was shocked that it is so quiet. My late husband had one in 1999/2000 and it was horribly loud. I always had a hard time falling asleep unless I stayed up so late I was exhausted. I’m hoping that I will be able to use the nasal pillows. I’m not a fan of the full face mask. It really messes with my claustrophobia. I’m figuring it takes a while to get used to something on your face at night, because I tossed and turned and my Fitbit that I wear when I sleep says I woke up constantly. I was terrified that I would knock the nasal pillows out during sleep and terrified that I would open my mouth because I do not want to wear a full face mask. I need to find a way to relax and not worry about that when I sleep. Hopefully my second night will be better.

  15. @Lisa,

    I’m glad that the DreamStation is quiet for you! It does take some getting used to for first timers, so don’t give up. It might take a few weeks to adjust, but afterwards you’ll be sleeping like a baby 🙂

    If you need any recommendations or have questions about mask techniques and masks that are good for people with claustrophobia, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-356-5221.

  16. I read the negative comments left and I have to wonder … really queen? Are these all comments left by competitors? The issues they present are like a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 and yet they present it as problem of 10.

    I am not affiliated with the dream station or the dream wear mask by any means.

    I’m a solo user. I have a dream station that I bought because of the system 60 reputation. I have been nothing but pleased as punch with the dream station for the past 5 nights I have used it. The Dreamwear mask is nothing short of awesome … although I did get a 89% mask fit the next morning which made me bit mad.

    My name is David O. Bullock in Little Rock Arkansas and I’m glad I choose the dream station.

  17. I was put on VPAP, which is very similar to CPAP. It was awful, and like you, I slept worse. After a month or two of tyinrg to get used to it, I took it back.I’d avoid sleeping pills. Return the CPAP, sooner rather than later. And insist that you can’t sleep with the CPAP- and be detailed about what about it keeps you from sleeping. Sleep Doctors love to blame resistance to the sleep mask on claustrophobia. If that’s not part of the problem, let them know.

  18. Just picked up my brand new Dreamstation and can’t wait to try it out. I was getting a little upset by the delay from the insurance company but because of them I got the brand new one!

  19. I completed one week with the new DreamStation and humidifier last night. Had a Remstar M Series since June, 2007. Positives about the DreamStation: Very quiet; love the display and interactive menus; easy fill water chamber. Potential negatives: One-piece water chamber with many nooks/crannies will make cleaning difficult; even with humidity set at 1 and an insulated hose cover, I get lots of condensation in the mask and hose. Never had that problem with the Remstar. First full night’s sleep last night in a week, only because I turned the humidifier off. Will have to try one of the heated hoses. Overall, I like the machine.

  20. Just made the switch to the Dreamstation in mid December. My excitement of getting a new machine was short lived after the first night. A clicking noise was occurring in the humidifier chamber after pressure would build. I returned the unit two days later and got a new replacement. The second one is doing the same clicking noise. My wife recorded it on her phone for me so I could share with my provider and make a change to another brand. Too bad because I really was looking forward to using this unit.

  21. How do I or can I adjust the pressure myself? it seems to have a more forceful delivery than my former Remstar Pro C-flex. Plus it is not as quiet. There is more noise around my face. Had a rough first night with it.

  22. the dreamstation raises my blood sugar dramatically. on a day I did all low carb, 2 hrs after dinner my BS was 98. I had no food, drink or meds after. the next morning my BS was 157!

  23. i’ve read its because I was straining to exhale and that invokes the “flight or fight” response raising cortisol, then blood sugar.

  24. I have been using my dream machine for about 4 months now. My old machine was a ResMed. I liked it but had the opportunity to get a new machine because I had actually met my deductible. The one thing I am not fond of is the ResMed could be set so it automatically ramped when I put it on and started breathing. The Dream Machine I breath and it hits me full force then I hit the button and it ramps. Full force is kind of heavy when starting. I am wondering is there a setting I am not aware of. Like the Opti-start I saw someone mentioning. I got the machine from Kaiser and I was their first patient with this machine so much of my learning has been on my own because they didn’t know a lot about the machine. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

  25. I have had my Dreamstatuin for about 2 months. I am disappointed. It runns out of water. Have turned down humidifier and still an issue. i even bought an humidifier, so its not my room.

  26. The motor on this machine is very noisy. It emits a high-pitched buzz that winds up and down as you breathe in and out. It penetrates earplugs and pillows, and cuts through white noise machines. There is no way to mitigate it. The equipment technician at my sleep doctor told me that my unit was not defective—they are all this way. I found it impossible to sleep with this machine and took it back.

    1. So glad to read that I’m not the only one with this problem.-I’m not crazy. My technician had never heard of this. I can drown out the noise with a fan for the ear that is not on the pillow but am still annoyed by the noise with the ear on my pillow. I’ve had it for 9 months and still can’t get used to it.

  27. I think my heated hose is set up to high and I don’t know how to turn it down. It is set on 3. I have used Cpap for more than 20 years and this is a Bpap .

  28. I have been using the CPAP dreamstation for 2 weeks now… However I’m getting really congested any suggestions?? Mine did not come with a heated hose. Please help!!

  29. Have had this particular machine for a week. Very smooth and quiet. Would love to know how and take advantage of the feature I hear it has where it tracks how it is working and your numbers. And most importantly if anything needs to be adjusted.
    Frank , anyone know how I can do this? As it is very important for my health to get the right number. Been using cpaps for 15 years but my number is always different when I get a sleep test. I have no issues wearing the mask.


  30. I have had my dream station for several months now and I like the full face mask compared to the nasal pillow I sleep better but usually take it off around4 AM then go back to sleep for a couple hours.

  31. I’ve used this as my first machine for 3 weeks now. I’ve noticed that it is nowhere even remotely close to working as good as the sleep study one, which was older. It also has an hour counter for telling my insurance if i actualy use it, and it doesnt work at all. Last night for example i feel asleep before midnight and woke up after noon, expecting 12+ hours on the machine, i got 3.8 hours (0.2 hours less than my insurance allows) then i go in to binsins to see what’s going on and they tell me it’s because im “uncompliant” and have to buy the $2000+ machine in cash. If anytime knows what’s going on, that would be amazing!

    1. @Keegan

      Hm, seems like an issue with your software. Please reach out to our CPAP experts so we can better understand the issue and assist you.

      1 800 356 5221

  32. I am finding that the screen light comes on so bright that it lights up the room if I turn the machine off or change a setting during the night. It then stays on for over a minute, I am assuming that the Ambient light sensor is not working but was told by my provider that this is the way it is, is anyone else having an issue with the light brightness?

  33. I am a new cpap user, and love the dreamstation! Extremely quiet and easy to use. Did adjust the humidity and heat down because was getting sinus headache and ear ringing. But its perfect. Sleeping and breathing is awesome. Wish there was a time display on it. I know its in there somewhers. The mask that I use is an airfit p10.

  34. my face mask has water on the inside area whenever I awake in the morning and other times I awake during the night because my mouth gets very dry (i check the water level before turning on the machine). Any suggestions?

    1. Hello,

      This problem is referred to as “rainout”. Depending on what machine you use, a heated tube may be helpful in more properly adding condensation to the air you are breathing. Or something as a simple as a SnuggleHose can also help.

      SnuggleHose: https://www.cpap.com/productpage/snuggle-hose-tube-cover

      Hope this helps. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to our CPAP Expert team by calling 1-800-356-5221 or emailing them at CPAP@cpap.com.

    2. Hi @ mascar! Water in the mask may be due to rainout. There are a few ways to help decrease rainout. If you use a humidifier, you can add a heated tube to prevent the moisture from cooling inside the tube. If you do not want to use a heated humidifier and humidifier tube, you could purchase a hose cover which will keep the tube warm and potentially decrease the issue as well. If your mouth is dry, a chinstrap may help. If you wear a nasal or nasal pillow mask, your mouth may open in the night causing your mouth to become dry. I hope these suggestions give you a better night’s rest! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our experts at 1-800-356-5221.

  35. I’ve been using a Dream Station for about 2 months. Lately the machine starts to whistle which wakes me up. I hit the on/off button and restart the ramp, which seemed to do the trick. For the last couple of days the whistle comes back in 30 minutes waking me up again. I used a ResMed for 8 years without an issue. The Dream Station was supposed to be a major upgrade.
    I could use some help on this.

  36. This is my first CPAP machine and it is very quiet, comfortable, and I have stopped snoring. I have the DreamStation with Humidifier.

    I would like to use Aromatherapy with it but can’t figure out where the air intake is to place the disk next to.
    Any suggestions?

  37. hi,
    anyone having problems with their dreamstation auto cpap not turning off when they remove the mask? 80% of the time mine doesn’t. nor does it reset to a lower pressure when I wake or take it off. mine is set up correctly, but the auto features apparently do not work. when I got up to go to the bathroom the screen said 13.7 and it said the same when I returned to bed 3-4 minutes later. if its acting like this, it probably never goes down when I need less pressure! can anyone explain this?

    1. Hello,

      This doesn’t seem to be a normal problem. Please try reaching out to our Customer Service team and they should be able to help you troubleshoot what is going on here. You may call us at 1-800-356-5221 or email us at cpap@cpap.com.

      We look forward to helping you.

  38. Overall I like my DreamStation…much better than the 8-year old ResMed machine it replaced. Only one issue: when my breaths would drop to long, slow levels (generally in the middle of the night), this machine would drop from 9 or 10 to the lowest setting level (5) in the middle of each breath, forcing me to gasp for air and waking me up–happened multiple times a night. My respiratory therapist could recreate the problem, and minimized it by moving my lowest level to 8–a drop, but much less noticeable. Still, the RT is not a “happy camper” over this machine action.

  39. Danquinn, get a sleeve for that hose. The clicks and water condensation rain will probably stop. It did for me.

    I’ve used the Dreamstation CPAP for over 8 months now. My trusty RemStar Pro broke, so I had to replace it. My provider can’t get it or anything other than the Dreamstation.

    My sleep has gotten seriously worse. Because of how its flex system and humidifier work (or I should say don’t work well), I wake up a lot and rarely get more than 5.5 hours of sleep a night now. The auto setting on the humidifier left me with spikes of freezing air attacking my throat all night. The humidifier runs dry after six hours. (I live in Arkansas, not the dessert.)

    I slept just fine on my old machine. I’m an old hand at this, so I know a lot about adjusting the settings on the machine. I’ve run a lot of experiments to try to fix things and I’ve taken it back to default settings. Nothing improves the situation.

    This machine has a bright white/blue light when you turn it on or off. That’s terrible. That light drives off all the melatonin and wakes up your partner. But at least you can see the whole room. Why did they not make it a dark reddish light?

    The software only gives you three days of data. The Android app does not work well on my Android smart phone. (I may try it on a simulated Android on a VM system.)

    My provider has made suggestions, none of which worked. They have replaced my machine, but the second one performed just as poorly. So, I guess I’ll be purchasing a different one on my own as soon as I do a little more research. And I may take this up with Phillips.

    I am definitely tired of being tired and taking two steps backward.

    1. Hi Laurelin, I’m having a similar experience with my DreamStation which I started using 4 months ago. I have had 2 RemStar systems which have worked flawlessly over the past 5 years. My AHIs have been in the 0.5 to 1.5 area and I slept like a baby. Since I have been using the DreamStation my average AHI has been climbing. Today It is up to 4.1. I have had days where the AHI has spiked at 11.5. It’s really starting to scare me. My provider can’t seem to adjust the machine so my AHIs will return to the lower number. I want my old RemStar back. Its good to find someone that has experienced similar problems; because I thought I was going crazy.

  40. Best machine I have ever used. I use mine every night and get 8 or more hours of sleep. Very quiet, better than first CPAP machine I had. Will not sleep without it.

  41. This is my first week with the machine and I’m still adjusting. Is it my imagination or am I breathing more deeply with this machine? I do wish the size of the nasal pillows were smaller in size so I’m able to turn over easier! Otherwise yes when I’m able to wear it for the full 8 hours I get a good night’s sleep but it is a cumbersome product.

  42. I just refused a Dreamstation machine. The cleaning regimen is unbelieveable. Every THREE days! With white vinegar solution, yet. It’s got all sorts of complicated features and who wants a lighted display while using it? It is anti-sleep. A terrible design. Remstar is so much simpler.

  43. My dreamstation is soo noisy. I can tell the blower is out of balance however my provider tells me the sound is “normal”
    After reading others comment how quiet it is I’m sure now this thing has a problem. I will be taking mine back again and make them open a new machine to compare the two.

  44. One night in. Cpap for over 10 years. This Bipap is great. Quiet running to the fact I cant only tell it is on by air flow. This machine was left with a lot of self setting controls. Humidity ramp pressures. Even the heated hose can be controls. A great machine but you have to take time to read manual and set it to suit you.

  45. First time CPAP user. I had my sleep test last Sunday, and my # was 110 incidents per hour!!

    Last night was my first night with the Dream Station, and this morning the machine said my incident # was 5.9 !!!! What a difference!

    All I know, is that I slept for 10 hours, didn’t get up once during the night (usually go to washroom 4-5 times), didn’t move from my original position (on my back, which I hadn’t been able to do for over a decade!!) and that I actually slept thru my blaring alarm clock for 39 minutes!!!

    I don’t understand other comments about the noise, as there is ZERO noise from this thing. The only way I can tell it is on, is the feel of the air on my nose/mouth.

    I never used a mask before, but as a “mouth breather” I was given the Mirage Quattro from ResMed, and after a couple adjustments the first 30 minutes, I was perfectly fine the rest of the night.

    I seriously think this machine is going to turn my life around.

  46. I’m having a really hard time adjusting to using the machine. It takes me a really long time to fall asleep because of the noise coming from the machine with every inhale and exhale. It’s all I can concentrate on. I tried white noise and it didn’t help. I don’t think I have not been able to sleep a full night with it on because of the noise.oppposite of what I was hoping for.

  47. I’ve been using dream station for about 3 weeks , pros , very quiet , can’t hear it. , using nose mask , slowly getting used to it , much better than machines z& full masks of years ago which I threw out. !! Cons, water comes pouring through hose once or twice & hose kinks easily , not sure why this happens not fun. !! Not getting much help from local provider , he says machine is too new , hopefully it will get better ! I need sleep !,

    1. Hi Judi,

      If you are using a heated humidifier with your DreamStation you can try to lower the heat setting to reduce moisture. You can also try to use a SnuggleHose which can help to reduce moisture build up. Click here. If you still need help feel free to call and speak with one of our CPAP experts at 1-800-356-5221.

  48. The machine is not working for me at all, not problem with the mask, but just had the machine for a few months and what use to wake me up doesn’t anymore, My breath level is at 5, last night it went up to 8, and almost like baby was breathing over me .. no force whatsoever, going Friday to change the machine for another.

  49. What mask setting is needed for Mirage Quattro mask?

    Used DreamStation for 1 week. Very nice user interface

  50. I have been using my DreamStation APAP machine for about three months. I have had some struggles adjusting, but I love the machine. It is very quiet. I sometimes have to check if it is on. In the beginning under my nose was rubbed raw and inside my nose was painful and red. I starred rubbing inside and under my nose with Lanolin, and hat has stopped. My mask seems to have stretched some, and I am struggling keeping a good mask fit. Opti start works great, and it is comfortable to me. I did get a hose snuggie to stop condensation in the tube. It worked, but it makes the tube much heavier. I’m excited to get a new nose mask piece to see if I get the fit better.

    1. @Leanne Awesome, I’m glad you’ve adjusted to the DreamStation. Yea, there’s always some sort of adjustment period but seems you are handling like a pro. Usually when masks start “stretching” it could be an indicator that part needs to be replaced, so you did the right thing by reordering. If you continue to have issues after replacing feel free to call one of our experts at 1 800 356 5221.

  51. I have used a Fisher Paykel machine for almost eight years until it wore out. It was so quiet you couldn’t hear anything unless I took the mask off while it was running. I was told by the supplier that this machine, the Dreamstation was highly recommended and very quiet. Not so. It is so noisy I could not sleep with it running. Every time I took a breath it sounded like somebody laying next to me with a loud wheeze. I will be taking it back today for a replacement with another brand. As to those claiming they don’t understand the noise complaints because they have a perfectly silent machine, all I can guess is that maybe Resprionics has crappy quality control and those of us with noisy machines got the short end of that stick.

    1. @Howard

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble. I hope you were able to replace it with a machine that works for you. Should you need further assistance, please call our CPAP Experts, they are more than happy to work with you to find the right fit.
      1 800 356 5221

  52. The dreamstation is my first machine so I have no comparison to others, but I never hear noise from my machine. my sleep test showed I was stopping breathing 60 to 100 times per night. I scarcely stop at all now. It took me several days to adjust to the mask (dream mask)but so many problems I have had for so many years have gone away, the constant fatigue, body ache, dizzy spells are just a bad memory. I live at an altitude of 7000 feet and I have occasionally had the “rain drip” or whatever they call that, I sleep in a very cold room (can’t stand hot dry rooms)and ambient humidity can range from 15 to 50% depending on rain. I used the “athletic sock” solution and machine on floor hose high but that hasn’t been 100 per cent so I am going to try a heated hose. regardless, I feel so sorry for people who suffered through this before tech found the solution and for people who for whatever reason won’t get the clinic done. My new first question for anyone with chronic aches and fatigue is, “might you have sleep issues?” Once, and if, I find a 100% solution for the water issue I will post the result here. sleep well 🙂

  53. I’m replacing my 5 year old Fisher/Pakel machine, but I could not accept the Dreamstation because the machine makes a loud revving sound when I exhale. Luckily, this was discovered while I was in the technician’s office. The noise was loud enough that he could easily hear it on two different Dreamstations using 3 different flex settings. The technician suspects that the issue has to do with the pressure (my mid-range is 12). I ended up getting a resmed S9 which does not have this issue.

  54. I ordered a new machine but I got a used one the ramp had been locked the machine was not wrapped and tapped sealed. I called Resprionics about it he says that’s how they package them. It is my opinion that they are selling refurbished machines as new. This is my last Resprionics Machine.

    1. @James

      Thats strange. We sell medical equipment that is straight from the manufacturer which have not been tampered with. However, some retailers are licensed to sell refurbished machines, which might be why you are experiencing this situation.

      If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call one of our experts. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction. 1800 356 5221

  55. Utter crap. My THIRD machine in 15 months has just failed (bearing in the motor/blower assembly), and the warranty is NOT being honored. Brand new when I got it, it is… FOUR months old. Avoid like the plague!
    Off to the lawyer!

    1. @Liptonius

      I’m sorry you have a series of unfortunate events. What CPAP are you using? Most manufacturers have a 3-4 year policy on CPAPs, I recommend calling one of our experts if you need any help. 1 800 356 5221.

  56. I have had my Dreamstaion for 6 weeks and love it. I don’t understand people saying it is too noisy. I had a rested s9 before and it was not as quiet.

    1. @John, Awesome, glad to hear you are having a good experience with the Dreamstation. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  57. I have been using my DreamStation for about 3 months. I am using the nasal mask with it. Before using the CPAP machine, I was waking up with a dry mouth and have not experienced it in the last three months. I may not be sleeping longer, but feel that I am sleeping better in the last 3 months. I have had a few issues early on with the mask leaking while sleeping on my side, but a couple of adjustments and it was better. The machine is quiet. Only once did it adjust the pressure up so high that I could not sleep. I turned the machine off, readjusted the mask which was leaking and turned the machine back on. I was all set for the rest of the night. The phone app makes it so I can see how many instances happened during the night. This is my first CPAP machine and I am very happy with it.

  58. Just changed to a DreamStation and I don’t like it at all. Between breaths, it repeatedly cycles the pressure to produce puffs of air as though it is prompting me to breathe in again before I’m ready. It is very disconcerting and keeps me from falling asleep. I had no problem with my old REMStar that I used for years. Does anyone know how to stop this?

  59. So, I’ve had the DreamStation for two nights now and have had to abandon it both nights because of the ‘wheezing’ noise which intensifies upon inhalation. Any advice? Is it the facemask, or a setting???? Others have had similar issues, and I’m curious if there has been any resolution in those cases.

    1. @Greg,

      Sounds like something could be loose? Reach out to one of CPAP.com’s CPAP experts so we can properly assist you. 800. 356. 5221.

      We’ll help get this sorted out quickly so you’re not losing any more sleep 🙂

  60. Like Greg V, my machine (I named him Herman) has started to wheeze when I breathe out. I have misophonia and little noises like this can, and do, send me into a fibro flare. I’ve replaced everything I can replace, nothing helps. Is it just the machine and nothing can be done? Will call my provider bit I’m hoping someone here can help! I love Herman and don’t want to lose time with him.

  61. Can I adjust the pressure setting myself? I have lost 85 pounds and have given up using it due to extremem dry mouth. Before the weight loss, I was 100% compliant. My doc wants to do another sleep study. I have 100 more pounds to lose and can’t afford another sleep study each time I lose some weight.

  62. I have had my dream machine for a week now and love it but I am getting nose bleeds – not sure how to adjust the machine? Is there an 800 number to call?

    1. Hi Veronica, we’re sorry to hear about your nosebleed issues. Please call 1-800-356-5221 for our assistance!

  63. Hello I have the Phillips dream station and I have been trying to use it but it keeps telling me to check plugin connection. So I go and unplug it from the wall and plug it back in, but it keeps saying the same thing. So I go and unplug it from the machine and it still says the same thing what can I do to get my CPAP to work so I can use it?

    1. Hi Joshua, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your machine. Please confirm that all connections are tight. Did you get your machine from CPAP.com, or a different company?

      We are happy to assist you with over the phone troubleshooting. Please feel free to reach us at: 1-800-356-5221.

      Best Wishes!

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