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Lighten Your Travels

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How is it already February? 2015 slow down, I have places to be!

Where are you hoping 2015 will take you? Looking for a way to lighten your travels?

Whether you’re catching a flight to visit family, jumping in your car on a road trip, or cruising somewhere exotic – having a lightweight CPAP can make for a better trip. If you’re on the search for a new machine, I recommend checking out the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP, which was recently released to the market.


This device is crazy small. It’s 6.5 inches long and only weighs 6.5 ounces (not counting the power cord- still, only about 10 ounces combined). This machine is the smallest, lightest Auto CPAP available. If you really want to feel liberated, treat yourself to the optional integrated PowerShell battery.

All said and done the battery, machine and power cord weigh in at 27 ounces. You might still have to take off your shoes going through security, but at least the Z1 will lighten your load a bit.


In addition to it’s tiny size, the Z1 Auto also comes with a data reporting app called Nitelog. So don’t be fooled by its small size – the Z1 is good for home use, too. The app receives transmitted data from the Z1’s built-in Bluetooth chip used to wirelessly connect to a nearby iPhone or iPad. The app collects usage data and allows the user to adjust basic machine settings like the Z-Breathe pressure relief and ramp functions.

(If you’re an Android user, don’t feel left out, an app is being worked on for you, too.)

Looking for additional traveling tips? Check out this blog post for more help. Or tell us about the adventures you’ve had with your current CPAP!

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Table of Contents

7 Responses

  1. I am getting conflicting reports as to when a day starts and endS for my Resperonics C-FLEX C-Pap machine.

    The company says it’s Midnight to midnight, my healthcare provider says it’s Noon to Noon.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sorry to hear there is some confusion. The manufacturer may be able to shed some light on it for you. Get the make and model of the machine, possibly even the serial number and give Philips Respironics a call at 1-800-345-6443.

    Please let me know if I can help in any other way!

  3. What is the battery life and are there re-charging options? I am looking for either a new machine to travel with and use camping or a battery system to use for camping. Any thoughts?


    1. Manufacturer tests showed the Overnight Battery included with the PowerShell powered the Z1 CPAP Machine set to a pressure of 14cmH2O for 8 hours of use. Actual battery run time will vary based on machine pressure, machine settings, and personal breathing, with a manufacturer reported maximum run time of 14 hours. Manufacturer reports the battery will deliver at least a “full night.” Manufacturer defines “full night” as 4 hours.

      Another option would be the Transcend machine. This tiny machine is available with an overnight battery as well as a solar power pack to recharge your battery during the day.

      Give us a call at 1-800-356-5221 if you have any more questions.

  4. Some people find BiPAP more cotmorfable than CPAP. You could ask your doctor about that.I know someone who could not tolerate a CPAP mask, so she was put on oxygen instead. The nasal cannula was much more cotmorfable than the mask. It did not stop the apneic spells, but it did prevent her oxygen levels from dropping because of them, which is a good thing.I hope you can find a solution that works for you.

  5. I have had an autopap style Z1 machine for about 2 years and it is still under the 3 yr. warranty. When I traveled in July, 2016, it worked erratically. Then it would not work at all. I sent it back to Cpap.com and this distributor was able to replicate the problem. So the machine was sent back to the manufacturer. After waiting a very long time, the manufacturer told the distributor that they saw no problem with this machine and sent it back unprepared!! And no replacement!! Cpap.com told me they are at the mercy of the manufacturer and can do nothing about this situation. It took about 6 weeks for all of this to transpire, and I could not receive the machine before my next departure date. Since I just gasped and choked my way through Wales for 3 weeks without any machine, I want to warn you about buying this product. I could not carry my usual machine with me. If the customer and the distributor can show a big problem, the manufacturer should take our word for it. DON’T BUY IT!

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