Meet the DreamStation CPAP Machines by Philips Respironics

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The DreamStation CPAP machines without humidifier are 7.6 inches wide, 6.2  inches long, and 3.3 inches tall, and weigh 1.6 pounds, making them smaller and lighter than the former models by Respironics, the System One series.

DreamStation Dimensions align=center

There are 5 machines in the DreamStation Line:

1. CPAP: which is the base level single-pressure machine.
2. CPAP Pro: a single-pressure machine with more advanced features.
3. Auto CPAP: an auto-adjusting single pressure machine.
4. BiPAP Pro: a non-adjusting machine with two distinct pressures for inhalation and exhalation.
5. Auto BiPAP: a machine that will automatically adjust to provide two distinct pressures.

DreamStation Features

The machines feature a front-facing colorful display with an easy-to-use dial for navigation of menus. There is an ambient light sensor on the top of the machine which allows the display to automatically change brightness depending on light levels in the room.

The machines have SmartRamp, a ramp option that will allow the machine to  stay at a lower pressure until events are detected. If the event requires a pressure higher than the current ramp pressure, but lower than the prescribed pressure, it will increase to that pressure and maintain that pressure until ramp time is completed, or until an event occurs requiring a higher pressure. When the ramp time has been reached the machine will increase to the prescribed pressure or to the minimum pressure range if it is an auto-adjusting machine.

Other built-in features include:

・Flex technology to decrease pressure on exhalation.
・Automatic on and off to start or stop therapy when the mask is put on or taken off.
・Mask Fit Check on some models to ensure the mask is sealing well.
・Regular reminders to check and replace filters.
・Bluetooth capability to connect to the DreamMapper app.

DreamStation Features

DreamStation Filters

The filters for the DreamStation CPAP machines are tray style and slide easily into the filter port on the side of the machine. The machine will come with a darker blue filter installed which is washable and reusable, and one light blue disposable filter which will come uninstalled and can be added if desired.


Also available is the optional heated humidifier which connects directly to the machine to provide warmth and moisture to the air. The humidifier adds to the ease of use with a dishwasher safe chamber that is simply set inside the humidifier and then closed to be ready for use.

The humidifier has a pre-heat option so that the humidifier can begin heating 30 minutes before use to increase initial comfort of therapy. The humidifier can be set in a traditional mode with a fixed heat setting during the night, or can be set in Adaptive mode which will monitor the ambient humidity and adjust the heat settings as needed to provide optimum humidification.

The optional heated tube can help further increase humidity comfort by keeping air warm all the way to the mask. The heated tube is a slim style tube with a 15mm inner diameter. When the heated tube is connected, the machine will automatically detect it and adjust the tube setting to the 15mm option.

DreamStation Humidifier

DreamStation Equipment

The DreamStation CPAP machines come with a reusable filter installed, a disposable filter uninstalled, user manual, power supply and cord, standard hose, and carrying case. The humidifier and heated tube are optional and can be added when ordering.

To view more information and features of the DreamStation CPAP machines and accessories, view the full introductory video on or give us a call at 800-356-5221.

To help you make sense of CPAP machines like the Philips DreamStation, we’ve created the following comprehensive guide to CPAP machines. There you’ll find out more about how CPAP machines are being used to help patients overcome Sleep Apnea. We’ll help you make sense of features and options, and provide helpful information as you journey towards CPAP success.

DreamStation Equipment

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Table of Contents

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