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Best CPAP Wipes in 2024

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Forgetting to clean your CPAP mask may seem like a small thing, but the truth is that sleeping with a dirty mask can lead to some serious side effects. When you clean your mask it removes built-up debris that can irritate your skin and even affect the strength of your mask seal.

Keeping your mask clean is a necessity, even on days you don’t have the time, energy, or willpower to get it done. For those days, we find that it’s helpful to keep CPAP cleaning wipes on hand in order to stick to your regular routine. They can be pretty handy when traveling, too!

The best CPAP mask cleaning wipes are skin-friendly, gentle on your CPAP equipment, and do not contain any harsh chemicals. Today, we’ll be listing some of our favorite wipes to clean your CPAP mask!

Best CPAP Mask Wipes

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes

Illustration of the Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes
CPAP.com is a Proud Seller of Skin-Safe Cleaning Products

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Customer Highlights

GREAT JOB!—5 Stars: “These mask wipes do a great job of cleaning off oils etc. off the mask. So I get a much better seal with my BIPAP machine. And there isn’t an overwhelming or unpleasant smell.” Verified Purchase 4/4/2021

Citrus II CPAP Wipe Details  

Our top pick for CPAP mask wipes is Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes! While most cleansing wipes are already alcohol-free, Citrus II wipes are the most popular and best-reviewed of any of the mask wipes we carry. This pack of 62 wipes comes with a tamper-evident seal in an easy-to-use cylindrical container. 

User reviews praise Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes for being large and easy to use with no unpleasant scent. These wipes use a formula of plant-derived, gentle ingredients that are safe for skin and silicone.

Key Features

  • 62-Day Supply: These wipes come in a 62-count package. 
  • Non-Alcoholic Wipes: These wipes are sensitive skin-friendly and contain no alcohol or other solvents.
  • Plant-Based Ingredients: Made with safe, plant-based citrus ingredients.
  • Large Size: Large enough to use on your entire mask and wipe down your tubing, too. 
  • Citrus Scent: While these wipes are not available unscented, they feature a slight, pleasant citrus scent. 
  • Secure Lid: The lid stays securely closed, meaning your wipes won’t dry out between uses.
  • Safe for Any Mask: Great for cleaning silicone, gel, memory foam CPAP masks, and more!
  • Tamper-Evident Seal: Ensures you are receiving fresh wipes that won’t dry out in transit. 
  • Travel-Size Available: Citrus II wipes are also available in travel-sized packaging for $8.49. 

Republic of Sleep CPAP Mask Wipes

Photo of the Republic of Sleep CPAP wipes
CPAP.com is a Proud Seller of Skin-Safe Cleaning Products

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Customer Highlights

GOOD PRODUCT!—5 Stars: “I have thought of these wipes are not necessary because I wash and clean my mask cushion daily. But decided to try it, and it has worked well for me. I ordered the fragrant-free kind, and it cleans well and leaves no fragrance on my mask. It is not as harsh on the mask cushion, it does take off the oil and cleans the cushion. No matter how light of a soap I used to clean the cushion, it still wears on the cushion. I don’t use the wipes every day, but I would try to use them once a week since I do clean my mask cushion every day.” Verified Purchase 12/15/2020

ROS CPAP Wipe Details

ROS Mask Wipes are the best CPAP wipes for non-silicone-based mask cushions because they are safe to use on any mask surface, including silicone, urethane gel, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and nylon. At 75 sheets for $9.99, it’s also one of the largest quantities of CPAP mask wipes that we offer in one container.

Customer reviews describe a simple and straightforward product that does what you expect without leaving an unpleasant or overpowering smell on your equipment. Some users report having difficulty getting wipes out of the container from time to time, but most people are satisfied with the quantity and cleaning capability of these wipes.

Key Features

  • 75-Day Supply: Packaging includes 75-count wipes. 
  • Non-Alcoholic Wipes: These mask wipes are alcohol-free and safe for sensitive skin. 
  • Natural Ingredients: Made with natural ingredients that won’t harm you or your CPAP mask!
  • Two Scents: Choose between citrus and unscented.  
  • Durable Material: Mask wipes are thick and will not tear apart during use. 
  • Use on Any Mask: Designed for safe use on any type of CPAP mask and material, including gel, silicone, and memory foam. 
Best Scented Mask Wipes

Purdoux Grapefruit and Lemon CPAP Mask Wipes

Photo of the Purdoux Mask Wipes Grapefruit and Lemon
CPAP.com is a Proud Seller of Skin-Safe Cleaning Products

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Customer Highlights

EXCELLENT MASK!—5 Stars: “When you think about air going into your lungs, you want it to be clean. I love these wipes because they are fast in a pinch, and they are not loaded with chemicals, so I don’t have to rinse. I can just wear it right away with no drying. Please keep these natural cleaners!” Verified Purchase 1/20/2021

Purdoux CPAP Wipe Details

Not only is the scent of your mask wipe important, but the strength of the scent that is left behind is, too. Purdoux Grapefruit and Lemon CPAP Mask Wipes make our list of the best CPAP mask wipes because they consistently impress customers with both their pleasant fragrance and the present-yet-not-overpowering smell left behind after cleaning. They are hands down the best-scented CPAP mask wipes we offer!

Key Features

  • 70-Day Supply: Order includes 70 wipes. 
  • Non-Alcoholic Wipes: These mask wipes are alcohol-free and solvent-free, meaning they’re gentle on your skin and mask!
  • Natural Ingredients: These wipes are made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your mask. 
  • Citrus Scent: Wipes leave a pleasant grapefruit and lemon scent. 
  • Gentle Material: Made of 100% cotton that won’t scratch your CPAP equipment. 
  • Safe on Most CPAP Masks: Wipes can be used on silicone, gel, or plastic masks.
  • Travel-Size Available: You can purchase 12 Purdoux’s travel-friendly 10-count wipes for only $8.49. Unlike the original product, these are unscented but with all the other great features.
Highest Wipe Count

Snugell Unscented CPAP Wipes

Photo of Unscented Snugell Mask Wipes
CPAP.com is a Proud Seller of Skin-Safe Cleaning Products

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Customer Highlights

GREAT FOR CPAP MASKS!—5 Stars: “I use these perfectly proportional wipes every day to wipe down my CPAP mask and straps as well as the other areas between weekly thorough (deeper) cleaning. Works fantastically!” Verified Purchase 8/2/2023

Snugell CPAP Wipe Details

Snugell CPAP Mask Wipes are available in two different package sizes. Reviewers state that these wipes are both durable and large enough to clean your mask, plus wipe down other equipment as well, including tubing, water reservoir, and machine. For customers who enjoy a fresh, clean scent, you can choose to purchase the citrus-scented wipes. Meanwhile, those with sensitive noses can choose the unscented pack.

Key Features

  • Multi-Count Options: These wipes are available as a 110-count or 70-count pack.
  • Non-Alcoholic Wipes: These are solvent-free, non-alcoholic wipes for CPAP, meaning they’re safe on the skin and CPAP masks!
  • Plant-Based Ingredients: Made with gentle aloe vera.
  • Large Size: Large enough to use on your entire mask, plus wipe down the tubing as well.
  • Two Scent Options: Available in citrus and unscented packages.
  • Durable Material: Wipes are strong and made of 100% cotton.
  • Safe on Most CPAP Masks: Great for cleansing silicone, plastic, and gel masks.
  • Travel-Size Available: Snugell offers these wipes in a travel-friendly package, selling 12 packages of 10-count wipes for just $12.99.

Can I Use Baby Wipes To Clean My CPAP Mask?  

Yes! Baby wipes are an affordable and effective solution for regularly cleaning and maintaining your CPAP mask and cushion. Wipes that claim to be unscented will often have a fragrance added, but “fragrance-free” wipes should be safe for those with fragrance allergies.

Comparing CPAP Wipes Versus Baby Wipes

Despite the higher price tag, CPAP wipes are better than baby wipes simply because they are designed to be CPAP-friendly. While most baby wipes are gentle on the skin, some brands contain alcohol or other chemicals that can cause your CPAP mask to break down over time.
If you choose to use baby wipes to clean your CPAP mask, be sure to avoid wipes that contain lanolin, lotion, or alcohol, as these can leave a greasy residue that will affect the quality of your CPAP mask seal.

The Worst Cleaning Wipes for CPAP Masks

While it isn’t recommended to regularly use Lysol wipes to clean your CPAP mask, doing so in a pinch is okay, assuming you have no allergies to any of the ingredients. Keep in mind that you’ll be breathing in whatever residue is left behind for several hours a night, so you’ll typically want to avoid products that use harsh chemicals to disinfect.

Whenever possible, you should try to use non-alcoholic wipes for CPAP. Alcohol wipes will disinfect and clean your equipment in a pinch, but we don’t recommend them for long-term use. Your mask cushion may begin to dry out and crack more quickly if regularly cleaned with alcohol wipes.

Just like Lysol wipes, you’ll be breathing in whatever residue is left behind for several hours each night. Clorox wipes won’t damage your mask in a pinch, but we don’t recommend them over CPAP wipes for regular cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Regularly cleaning your CPAP mask prevents the buildup of germs, dirt, sweat, facial oils, and other debris. By wiping down your mask between washes, you can avoid unpleasant CPAP side effects, like a musty mask smell, skin irritation, and a poor mask seal. When you use quality products, like the ones that made our list of the best CPAP mask wipes, you can extend the life of your mask and protect your overall health!

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