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ICON Auto CPAP Machine Review: Cost-Effective Choice?

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The Fisher & Paykel ICON Auto CPAP Machine is one of the more well-balanced Sleep Apnea treatment devices. Yet the influx of new automated continuous positive airway pressure machines like the ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet, which features data tracking, has given customers pause.

Should you upgrade to one of the tech-focused machines or can you treat your Sleep Apnea effectively using the ICON Auto CPAP Machine? Consider this unbiased ICON Auto CPAP Machine Review to help you make the smartest decision for your treatment.

Specs and Features

The ICON Auto CPAP Machine by Fisher & Paykel has simplified Sleep Apnea therapy. By combining multiple treatment approaches in one unit, this CPAP device is a great mid-priced solution for CPAP therapy. In addition, patients who are on the go either with travel for work or on vacation can carry everything they need for successful Sleep Apnea therapy. These features include:

  • Built-in humidifier outfitted with ThermoSmart technology and heated hose to eliminate condensation which can lead to bacteria and mold build-up
  • Water chamber holds up to 420 ml of water; is dishwasher safe and features a chamber lid that doubles as a carrying handle
  • Comes equipped with the elbow that can be connected to a ThermoSmart or other standard breathing tube
  • Filters the air flowing into the machine with an air filter that protects against dust and particles
  • Automated Sleep Apnea treatment using an algorithm designed and customized for your sleep therapy
  • Auto-Altitude Adjusting technology
  • Automatic Time zone setting
  • SensAwake pressure technology identifies when you wake up and reduces air pressure to naturally ease you back to sleep faster
  • Ramp feature via the SmartDial elevates your air pressure naturally to help you fall to sleep better
  • SmartDial allows you to control data and sleep functions easily from a single menu system
  • A digital screen features adjustable brightness
  • Eco-friendly thanks to ECO Mode, which reduces the power consumption of the CPAP machine to 75 W for use on airplanes, in RVs, and when on conserved battery power
  • Connectivity via a SmartStick that is accessed via a USB port, which is where the data for the sleep reports are stored for up to 30 days for efficacy data and 365 days for summary efficacy data, as well as cumulative summary data for the entire life of the machine
  • Features an alarm clock with tunes
  • InfoSmart provides you with sleep reports that detail progress with sleep therapy

The design of the ICON Auto CPAP Machine is simplistic and retro, which gives the feeling of comfort and familiarity. Users may appreciate this when having this device sitting on their bedside table night after night. A rounded top on a rectangular unit is outfitted with a digital screen and single round knob function. These two features allow you to control all of the features of the machine with ease.

Size Considerations for Travel

It should be noted that the size of the ICON Auto CPAP Machine is 4.8 pounds. Meanwhile, the competitive ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP Machine weighs almost half of that at 2.75 pounds. This is quite a difference, and for travelers depending on portability, the ICON may miss the mark here.

Yet for those individuals who want a sturdy, good looking, comforting CPAP machine for home use, the ICON Auto CPAP Machine does that and more. By serving as a humidifier and alarm clock, in addition to a Sleep Apnea therapy machine, this unit is a workhorse that can reduce other appliances already in your bedroom.

The F&P ICON Auto CPAP Machine comes in four models. This includes:

  • ICON Auto
  • ICON Premo
  • ICON Novo

Versus Fisher & Paykel ICON Premo CPAP Machine

The F&P ICON Premo does not feature auto-adjusting pressure technology or SensAwake technology. The Auto model is actually an APAP machine for auto positive airway pressure, whereas the Premo model provides continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. Either machine is ideal for treating Sleep Apnea effectively. However, the APAP model will automatically adjust the air pressure as needed while you are asleep.

Should you choose the Auto or Premo model? If you have been treating your Sleep Apnea unsuccessfully for a while now, the ICON Auto model gives you the greatest control over your therapy. With SensAwake and auto-adjusting pressure technology, your device detects when you wake up and adjusts treatment immediately. Then you receive a highly detailed sleep report that shows you and your sleep physician where you are improving and where you need additional treatment.

Versus Fisher & Paykel ICON Novo CPAP Machine

The other model of the ICON CPAP Machine is the Novo. The main difference with this machine versus the Auto model is that the Novo does not feature auto-adjusting pressure, efficacy reporting, SensAwake, or leak compensation technology. It is considered the more basic of the two other more tech-forward models.

In addition, the altitude adjustment feature is manual in the F&P ICON Novo, whereas it is automatic in the Auto and Premo models. The InfoSmart technologies in the device are basic level, too. This machine is a more affordable, basic option for individuals who require a less stringent therapy for Sleep Apnea.

Final Factors When Choosing a CPAP Machine

As you settle on the right CPAP machine for your home or travel needs, there are several factors you want to consider. Let’s take a look at these alongside the ICON Auto CPAP Machine by Fisher & Paykel. The noise level of the device is good at a report of less than 29 dBA.

You also want a machine that can provide you with the best possible Sleep Apnea therapy to date. SensAwake is one of these technologies. Only available on the ICON Auto CPAP Machine, this feature detects when you are about to wake up so you can begin receiving proactive therapy. This way you are able to overcome Sleep Apnea, which is the purpose of this type of treatment.

Auto-adjusting pressure is another key feature in the ICON CPAP machines, coming standard on all machines. This performance feature allows the machine to adjust treatment according to an algorithm. This algorithm looks for a variety of conditions including apnea, flow limitation, and hypopnea. By identifying these sleep concerns, your sleep physician and a team of specialists are better able to treat your Sleep Apnea.

Choose a CPAP Machine Today

Whether you want to purchase the ICON Auto CPAP Machine today or you want to continue shopping for the best CPAP machines on the market, we have what you are searching for. Let CPAP.com be your No. 1 for Sleep Apnea therapy machines. We sell CPAP machines, CPAP masks, CPAP masks, accessories, oxygen concentrators, and other Sleep Apnea supplies shipped right to you.

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