Which Mini CPAP is right for you? Comparing the AirMini vs DreamStation Go

Which travel CPAP Machine is right for you? The DreamStation Go and the AirMini are two of the hottest machines on the market in 2018.
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    Updated: April 22, 2019

    When hitting the road, it’s important to take your CPAP device with you. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your destination tired and out of focus– or take chances with your health. There are many great travel CPAP machines available, but today, we’re going to compare two of the latest devices to hit the market: the DreamStation Go and the AirMini. Which one’s best for you? Read on to find out!

    Showing an image of the DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Machine

    DreamStation Go Auto CPAP Machine

    The DreamStation Go is an air traveler’s dream and is designed to be one of the ultimate travel CPAP machines. It’s lightweight and FAA compatible, and approved for use in-flight. It’s a quality machine designed to provide therapy all night long and make the experience more comfortable– even while traveling.

    The Philips DreamStation Go features:

    Touch Screen Display: The first of its kind for CPAPs! Control all the features of the DreamStation Go from the touchscreen, just like you would any other device. You can even access therapy data right from the screen using familiar gestures.

    USB Charging: Allows you to charge your phone or tablet while using the DreamStation Go while in-flight, or anywhere else.

    Micro 12mm Tubing: This ultra-slim tubing is compatible with any mask, a huge advantage for anyone that prefers a certain type of mask and can’t use it with the AirMini. Also, the small hose makes packing a breeze. It takes less space than standard tubing, making it easier to take to the skies, hit the trail, or head out of town for the weekend.

    Flex Pressure Relief: allows for ultimate comfort by decreasing CPAP pressure during exhalation, giving you a natural breathing feeling whether you’re asleep on a plane or at your travel destination.

    OPTIONAL Heated Humidifier: Recently, Philips released a heated humidifier for the DreamStation Go, to correct a long-running complaint that the machine had no humidification options. The new heated humidifier is built with cutting-edge technology making it lightweight and easy to carry, while also allowing the use of tap water on an occasional basis. This is welcome news for anyone thinking about buying the DreamStation Go.

    Actual Customer Reviews (Positive / Negative)


    ”I am NOT disappointed. It is a great machine! I’ve used it in Canada and in Italy for 12 days with zero issues. It doesn’t need a power converter, only a country plug… I was not asked to remove it at security in Italy, Germany or Canada. The noise is slightly more than my at home machine, but not disturbing to me at all.”


    ”I travel frequently and wanted an easy to pack device. The [DreamStation Go Auto] is perfect. I didn’t realize how much better I would sleep and feel using an Auto CPAP. Highly recommended. Also, the lightweight mini tube is so much better than the old heavy tube. Noticeable difference.”


    ”The size is nice and the machine fits in my purse when traveling and going through security at airports. It seems to be made well. The problem is that it is very loud. It keeps me up at night. My family can hear the machine, as well.”


    The noise wasn’t bad initially but it’s gotten much worse over time. I tried the white noise app on my phone but it was no match. I would say it’s a waste of money if you’re a light sleeper, because I usually end up giving up after a few hours and sleeping without the machine.

    DreamStation Go Benefits

    Most customers were very pleased with this machine. Many people appreciated the following benefits for the DreamStation Go:

    • Works Well Internationally
    • Less Room in Luggage
    • Lightweight / Portable

    DreamStation Go Drawbacks

    Some customers have reported being bothered by the noise from the DreamStation Go, as it checks in at 30 decibels. 30 decibels is slightly louder than most modern CPAP machines. The machine may be louder because of the small size, as it has less surface area to absorb sound than other devices.

    Good For:

    • Frequent Air Travelers
    • Anyone Who Wants the Latest Technology

    Showing the AirMini Travel CPAP Machine

    AirMini AutoSet Travel CPAP Machine

    This machine is the smallest by ResMed on the market and operates at a lower level of noise compared to similar units. Its small and compact size makes it easy for travelers, and it even includes a waterless humidification system with some of the mask options. The waterless approach provides a more travel-friendly approach to humidification.

    The ResMed AirMini AutoSet features:

    Smallest Travel Machine: It weighs under 1 pound and measures 5.4 inches long by 3.3 inches wide.

    HumidX Waterless Humidification: HumidX Waterless Humidification traps some moisture from your exhaled breath, and filters it back through the incoming stream of air, keeping your therapy air comfortable without needing a traditional humidifier.

    Compatible with Popular ResMed Masks: The AirMini AutoSet is compatible with some of the most popular ResMed masks on the market today, and is not universally compatible with masks from other manufacturers.

    Bluetooth Connection to the AirMini: The AirMini is controlled from an app on an Apple or Android mobile device, where you can get access to your therapy data as well as control and operate the machine (despite not having a screen).

    Actual Customer Reviews (Positive & Negative)


    “I travel often, and had been lugging my big machine with me. This little guy works like a champ. My sleep results with the AirMini have been at least as good as the big machine at home.”


    “I used the AirMini at home for a few nights just to be sure it would meet my needs during travel. It is exceptional! I am not a tech geek, but I was able to set it up and use the app without any problems. As a frequent traveler for work, the AirMini makes me willing to use CPAP therapy on trips regardless of the duration.”


    I was hopeful. Since I owned the AirSense10, thought this would be mini version of that high-quality unit. My wife could not sleep as it [is] terribly noisy. I mean really, really noisy. So disappointed. Going back to my AirSense10.


    The machine itself works fine and is very quiet. Setup was easy. The only problem is the noise generate by air in the mask. It may be the air noise as it either travels into the mask or escaping through the filter. Noisy enough so I have problems falling asleep.

    ResMed AirMini Benefits

    In reviews, customers found that the AirMini was overall really well liked. People found these benefits to the AirMini

    • Waterless Humidification is Nice
    • Portable and Light
    • Easy to Use on a Plane

    ResMed AirMini Drawbacks

    Most of the complaints about the AirMini had to do with these drawbacks:

    • Some Found it Noisy
    • Many reported not liking the noise the mask makes
    • HumidX Not Avaible for the F20

    Good for:

    • Someone Who Needs a Small Machine
    • Frequent Travelers
    • Camping or Hiking

    Which Mini CPAP is Right for You?

    If you’re stuck comparing the DreamStation Go vs. the AirMini, remember there are benefits and drawbacks to both. If you want to explore more, you should review the following resource: Travel CPAP Machine Comparison Chart. This tool compares features from several devices and allows you to see which ones have the features you’re interested in. This way you can decide for yourself based on the benefits you care the most about.

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