Sleep Apnea Test

    It's important to know, before you begin, that this quiz is not intended to diagnose any person with any condition. It should not be considered an alternative or substitute for medical advice from a health professional. The quiz is meant to help make it easier to talk to a doctor or health professional about the symptoms you may be experiencing. All you need to do, is select the choices below that sound the most like you. At the end, the final score indicates your potential risk for a Sleep Apnea diagnosis.





    Do you snore at night?

    Do you sometimes stop breathing for noticeable periods of time during sleep?

    Do you wake up gasping for breath?

    Do you dread going to sleep because of problems that occur at night?

    Do you wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep?

    Do you wake up earlier in the morning than you would like to?

    Do you get up multiple times to go to the bathroom?

    Do you drink alcohol before going to bed?

    Do you feel low on energy?

    Do you wake up with headaches?

    Do you wake up with dry mouth?

    Are you told that you don't act like yourself?

    Are you irritable with friends and family?

    Do you feel out of touch with friends and family because you don't have the energy to properly engage them?

    Do you feel sad or depressed because you can not sleep?

    Do you have trouble sexually?

    Do you often feel "brain fog" or in a daze?

    Do you feel sleepy and struggle to remain alert during the day?

    Do you fight to stay awake while driving?

    Do you arrive home without remembering driving there?

    Do you fall asleep in mid-conversation?

    Do you have trouble focusing on work?