CPAP Machine Cost: Is it Cheaper Without Insurance?

CPAP Machine Cost
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    cpap machine costThe first step to getting the most out of your CPAP therapy and receiving the restful night of sleep you deserve is purchasing the right machine for you. CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines fit different needs, varying based on the lifestyle factors that matter the most to you.

    However, when it comes to the different types of machines, the cost is the factor that can influence your machine choice the most.

    Let’s dive into how much a CPAP machine costs with and without insurance, the price of supplies, and if you should buy your new machine online.

    How Much Does a CPAP Machine Cost?

    The average cost of a CPAP machine is between $300 to $500. The average cost of an APAP machine is around $800. A BiPAP machine starts out around $1,300. Lastly, travel machines cost around $800.

    Additional CPAP machine costs include the price of a humidifier, mask, hose, and replacement supplies, including disposable, reusable, and bacteria filters. These additional supplies add comfort, an increased level of effectiveness, and cleanliness to your machine setup.

    For a Quality CPAP Machine, You’ll Typically Pay:

    • $300 to $500 for the Machine
    • $150 for the Mask
    • $30 for the Hose
    • $125 for the Humidifier (If It’s Not Included With Your Machine Purchase)

    For a Quality APAP Machine, You’ll Typically Pay:

    • $800 for the Machine
    • $150 for the Mask
    • $30 for the Hose
    • $125 for the Humidifier (If It’s Not Included With Your Machine Purchase)

    How Much Do CPAP Supplies Cost?

    In addition to the CPAP machine itself, you have to consider the cost of CPAP supplies and add-ons, such as a humidifier, mask, hose, and cleaning supplies. Supplies are covered by insurance, but coverage levels vary from state to state.

    CPAP Masks: CPAP masks typically cost between $35 to $150. Masks should be replaced every three to six months. The cost of your CPAP mask will vary depending on the style, features, and quality.

    CPAP Humidifiers: Humidifiers typically cost between $150 to $200 and aren’t required for CPAP therapy. Humidifiers are designed to make your CPAP therapy more comfortable. Many machines come equipped with a built-in humidifier.

    CPAP Hoses and Tubing CPAP hoses typically cost between $10 and $40. CPAP hoses should be replaced every six to twelve months. The price difference in hoses lies in the type of hose you choose. Heated hoses are more expensive than standard hoses. With heated hoses, heating coils cut down on the formation of condensation inside the hose itself, making for a more comfortable therapy experience.

    CPAP Supplies: Supplies like filters range in price from $10 to $40, based on what your specific machine requires. Almost all CPAP machines have different filters that are used to remove atmospheric irritants from the air you breathe.

    The three different types of filters are disposable (fine), reusable (foam), and bacteria. Disposable filters are the cheapest and found on most machines. They cannot be washed, meaning they should be replaced frequently when they start to show wear and tear. Reusable filters are intended to be cleaned periodically and aren’t used in every machine. Reusable filters range from $9 to $20. Bacteria filters are optional but add another level of protection to your CPAP setup by filtering out mold, bacteria, and other tiny particles that make it past your machine’s standard defenses. Bacteria filters cost almost $20 for a five-pack.

    How Much Do Cleaning Supplies Cost?

    Upkeeping your CPAP equipment can increase the longevity of your machine and the quality of your therapy.

    To get the most out of your therapy, clean your equipment with cleaning supplies—including mask wipes, disinfectants, tube brushes, mask and hose soap, and the Lumin. Mask wipes cost around $10 and disinfectants around $13. Tube brushes cost around $15. Mask and hose soap is around $6.

    How to Buy a CPAP Machine

    There Are Generally Two Ways to Buy a CPAP Machine:

    • Working With Your Doctor (Who Works With a CPAP Supplier called a Durable Medical Equipment Provider or a DME)
    • Online Through

    But which option is the most cost-effective?

    Is It Cheaper to Purchase Your CPAP Machine Through Insurance?

    Let’s start with a potentially surprising idea—if you get your new CPAP machine from your insurance company, you may be overpaying. The cost of a CPAP machine with insurance is often much higher than the cost to buy it online. Let’s explore why!

    With most insurance companies, your machine is covered only if you’ve met your annual deductible. If you haven’t met your deductible, you’ll be on the hook for the cost of the machine, which may be more expensive than purchasing it yourself online.

    Purchasing a CPAP machine through insurance isn’t the same as the copay you’re used to when you visit the doctor’s office. If you get your new CPAP machine through insurance, they may offer it to you on a rent-to-own plan that can cost you a hefty amount per month in rental fees, costing you more than the machine is worth. A second avenue is you may have to buy the machine outright if you haven’t met your deductible. If you have Medicare, you’ll pay 20% of the cost upfront and then rent it for 13 months.

    If you’re wanting a travel machine through your insurance company, you may run into some roadblocks. Insurance companies typically only supply one home unit.

    To keep our prices low, doesn’t bill insurance for our machines or accept Medicare. You can still file a claim with your insurance. However, since we don’t work with insurance companies, we are able to offer you the lowest price for CPAP machines, allowed by the manufacturer.

    Do You Get the Best CPAP Machine Through Insurance?

    When getting a CPAP machine with insurance, many people assume they’ll get the best machine, which isn’t always true. In many cases, the CPAP supplier your insurance company recommends is reimbursed the same amount of money regardless of the quality of your machine. Thus, there’s no incentive for the CPAP supplier to give you the best machine.

    In addition, if the supplier gives you a cheap, average machine, then they can pocket more of the insurance company’s reimbursement versus giving you a more expensive, higher quality machine.

    With, you are in control of your CPAP therapy. You get to choose the machine that best fits your lifestyle and sleep apnea needs.

    Compliance Monitoring Through Your Insurance

    Renting to own your CPAP machine through your insurance company would mean the machine is yours, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

    While the most common way of starting your CPAP therapy through your insurance company is renting your machine, you are often required to use it in order to keep it. You read that right—if you don’t regularly use your CPAP machine, then your insurance company can take it from you even if you’ve been paying for it monthly.

    In comes compliance monitoring. Through compliance monitoring, your insurance will monitor your data every night. If you go a period of time without using your machine, it may indicate to your insurance company that you’re not serious about your sleep apnea treatment, and they will request the machine back.

    Buying a CPAP machine online means you’re always in charge of your therapy. You’ll own it from day one.

    You Can Still File a Claim When You Buy With is considered an out-of-network DME or CPAP supplier, and insurance plans differ in coverage based on the DME. If you purchase your machine through us, you can still file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement. If you have coverage, we can help you get reimbursed through your insurance company.

    It’s important to remember that just because you receive an insurance compliant invoice, there’s no guarantee that you will get reimbursed. It’s important to check with your insurance company if you’re planning on filing for reimbursement.

    Getting a good night of sleep translates to the overall productivity of your day. Without a good night of sleep, you can experience daytime sleepiness or trouble focusing. If your untreated sleep apnea is keeping you from getting the quality sleep you deserve, finding the best CPAP machine for you is the first step.

    Explore your options on to find your ideal machine and pricepoint for your lifestyle.