Airing Micro-CPAP: What You Need to Know

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    An Update on the Airing Micro-CPAP

    As of September, 2017 the Airing Micro-CPAP is not out on the market yet. According to the manufacturer, they are continuing to work on FDA approval for their device, as well as refining the functionality of the device’s micro-blowers. In light of that, beware of retailers who claim to be selling the finished Airing product at this point in time; they are not selling the actual Airing Micro-CPAP and therefore they might not be able to guarantee the functionality and safety of their devices. 

    If you are ever in doubt about the safety of a medical device, you can always check for FDA approval by asking the seller directly or reading through the specs of the product, if the information is available. You can also check with the FDA approvals database for medical devices.

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    Update on the Airing, June 2015

    The Airing campaign is now live on Indiegogo and it’s reaching it’s goal pretty quickly!

    Fun facts about the Airing:

    ・The measurements are in! It’s 2 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 1 inch tall.
    ・The estimated price is $3.00 or $0.60 after insurance reimbursement.
    ・The micro-blowers can generate a pressure of 20 centimeters of water (cmH20).
    ・Active humidification is not required according to its design features.
    ・The Airing is expected to undergo FDA clearance in the year 2017 as shown in their estimated timeline.

    Airing FAQ

    Check out some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Airing, a possible variant of existing CPAP therapy.

    Please note that all of the information regarding the Airing is based on data released by the manufacturer. Considering that the product is still in it’s early stages, this information is subject to change.

    Q. Is this real?
    A. We hope so.

    Q. How much does the Airing cost?
    A.   The manufacturer is aiming to make this device “disposable”, which suggests a lower price point. The estimated price is $3.00 or $0.60 after insurance reimbursement.

    Q. How does the Airing stay in place?
    A. It uses soft, silicone nose buds to stay in place. Try a nasal pillow CPAP mask for a similar experience.

    Q.  Does this device have humidification?
    A. Air output will be regulated by an internal sensor. By eliminating excessive air flow, active or direct humidification will not be needed, but passive humidification is possible if desired.

    Q. Can the Airing be set to my needed pressure?
    A. The device will be set to your prescribed pressure. They hope to make it self-adjusting later on (like an APAP which adjusts on a breath by breath basis).

    Q. What’s the highest level of pressure it can deliver?
    A. The micro-blowers can generate a pressure of 20 centimeters of water (cmH20).

    Q. What if I am a mouth breather?
    A. The Airing works similar to a nasal pillow CPAP mask. Try using a nasal pillow mask and chinstrap combination to see if it’s right for you. Airing’s goal is to improve nose breathing to help reduce or eliminate mouth breathing.

    Q. Will my insurance cover the Airing?
    A. As a variation of existing  CPAP therapy, they hope to receive the usual reimbursement rate of 80% through insurance, bringing the price down to $0.60 per unit. It may undergo insurance approval around March 2016 according to Airing’s estimated timeline.

    Q. Is this Medicare approved?
    A. The Airing is still in its early stages and hasn’t been submitted for FDA approval. We must note that Medicare only covers equipment that is durable (long-lasting). The Airing is meant to be disposed of after a one night’s use.

    Q. Can I buy the Airing now?
    A. The Airing is still under development. According to Airing’s estimated timeline, it may become available for sale around July 2017. If  the Airing proves to be a benefit to CPAP therapy we will do everything we can to carry and make this product available to you.

    Q. Can I test the device?
    A. Prototyping for the Airing is estimated to begin on July 15, 2015. The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

    What is the Airing Micro-CPAP

    Take the hose, mask, and cords out of your CPAP therapy and what do you get? The Airing Micro-CPAP. On June 15th,  Airing will launch a crowd funding project to help bring its minimalistic prototype to life. CPAP users could potentially reclaim their nightstand space, travel lighter, and rest more freely.

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    Closer Look into Design: Weighing under an ounce, the Airing CPAP device is designed to sit beneath the nose. It looks very similar to a nasal pillow.

    Nose Buds: Soft silicone structured to fit the nostril.
    Body: The body encapsulates the battery and other electrical components.
    Exhalation Ports: 2 screens, located at each side of the body for air to exit.
    Inhalation Vent: 1 screen that bridges over the top of the Airing allowing air to enter during inhalation.

    Airing Micro-CPAP
    How It Works: Hundreds of battery powered micro-blowers work together to create positive airway pressure. It’s also rumored to be disposable and low cost. An innovative manufacturing process called R2R (Roll to Roll) allows this product to be mass produced at an affordable rate. Even better? You may be able to say good bye to mask and hose cleaning.

    Inventor: Stephen Marsh is the man to credit here. An established businessman, who is the inventor of more than 75 patents. He was able to see the necessity behind a new CPAP design because of a personal connection with breathing disorders. The result of this concept can benefit:

    • Compliance rates. Currently, 50% of Sleep Apnea patients are non-compliant CPAP users.
    • Your bed partner.
    • Your travel experience.
    • Situations of emergency. No power cords necessary.
    • Those who suffer from claustrophobia.

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