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AirSense 11 Review: How Does the AirSense 11 Compare to the AirSense 10?

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Table of Contents

Photo of the AirSense 11 APAP machine

ResMed has just released the AirSense 11 AutoSet, and today we’re taking a look at how it compares to the previous AirSense™ 10 AutoSet. In this AirSense 11 review, we’ll share with you what’s changed and why upgrading may take your sleep apnea therapy to the next level. We’ll also explore some early feedback from the CPAP community. 

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new CPAP machine or have been affected by the Philips recall, the AirSense 11 should be at the top of your list. You can find the AirSense 11 AutoSet CPAP machine available for pre-order at CPAP.com!

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea or are looking to upgrade and replace your existing machine with one of the best CPAP machines on the market, then we have you covered! In our AirSense 11 review, we’re going to dive into your questions about ResMed’s latest release, determine how the two match up, and discuss whether it’s worth upgrading from the AirSense 10 to the AirSense 11.

Comparison of the ResMed Airsense 11 vs AirSense 10 Models:

Here’s a quick comparison table of the ResMed AirSense 10 vs AirSense 11:

Features and SpecsAirSense 11 AutoSetAirSense 10 AutoSet
Ultra-Quiet Operation
Sound Level27 dBA26.6 dBA
Weight2.5 lbs2.75 lbs
Size (Machine Only)10.21″ x 3.72″ x 5.45″10.04″ x 4.57″ x 5.91″
Power65W AC Adaptor90W AC Adaptor
Max Operating Altitude9870 ft8500 ft
AutoSet for HerBuilt-In AlgorithmSeparate Machine
Battery BackupX
Built-In Humidifier
Heated Humidifier
Integrated Heated Hose
Pressure Settings Ranging From 4cm H2O to 20cm H2O
Ramp Functionality
Tracks Therapy Data
Care Check-In X
Personal Therapy AssistantX
Bluetooth® ConnectivityX
OTA: Over-the-Air Software UpdatesX

Key Differences Between the AirSense 11 vs. AirSense 10

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the AirSense 11 and AirSense 10 models:

Design and Specifications: One of the first things you’ll notice about the design of the AirSense 11 is that it’s quite similar in size, sound level, and weight. In comparison to the AirSense 10’s 90-watt unit, the AirSense 11 runs on a 65-watt power supply unit. The size, weight, and sound levels are about the same. Aesthetically, it has a very similar design to its predecessor. This is great for those who want some of the same familiarity in the AirSense 11 as with the AirSense 10.

Touch Screen and Start/Stop Feature: The AirSense 11 features a new color touch screen with auto-dimming lights, which is helpful to not have a bright light disrupt you while you snooze. The click wheel that the AirSense 10 has was replaced with one button at the top of the AirSense 11 to make it easy to turn your therapy on or off with a single tap. 

Humidification: The humidification chamber is virtually unchanged in the AirSense 11. It still holds the same amount of water volume, has a flip-top lid, and slides in from the side. However, the dimensions of the machine are not quite the same, and you won’t be able to interchange previous water chambers. The humidifier’s heater plate and the hose have been improved in the AirSense 11 based on customer feedback. The tubing no longer has the 90-degree kink that was used on the previous AirSense 10 model and is now a straight-line connection, which should make it easier to clean with a hose brush. 

Integrated “For Her” Version: With the AirSense 11, there’s no longer a “For Her” or “For Him” version as with the previous line of machines. There’s now an exclusive AutoSet for Her (fAPAP) therapy mode built into the machine’s algorithm, which can be set in the menu settings. There’s also a new “test drive” feature aimed at helping beginners, which can be accessed in the new menu as well. 

Software Updates and Data Sharing: One of the biggest improvements with the AirSense 11 is ResMed’s decision to encourage further integration into their myAir app (available for Android and iOS). First, the Personal Therapy Assistant offers guidance to those new to therapy with interactive instruction videos. Secondly, the Care Check-In feature is part of the new therapy assistance that’s built-in for new users. The Care Check-In feature asks questions during your first month of therapy to provide tailored coaching, support, and troubleshooting to improve overall therapy success and compliance. 

The AirSense 11 also uses the same cellular modem feature as the previous model with an added Bluetooth integration. When using the app, you can access your nightly therapy data and troubleshoot remotely using the Remote Assist feature, which will help you and your doctor to have a better understanding of your therapy progress. With the new Bluetooth-enabled connectivity, ResMed offers Over-the-Air Software upgrade capability that provides you with a quick way to receive software updates to maintain your machine’s success over time. ResMed is continually improving the myAir app technology, and it’s great to see that they’ve made it easy to push upgrades and bug fixes wirelessly. 

Battery Backup: Unfortunately, if you need a battery backup solution, the AirSense 11 doesn’t have this capability just yet. 

ResMed has made software and app integrations a focal point with this release to provide improved reporting and troubleshooting. The build-in “Test Drive” feature is designed to help those with sleep apnea get acclimated faster to their therapy and reduce mask refitting and troubleshooting. The Personal Therapy Assistant via myAir, the Care Check-in, and the ability to send data over-the-air to upgrade the machine’s algorithm will work to improve the communication between you and your medical professional, which ultimately helps your therapy compliance. 

Should You Upgrade to the AirSense 11 if You Already Have the AirSense 10?

While this isn’t a revolutionary re-design, ResMed has taken the best features of the AirSense 10 and improved upon it. If you’re already using an AirSense 10 machine and are happy with it, you may not want to upgrade. However, if this is your first time purchasing a CPAP device, the AirSense 11 is definitely worth considering. 

Where To Buy the AirSense 11

The ResMed AirSense 11 is currently available for pre-order at cpap.com. 

Early Feedback and Customer Questions

Since the AirSense 11 is so new, we’re still collecting customer questions and feedback. We will update as more frequently asked questions arrive. We collected feedback from our Facebook page as well as from others in the CPAP community. Here’s what people have been saying so far:

Battery Backup

Q: “I Wish the 11 Could Run Off Battery Backup. Is There a Solution?”

A: If you travel frequently or live in a place with frequent power outages, a  reliable battery backup solution is understandably a top priority. The Airsense 11 has a new DC power port that won’t accept any of the power adapters previously used for the AirSense 10. At the time of this writing, the AirSense 11 cannot be powered by previous battery backup solutions, but we will update as new information and accessories arise.

Resmed AirSense 11 Accessories and Supplies

Below you’ll find a list of the available accessories for the AirSense 11 that you’ll need to purchase based on the recommended replacement schedule.

Heated Tubing

Q: “Is There a Replacement Hose for the AirSense 11?”

A: ResMed’s ClimateLineAir™ 11 Heated Tube is available to be purchased separately.

Water Chamber

Q: “Can I Use the AirSense 10 Water Chamber, or Is There a New One Available for the AirSense 11?”

A: The AirSense 10 and 11 water reservoirs are not interchangeable. ResMed’s Standard Water Chamber for AirSense™ 11 Humidair™ Heated Humidifier is available to be purchased separately. 

Air Filters

Q: “Are There Replacement Filters Available for the New [AirSense] 11 Machine?”

A: You can purchase replacement filters for the AirSense 11 on our website including Disposable Hypoallergenic Filters and Disposable Standard Filters.

Final Thoughts

ResMed’s rollout of the AirSense 11 machine builds off the success of the much loved AirSense 10 while taking into account customer feedback to take the AirSense 11 to the next level. With the added software improvements, integrated For Her version, and therapy tracking innovation, the ResMed AirSense 11 can take your therapy up a notch for your best night of rest.

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Table of Contents

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