How to Choose the Best CPAP Battery for Your CPAP Setup

Best CPAP Battery
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    Planning ahead for your next adventure or preparing for a future power outage starts with a CPAP battery. CPAP batteries give you the ability to take your therapy on-the-go, in the wilderness, on a flight, or simply at home! However, the main reasoning behind having a CPAP battery on hand is you now have the flexibility to always bring your CPAP therapy with you whenever life takes you.

    Whether you’re ready to roam the trails or want a CPAP battery backup on hand, now’s the time to ensure your therapy never misses a beat!

    Different Types of CPAP Batteries

    There are two main types of CPAP battery options: deep cycle batteries (car and boat) and lithium-ion batteries (found in electronics including CPAP machines.

    Deep cycle batteries are typically found in auto part stores, are much heavier than lithium-ion batteries, and can be difficult to recharge.

    Lithium-ion batteries are the most common CPAP batteries available today and are designed to provide a decent runtime—sometimes powering a CPAP machine for more than one night! They also typically charge quickly, getting up to full power in four to six hours.

    Here’s a quick breakdown of the two different types of CPAP batteries:

    Deep Cycle:


    • Not Portable
    • Great for Camping
    • Longer Battery Life
    • Great Portability
    • Use In-Flight
    • Quick Charge

    Battery Cost

    The cost of CPAP batteries can vary and can depend on what battery works best with your machine. Many CPAP batteries are budget-friendly, costing a few hundred dollars—while others can be close to $900. For a cost-effective option, keep reading to find a universal battery that works with your machine.

    Battery Run Time

    Most lithium-ion CPAP batteries are designed to last one or two nights under normal operating conditions. However, the run time can vary depending on:

    • Machine Type
    • Higher Pressure Settings
    • Humidification Use
    • Altitude Level
    • Inverter Use

    How to Achieve Longer Battery Run Times

    To Help Improve Battery Life Try To:

    • Forego Humidification 
    • Avoid Using an Inverter
    • Use an APAP Machine (Can Increase Battery Run Times Since They Are Programmed to Deliver the Pressure You Need at All Times) 

    Also, try a travel machine that is made to accompany you on your adventures. It may also help to use a machine-specific battery. For example, the DreamStation Go has the specifically designed, DreamStation Go Overnight Battery. The DreamStation Go is designed to run for 13 hours using the Overnight Battery!

    CPAP Machine Battery Compatibility

    CPAP Machine

    Compatible CPAP Batteries

    DreamStation Go
    ResMed AirMini
    ResMed AirSense 10
    HDM Z2

    The Best Universal CPAP Batteries

    Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite

    medistrom pilot-24 lite

    The Medistrom Pilot-24 is a top-ranked CPAP battery thanks to its light weight and small size. It’s FAA compliant, meaning you can carry it on and use it during your flight. You’ll also like that it doesn’t require you to be a tech whiz to get it to work with your machine.

    You can leave the inverter or companion device at home! Just get the appropriate cord and connect your machine!

    The Medistrom Pilot-24 is a long time favorite, but it’s also gained popularity points because of its compatibility with the ResMed AirMini and the ResMed AirSense 10, which are two of the most popular CPAP machines on the market today. It’s also compatible with the:

    • Philips Respironics DreamStation Go
    • ResMed S9
    • 3B Medical Luna
    • Apex Medical iCH

    Drawbacks: As a lithium-ion battery, the Pilot-24 can’t tolerate extreme outdoor environments like extremely hot temperatures for extended periods of time. As temperatures rise above 104, the battery will begin to overheat. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep it out of the sun. It also doesn’t come with its own power supply, which means if you want to charge it, you’ll need to use the one that came with your compatible machine. This won’t be a problem if you don’t need the cord for anything else in the process.

    BPS Freedom CPAP Travel Battery

    freedom travel battery

    The BPS Freedom is one of the most flexible batteries out there, making it a popular choice among CPAP users. Depending on how you use it, it can be one of the longest-lasting CPAP battery packs. The Freedom makes it a breeze to take your therapy on the road, and it’s handy to have especially if you have an older machine.

    It has a fairly long-lasting charge if an inverter is not needed and can power most machines for at least a night or longer if you don’t require a high-pressure setting. An added bonus? It can also be used as a reliable CPAP battery backup in case of an emergency.  This battery is intended to be a fairly universal product that’s able to pair with almost any machine with very few exceptions.

    Let’s dive into the compatible machines:

    • AirMini AutoSet Machine (Using a150W Sine Wave Inverter)
    • HDM Z2 Travel Machine (Using a 150W Sine Wave Inverter)
    • HDM Z1 Travel Machine (Using a 150W Sine Wave Inverter)
    • DreamStation Go (Using a 150W Sine Wave Inverter)
    • ResMed S9 Machines (Using a 24V Power Converter)
    • ResMed S8 Machines (Using a DC Converter For S8 Machines)
    • Somnetics Transcend Machines (Using a Transcend Mobile Power Adapter)
    • AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 Machines (Using a 24V Power Converter)

    Drawbacks: When using the Freedom, you’ll need to add an inverter to your packing list. However, inverters also draw power from the battery, which will reduce your machine’s usage time. Additionally, it is compatible with numerous older machine models that have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

    BPS Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery + Machine Cable Kits

    freedom v2

    An upgrade on the original BPS Freedom CPAP Travel Battery, the Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery Kit has a 20% longer battery runtime and leaves bulky adapters as a thing of the past. This battery kit comes with the correct cable to work specifically with your CPAP machine. The Freedom V2 works with both 12V and 24V machines.

    The Freedom V2 can charge in as little as two hours and allows your CPAP machine to run for one to three nights. As an added bonus, the Freedom V2 has over two amps of additional power in the included USB port to charge your mobile devices up to 300% faster. It has a digital display screen to keep track of your charge levels. It is FAA and TSA approved for air travel.

    The Freedom V2 is compatible with:

    • AirSense, AirCurve, or AirStart Machines
    • DreamStation Series Machines
    • AirMini
    • ResMed S9

    Portable Outlet Universal CPAP Battery

    If you’re going where there’s no electrical outlet in sight, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the Portable Outlet Universal CPAP Battery. It automatically converts the stored DC power into accessible AC outlet power. The biggest benefit to the Portable Outlet is its ability to power anything that uses a standard plug. You can power your CPAP machine, cell phone, laptop, or anything that uses a standard power supply! It’s a universal battery that offers the versatility that other batteries lack.

    Drawbacks: While you can power any device with the Portable Outlet, the biggest disadvantage is that you can only power one device at a time as there’s only one outlet plug on the device. It’s also on the heavier side. Despite these few drawbacks, it’s one of the more versatile batteries on the market, making it a good choice for powering your CPAP machine and other devices.

    EXP96 Pro Lithium Ion Battery Bank

    exp96 pro

    Say hello to the battery pack that allows you to get six full CPAP nights with one charge—the EXP96 Pro lasts 500% longer than other battery packs due to the Lithium Phosphate. The technology allows for the EXP96 Pro to hold more power while also charging three times faster. In just ten short hours, the EXP96 can recharge to 100% to let you stay on-the-go for longer!

    The EXP96 Pro also has two USB ports, a DC charger, and one USB Type-C port, which is found on the new MacBook Pros to recharge all your devices in under two hours.

    The EXP96 Pro is compatible with:

    • AirMini
    • AirSense 10
    • AirCurve
    • AirStart
    • DreamStation Auto
    • System One
    • HDM Z1 and Z2
    • IntelliPAP
    • Transcend

    Drawbacks: You will need to have your specific device’s DC cables to recharge.

    EXP48 Pro Lithium Ion Battery Bank

    exp48 pro

    For up to four nights, you can keep your CPAP machine running on-the-go with one charge thanks to the EXP48 Pro. The EXP48 Pro is approved for in-flight use. It charges three times faster than standard lithium ion batteries.

    With the EXP48 Pro, you can also power your other devices due to the four ports: DC cable, two standard USB ports, and a USB Type-C port. With the two USB ports, you can charge your devices 300% faster.

    The EXP48 Pro is compatible with:

    • AirMini
    • AirSense 10
    • AirCurve
    • AirStart
    • DreamStation Auto
    • HDM Z1 and Z2
    • IntelliPAP
    • Transcend

    Drawbacks: Like the EXP96 Pro, you will need to have your machine-specific DC charger.

    CPAP Battery Backup Uses

    Campers and hikers unite—your CPAP therapy can travel with you on-the-go!

    However, even if you’re not into hiking or camping, having a battery backup on hand that can kick in whenever there’s a sudden loss of power is always a good idea! A major reason behind purchasing CPAP batteries is for the unknown situations—like storm season.

    Battery backups integrate seamlessly with most CPAP machines, meaning that the battery knows if the device is or is not receiving AC power. If AC power stops for any reason, the backup kicks on automatically. In most cases, you won’t wake up or notice your machine has switched since it’s automatic.

    What’s the Best Battery Backup?

    The Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery is ideal for a CPAP battery backup. If power is lost, it will automatically kick in, and your therapy won’t miss a beat.

    Which CPAP Batteries Are FAA Approved for In-Flight Use?

    One of the most popular FAA-approved lithium-ion batteries is the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite. It’s one of the lightest CPAP batteries around and is compatible with many popular CPAP machines. Lithium-ion batteries are the go-to when it comes to in-flight use! The Freedom V2 and the EXP48 Pro are also approved for in-flight use.

    We hope you’re now ready to take your CPAP battery for your machine on your next adventure! Whether you’re hitting the trail or opting for a battery backup, you can’t go wrong by having a battery on hand and ready to go!