Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask Review

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    Evora Nasal CPAP MaskThe Fisher & Paykel Evora Nasal CPAP Mask features a revolutionary “cap fit” design that’s meant to be worn like a baseball hat. The fitting is so easy that it can be done in the dark without any sort of visual guidance. In fact, during a clinical trial, 98%¹ of participants described the Evora as “simple to take off and put on in the dark,” and 95%² of Respiratory Therapists found the mask “simple to fit.”

    Read on to see why the Evora could be the nasal mask you’ve been waiting for.

    Let’s dive in!

    Our Review of the Evora Nasal CPAP Mask

    Evora Nasal CPAP Mask AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask
    Open Line of Sight?
    Whisper Quiet? Yes! 25 Decibels Yes! 24 Decibels N/A
    Active Sleeper Friendly? 
    Hollow Frame Design? No. Minimal Headgear
    Cushion Sizes  Small, Medium, and Large Small, Medium, and Small Wide Small, Medium, Medium Wide, and Large

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    Ease of Use

    This is where the Evora shines the brightest. Not only does it fit like a baseball cap but the straps and headgear are designed to only need one adjustment—when you fit it for the first time. Once you’ve got the tension the way you want it, you won’t have to adjust it every time you wear it. These features make the Evora one of the simplest nasal mask on the market today.

    Ease of Maintenance

    The Evora only uses a few main parts, and it’s very easy to clean. Simply separate the nasal cushion from the frame and detach the headgear—you’re good to go. With a gentle cleaning with mild soap and water, you’ll be ready for a good night of sleep in only five to ten minutes.

    Quiet Operation

    At only 25 decibels, the Evora makes almost as much noise as two people whispering. It’s quiet, but not as quiet as it could be. Some masks have been found to be as quiet as 18 or 21 decibels.

    Active Sleeper Friendly

    Thanks to the minimal design and the inclusion of a short tube, you can move around during the night with ease. Short tubes are about a foot in length and slimmer than your traditional CPAP tube. The added length and slim design gives you more slack to facilitate extra movement, and it helps minimize the amount of bulk near your nose. The cushion is designed to adapt to your curves and maintain a seal despite movement.

    By comparison, the DreamWear Nasal and AirFit N30i both use hollow frames and have a hose connection on top of the head. These masks are designed for movement. Despite missing out on the hollow frame design, the Evora’s design will be just fine for most active sleepers.

    Evora Nasal CPAP MaskOpen of Vision

    This is another area where the Evora shines. When you wear the Evora, you’ll have nothing getting in the way of your favorite book or T.V. show. With a minimal design and lightweight construction, this mask will give you the open view you’re looking for while also being gentle on your face and comfortable to wear.

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    Cushion Comfort

    The nasal cradle cushion doesn’t cover the bridge of the nose. It seals at the base of the nostrils instead. It’s designed to create a seal using a minimal amount of tension and will likely be one of the most comfortable masks you’ve ever used.

    Headgear Comfort

    Unlike most nasal masks which rely on the headgear alone to create the tension that facilitates the seal, the Evora uses headgear and a backstrap to hold the cushion in place with less tension. In doing so, the headgear pulls less than traditional designs and feels more comfortable.


    The Evora is competitively priced and close to the cost of other premium nasal CPAP masks. At the time of this writing, it’s less than $100 and has been very highly reviewed by everyone who’s tried it.


    There’s no other mask on the market like the Evora in the uniqueness department. If you find the idea of a “cap fit” design intriguing, this is the only mask that has it.

    Sizing Variety

    The Evora is available in sizes small, medium, and large, making it comparable to standard sizing. If you’re getting the Evora for the first time, we recommend getting the Fit Pack as it includes cushions in all sizes, so you’ll be sure to get the best fit.


    If you’re the type of person that values simplicity and comfort, this is the mask for you. It’s easy-to-use, well-built, and is designed for getting that perfect fit at two a.m. When you’re not fully awake, it can be hard to adjust the headgear straps. That’s where this gem of a mask can help.

    Should you make the Evora the next mask for you, we’re confident you’ll find it to be a great addition to your CPAP therapy routine.

    ¹ 43 out of 44 participants were able to put on and take off the Evora Nasal mask once fitted, in the dark. Internal validation study conducted with 44 participants in United States of America 2019.

    ² 20 out of 21 respiratory therapists rated the simplicity of the Evora Nasal mask as very simple or simple to fit. Internal validation study conducted with 21 respiratory therapists in United States of America 2019

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