Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask Review: With Scores and Rankings

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    The Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask builds on the success of the Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask by improving the cushion and adding breathable headgear. The mask frame is also slim and has a low profile, meaning you’ll be able to see and do more before you go to bed.

    The Vitera has a feature that full face mask users are going to love. It uses a slim frame to create a more wide-open field of vision, that’s less obstructive than many other full face masks that use a forehead support.

    The improved cushion is also versatile enough to accommodate almost any sleeping position, meaning you can easily lay on your side and not have any leaks. Active sleepers will love this mask because it’s designed to move with you as you adjust your position looking for the perfect spot.

    Here’s the Kicker: The Simplus is one of the best-loved full face masks on the market today, and it’s been a popular mask since it came out. But what if there were a mask that alleviated most of the faults in the design and created a version that was functional and enjoyable for anyone to use? Could the Vitera be that mask? Let’s find out!

    We’ve rated this mask on ten different factors on a scale of 1 – 10, to see how it stacks up against the competition. At, we really like this mask, and we’ll show you why.

    Vitera Mask Scores and Rankings

    Ease of Use – 9

    This mask is very easy to put on and take off. The headgear connects to the frame with plastic clips that click into place for a firm yet comfortable fit. It’s simple design and convenient velcro tabs make adjustments simple and easy to do at 3 AM. In our opinion, it’s as easy to use as the AirFit™ F20, so we awarded it the same score.

    Other Ease of Use Scores
    Simplus 8
    AirFit™ F20 9

    Ease of Maintenance – 6

    This mask has a lot of parts: elbow, swivel, forehead strap connector, headgear, cushion, and the mask frame. Fisher & Paykel does a good job of labeling the parts with color cues designed to clue you into what parts connect with what. The color cues are nice, but in terms of being easy to maintain, it’s not as simple as some of the other masks we’ve reviewed, which is the reason for the lower score.

    Other Ease of Maintenance Scores
    Simplus 6
    AirFit™ F20 10

    Quiet Operation – 9

    While the manufacturer hasn’t published the sound output levels for this mask, in testing, I would say it sounded whisper-quiet to me. My wife is a light sleeper, and she has no complaints about this mask. In the past, I’ve used the Simplus too, and from what I recall, it seems quieter than the Simplus. I hear a lot less hose noise from this mask, and that’s something I didn’t have with the Simplus.

    Other Quiet Operation Scores
    Simplus 7
    AirFit™ F20 9

    Active Sleeper Friendly – 10

    The ability to adapt to a number of different sleeping positions is one of the things we like the most about this mask. While I’m not a seasoned pro at side sleeping, it’s the position I look to sleep in the most as I know it’s the easiest on my CPAP machine. While other masks I’ve used have had trouble when pressing against the pillow, the Vitera was rock solid. If you like to sleep in different positions or move around a lot at night, the Vitera is a good full-face option.

    Other Active Sleeper Friendly Scores
    Simplus 8
    AirFit™ F20 4

    Open Field of Vision – 10

    Usually, we’re pretty choosy with how we hand out such a high score, but this mask does something unique in the category. It uses a forehead support, and it also has a wide-open field of vision, thanks to the ultra-slim frame.

    Other Open Field of Vision Scores
    Simplus 5
    AirFit™ F20 9

    Cushion Comfort and Design – 9

    This is where the mask has seen the greatest improvement over the Simplus. The original Rollfit cushion for the Simplus was redesigned for the Vitera, giving it a new name and a wider base, meaning it can create a better seal while accounting for greater flexibility and movement from the person wearing it.

    Other Cushion Comfort and Design Scores
    Simplus 7
    AirFit™ F20 9

    Headgear Comfort and Design – 9

    The headgear for the Vitera also was given an upgrade when Fisher & Paykel set about the task of updating the Simplus. It’s designed using a breathable mesh lycra design, engineered so that air can easily pass through the headgear to cool your head. The intention is to prevent overheating, and it works well. In testing, we did some experiments with the headgear, putting it in front of a fan to see how much air actually flowed through the headgear. Surprisingly, a fair amount was able to make it to the other side.

    Headgear Comfort and Design Scores
    Simplus 7
    AirFit™ F20 10

    Cost – 7

    Cost is an issue with this mask, as both it and the Simplus are currently priced over $125, with the Vitera currently priced around $150. Full face masks generally cost more than nasal or nasal pillow masks, so you may be used to paying a higher price. But like with anything else, you pay more for quality, and the Vitera is one of the highest quality full-face masks out there.

    Other Cost Scores
    Simplus 7
    AirFit™ F20 6

    Uniqueness – 9

    The uniqueness category is where we assess how unique the mask is when compared to other masks. Does it do anything special or remarkable? When it comes to the Vitera, the answer is a resounding “yes!” The mask is the only mask of its kind that combines an open field of vision with an over-the-nose cushion that allows a person to move around during sleep and still have a rock-solid seal that’s great at preventing leaks.

    Usually, full face CPAP masks with forehead supports block most of your forward vision, so you can do little with them on, except close your eyes and try to sleep. In testing, I barely noticed that the CPAP mask had a forehead support, and had no trouble reading before bed. This is something extremely unique among full face masks and is more than worthy of our highest score in this category.

    Other Uniqueness Scores
    Simplus 7
    AirFit™ F20 7

    Sizing Variety – 7

    The headgear comes in 2 sizes, small and medium/large, while the cushions are available in small, medium, and large sizes. It would be nice if they offered more options for wide faces or petite faces, but the sizes available here will work for most people.

    Other Uniqueness Scores
    Simplus 7
    AirFit™ F20 5
    Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask total: 85 / 100  vs. Simplus total:  70 / 100

    Testing the Vitera: What We Found Out

    I tested the Vitera at home for three nights with an average pressure between 15 – 18 and used it for a total of 18 hours. Here are my thoughts:

    Redesigned Rollfit Cushion Delivers: The redesigned cushion is a better iteration, having used both the Simplus and the Vitera. With the Simplus, I was constantly on my back because I didn’t know of a “safe” position to sleep in where the mask wouldn’t leak. With the Vitera, each night started comfortably on my side. The mask was pressed against the pillow, and there were no leaks.

    If the Cushion is the Wrong Size, it Can Cause Leaks: As I found out with the large cushion, having the wrong size cushion can cause pesky leaks, as is the case with any mask. On my 3rd night at a pressure of 18, the mask started to leak out of the bottom of the cushion. Granted, it was a higher pressure, but I’m confident if I were using a medium, I wouldn’t be having the same problem.

    The Non-Magnetic Headgear Clips Were Great: I’m a fan of magnetic headgear clips. They snap into place easily, and they do a good job of keeping the mask in place. I didn’t think I would like the clips for the Vitera as much as I did, but when I tried them at home, I was an instant convert. Not only do they hook well, but they also snap into place with an audible “click,” so you know your mask is secure.

    Final Thoughts

    The F&P Vitera is an advanced full face CPAP mask designed to help active sleepers and provide a better seal than other leading masks, thanks to the forehead support and redesigned cushion. After reviewing our ten most important factors for this mask, we’ve arrived at a final score of 84%.

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