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Reviewing the IntelliPAP 2: Common Questions

The IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust CPAP is an intelligent, travel-sized CPAP machine offering advanced comfort features that can help assist in establishing a more comfortable and successful therapy. Our Product Analysts, Chris and Ashley, are product experts. We invite you to read their responses to frequently asked IntelliPAP 2 questions: Q:  What is the difference between …

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Airing Micro-CPAP: What You Need to Know

Take the hose, mask, and cords out of your CPAP therapy and what do you get? The Airing Micro-CPAP. On June 15th, Airing will launch a crowd funding project to help bring its minimalistic prototype to life. CPAP users could potentially reclaim their nightstand space, travel lighter, and rest more freely.
Closer Look into Design: Weighing under an ounce, the Airing™ CPAP device is designed to sit beneath the nose. It looks very similar to a nasal pillow.