A Complete Review of the Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner

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Table of Contents

What if we told you that there was a device to make cleaning your CPAP equipment faster and more convenient? A device that allows you to leave the harsh cleaning chemicals behind. Sound like magic?

Enter the Lumin CPAP Cleaner for Masks and Accessories by 3B Medical, which uses a UV light to sanitize your mask, accessories, and water chamber and kill 99% of bacteria, pathogens, and fungi in just five minutes!

Let’s hop into everything you want to know about the Lumin and UV sanitization!

How Does the UV Sanitizer Work to Kill Bacteria and Pathogens?

The Lumin uses a powerful UV light contained inside a chamber to kill bacteria in just five minutes. The light is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and similar to the UV devices used to disinfect medical equipment in operating rooms and ambulances.

Now, let’s dive into how the Lumin UV system works. A specialized mercury-arc germicidal lamp inside the device emits a high energy light within the UV-C spectrum. This light, according to manufacturer 3B, is “very close to the peak of the germicidal effectiveness curve of 265nm, the most lethal wave to microorganisms.”

What does this mean for you? Cleaner equipment without the mess or hassle—and no place for any bacteria to hide!

Benefits of the Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner

Why consider adding a Lumin UV Mask Cleaner to your CPAP cleaning regimen? We took a look at customer feedback and found the following benefits:

Benefits of the Lumin
Safely Cleans Equipment With a UV Light System
Quick, Five-Minute Cycle
Disinfects Non-CPAP Items
Easy-to-Use Design
No Replacement Parts Needed
Does Not Use Activated Oxygen or Ozone to Disinfect

Cleans what you can’t see. During the cold, flu, and allergy seasons, keeping your CPAP mask and water chambers clear of pathogens is especially important to reduce the risk of catching an infection.

Helps with rashes and skin breakouts. Keeping your mask clean and sanitary prevents bacteria from seeping into your pores and causing unpleasant skin conditions like rashes and acne breakouts.

Saves time. Five minutes is all a cycle requires to disinfect your CPAP mask and chamber with UV light. And the best part? You can use your equipment immediately afterward. Ozone-based cleaners often require 10 minutes or more to disinfect, and some require users to leave their masks in the chamber for a waiting period of up to two hours. The Lumin UV system does not require a waiting period—you can disinfect and use your mask right away!

Sanitizes non-CPAP items. You can use the Lumin to sanitize other small household or personal hygiene items, including eye masks, swim goggles, eyeglasses, toothbrushes, hearing aids, dentures, orthodontic retainers, mouthguards, and even pens and pencils. For busy households, the device can do double-duty as a disinfecting hub.

Prevents damages to your CPAP equipment. Testing shows that when used for five minutes a day, the Lumin’s UV light sanitizes your equipment while keeping it in tip-top shape. In over 150 hours of testing—up to five years worth of daily sanitizing—the plastics and silicone remained intact.

How to Use the Lumin

The Lumin is easy to use and doesn’t restrict you to only sanitizing your CPAP equipment and accessories. Any non-living items that you can fit inside the Lumin tray can be sanitized such as your toothbrush.

To use, simply pull out the Lumin tray, place the item inside, close the tray, press the power button, and let the UV light on the Lumin go to work! The Lumin operates on a five-minute cycle and when it’s finished, it will beep to indicate the cycle is finished. Your items inside are now disinfected and safe to be removed and used immediately. Simple and easy!

We know what you’re thinking—what about cleaning my CPAP hose? Don’t worry 3B thought of that too.

The Lumin and Lumin Bullet: A Perfect Combination for Total CPAP Sanitization

While the Lumin is great for sanitizing your CPAP mask and water chamber, it cannot sanitize the inside of your hose or nasal pillows. Thankfully, this has been resolved with the introduction of the 3B Medical Lumin Bullet UV Hose Cleaner. A smartly designed hose cleaner that safely and effectively uses UV light to sanitize and remove 99.9% of bacteria in under two minutes!

With the Lumin Bullet, you simply sanitize, and you’re ready to use. A small metallic probe that generates UV light is guided through the hose using two powerful magnets to provide you with a mess-free CPAP cleaning solution. To learn more about the benefits, click over to our Lumin Bullet review. 

The Lumin is not made to sanitize your hose, making the duo a great way to achieve total CPAP sanitization without using harmful chemicals like ozone or activated oxygen.

Final Thoughts

The Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner is well-liked by customers for its ease of use, impressive five minute cleaning time, and ability to effectively disinfect CPAP parts and non-CPAP items like toothbrushes and mouth guards.

If you’re interested in a mess-free, quick solution, the Lumin may be just what you’re looking for! Let us know what you think about the Lumin in the comments below.