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    Product Overview

    With the Lumin CPAP Cleaner Bundle (Includes Lumin and Lumin Bullet), we've combined the power of our two most powerful sanitizing products into one package so that you can give your CPAP mask, hose, and accessories the best clean possible—sanitizing your CPAP setup in only 5 minutes. You'll get a better clean, in less time, with NO waiting period. It's a win-win.

    Manufactured by 3B Medical.

    Product Features

    If you don't pay attention to regular cleaning of your CPAP equipment, you could be putting yourself at risk for catching a serious illness. If the hassles of cleaning your mask and hose by hand are keeping you from doing it as often as you should, there's a convenient solution that can shorten the time to 5 minutes and kills 99.9% of all pathogens and germs.

    The Lumin CPAP Cleaner Bundle (Includes Lumin and Lumin Bullet make a great team when it comes to your CPAP cleaning routine, and you can now get both at a special price.

    Features and Benefits

    • 30-Day Risk Free Trial for Both Items!
    • Disinfect Your Hose, CPAP Mask, CPAP Humidifier Chamber
    • Kills 99.9% of All Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, and Pathogens
    • Quick 5-Minute Cycle
    • No Waiting Period! Safer Than Other Cleaners on the Market
    • Compatible With Almost Every Hose
    • Easy-to-Use with No Replacement Parts

    30-Day Risk-Free Trial for Both Items

    Both the Lumin and Lumin Bullet now have a 30-day risk free trial. Don't like an item? Don't keep it! Send it back for a full refund for up to 30 days after the original purchase.

    Sanitize Your CPAP Hose, Mask, and Humidifier Chamber

    While the Lumin is great at sanitizing your CPAP mask and CPAP Humidifier Chamber, it cannot always disinfect the inside of a hose. That's where the Lumin Bullet comes in. The Lumin Bullet uses a small metallic probe guided by magnets to shine the disinfecting light inside your hose, cleaning the one accessory your Lumin can't.

    Kills 99.9% of All Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, and Pathogens

    Hand cleaning can be slow and messy. Even your best effort may still leave you with pockets on your CPAP hose or mask where germs can thrive. Don't take chances! By using the Lumin Bullet and the Lumin CPAP Cleaner, you can kill 99.9% of all germs in 5 minutes and give your equipment the complete sanitization you need.

    Quick 5-Minute Cycle

    The Lumin and Lumin Bullet don't clean CPAP equipment like a dishwasher with soap and water. Instead, you'd place your accessories inside the Lumin's slide-out drawer, close it, and start the 5-minute cycle. The Lumin would activate the sanitizing UV light and instantly disinfect the equipment inside. In five minutes, you'd be ready to use your equipment again.

    No Waiting Period! Safer Than Other Cleaners on the Market

    With other cleaners available today, they use a harsh process that takes hours to dissipate before your equipment can be used. Plus, if you forget or can't wait for that waiting period to be over, you could be causing harm to you and your equipment. The Lumin with Lumin Bullet bundle uses UV light which is a much more time-effective solution because equipment can be used right away, with no waiting periods.

    Compatible with Almost Every Hose

    The Lumin Bullet uses a slim metallic probe that's designed to be slim enough to fit inside most hoses and be guided through by powerful magnets. It's compatible with nearly every hose and there are only a handful that the Lumin Bullet isn't compatible with. Those are listed in the Important Tips section.

    Easy-to-Use With No Replacement Parts

    The Lumin is designed to be durable and not need replacement parts during its useful lifespan. The Lumin Bullet has only 2 parts: the metallic probe, and the magnetic outer casing. It's charged with a USB cable. The UV bulb is designed to not burn out, and there are no recurring expenses with this product.

    Just Need to Clean Your Hose?

    If you already own the Lumin, or are currently frustrated with your current system of cleaning your CPAP hose, consider using the Lumin Bullet! Affordably priced at around $100, the Lumin Bullet by itself can completely sanitize the inside of your hose with no water, soap, or mess—all inside of 2 minutes!

    Already Have a Good Hose Cleaning Solution?

    If you just need to clean the mask and accessories, but not the hose, consider buying the Lumin by itself. The Lumin CPAP cleaner is designed to disinfect the CPAP mask, cushion, frame, and headgear, in one 5-minute cycle. It's a routine you can stick with, and do daily, while killing 99.9% of all pathogens in the process!

    Return On Warranty Issues Only


    This Product Includes...

    Product Specifications

    Lumin Specifications

    • Weight: 5.5 lbs
    • Dimensions: 12.25" L x 8.5" W x 7.75" H
    • Tray Dimensions: 9 1/2" L X 6 1/2" W x 4"H
    • Voltage: 110 VAC (60 Hz) - 220 VAC (50 Hz)

    Environmental Conditions:

    • Storage Temperature: 0° - 120° F (-18° - 49° C)
    • Operating Temperature: 20° - 100° F (7° - 38° C)
    • Humiditiy: Up to 93%, non-condensing

    Lumin Bullet Specifications

    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Weight: 10.5 oz
    • Dimensions: 8.5 in L X 2.5 in W X 2.5 in H
    • Voltage: DC 5V 500mA
    • Power Rating: 3W
    • Storage Temperature: 0°F - 120°F / -18°C - 49°C
    • Humidity: Up to 93%
    • Altitude: Up to 6,651 Feet
    • Charging Cord: Standard USB always offers these services:

    • 8 am to 8 pm CST Toll Free Phone and Email Support
    • 24 hour access to our Support Forum
    • Learning Center for information on sleep apnea and cpap equipment
    • Consumer Purchasing Trends Reports
    • Warranty Services for all items purchased through
    • Insurance Compliant Invoices
    • Free Prescription Request System

    Important Tips

    Sanitization Tips

    The Lumin isn't a dishwasher and uses no soap or water to clean your CPAP equipment. While the Lumin will sanitize and disinfect from harmful bacteria, it will not remove any physical debris left on items put inside the device. It is recommended to wipe items clean before using the Lumin to ensure the item is thoroughly cleaned.

    Surface of Items Tip

    The Lumin CPAP Cleaner can only disinfect surfaces that the sanitizing light can touch. So the inside of a hose, for example, cannot be cleaned with the Lumin. It can, however, be cleaned with the included Lumin Bullet, which is designed to disinfect the inside of the hose.

    A good rule of thumb to use would be to assume every surface you can see with the naked eye can be cleaned by the Lumin, and every surface you'd need to open up to see won't be cleaned by it.

    Cleaning Tips

    The Lumin requires no extensive cleaning or upkeep. If the aluminum-coated tray requires cleaning, do so with a soft cloth and avoid abrasive materials that could cause scratches. The body of the Lumin can be wiped with a damp cloth if necessary.

    UV Bulb Tips

    The bulb included with the Lumin device is designed to outlast the lifespan of the device itself, meaning it should never need to be replaced. However, if the bulb breaks or otherwise needs to be replaced, it can be purchased separately and easily installed. Grab the base of the bulb in the Lumin device and pull to remove, then insert and push the new bulb into the socket.

    Although the Lumin bulb emits no mercury during use, like any other fluorescent bulb there is a trace amount of mercury present in the glass bulb. If the bulb should break, it should be cleaned and handled the same as a regular fluorescent bulb.

    Internal Tray Dimensions

    The internal tray of the Lumin roughly measures 9 1/2" L X 6 1/2" W x 4"H. The manufacturer advises that anything taller than 6" runs the risk of touching the bulb and interfering with the ability of the device to disinfect. It's recommended to not attempt to disinfect anything taller than 4".


    Not Compatible with the Following Hoses

    Charging the Lumin Bullet

    In order to charge the Lumin Bullet, you'll need to plug the included USB cord into the bottom of the silver sanitizing probe, and connect the larger end into a USB charging plug. The same plug that works for your cellphone charger will work for the Lumin Bullet.

    After plugging the USB charging plug into the wall, the probe should glow red while charging, and light up green when fully charged.

    How to Sanitize Your Hose with the Lumin Bullet

    Follow these steps to sanitize your hose with the Lumin Bullet:

    1. Pull the hose through the outer casing, just enough so the very tip remains sticking out.
    2. Close the casing and lock it, by sliding the latch to the left.
    3. Insert the sanitizing probe in the same end of the tube.
    4. Allow the probe to slide back into the hose. The magnets of the casing should catch it, and hold it inside the hose near the center of the casing.
    5. Slide the casing towards the opposite end of the hose. The sanitizing probe should follow the path of the casing as it travels the length of the hose, remaining inside the casing at all times. When reaching the end of the hose, you'll need to reverse the path and guide the probe back to where you started.
    6. Once you reach that point, the hose should be sanitized.
    7. Unlock the case and remove the hose.
    8. Allow the sanitizing probe to fall out.
    Cleaning the Lumin Bullet Case

    The Lumin Bullet should never be immersed in water, as this can cause the loss of the product. Wipe down with a moist cloth, and allow to air dry. Do not use any cleaning solvents or harsh chemicals, as this can damage the Lumin Bullet.


    • The Lumin is not a toy and is not intended to be used by children.
    • The Lumin has a powerful UV light bulb included. Use with care in case of broken glass.
    • Do not use around sinks, tubs, pools, or any bodies of water.
    • The UV that is emitted in the closed chamber is not compatible with life. Never place living creatures in the Lumin.
    • Do not stack objects on top of your Lumin.
    • Use this device only for its intended use as described in the user manual. If the equipment is not used in the manner specified, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.
    • Do not attempt to operate this device with the drawer open. The device was designed to shut off automatically when the drawer is open. It is important not to defeat or tamper with this safety feature as UVC light can cause damage to eyesight.


    • Never drop the Lumin Bullet as this can cause damage or loss of the product.
    • Exercise caution if you have certain implanted medical devices like defibrillators, pacemakers, or any other implanted device. This device uses powerful magnets, and can damage or destroy certain implements if handled incorrectly.
    • Do not attempt to use this device with the door open or the device unlatched. The device is designed to shut off and not work when the device is unlatched. Tampering with or attempting to defeat the locking mechanism is not recommended as UVC light can damage eyesight.

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