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Somnetics Transcend 3 Review – With Scores and Rankings

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The Transcend 3 is the latest update to the Transcend series of CPAP machines and released in mid-2019. There have been some changes to the Transcend Auto miniCPAP that were covered in this update. Here are some of the things that are new:

  • More Stable Bottom With a Rubber Grip
  • Uses the Same Batteries and Accessories as the Transcend Auto miniCPAP
  • Industry Leading 3-year Warranty
  • “Drying Mode” Removes Moisture from the Tube After Use or Cleaning
  • FAA Certified for In-Flight Use

Overall, the Transcend 3 has everything you loved about the Transcend Auto with improved stability and new features that help make it easier to clean after every use. By using the existing batteries and accessories for the Transcend Auto, it means you won’t have to get new accessories if you wanted to upgrade from the Transcend Auto to the Transcend 3.

We’ve done a deep dive with this machine, and measured it based on 10 factors, evaluating each on a scale of 1 – 10. We’ve then compiled all the scores into a composite score out of 100. Our ratings are below:

Our Ratings for the Transcend 3

Noise Level – 5

Like its cousin the Transcend 365, the Transcend 3 also checks in at 30 decibels. Most premium travel machines check in around 26 decibels. While on the louder end of the spectrum, we’re hoping the Transcend 3 has a quieter pitch to the motor than the Transcend miniCPAP. If that’s the case, the extra decibels may not be so bad.

Other Machine Noise Level Scores
AirMini 4
DreamStation Go 4
Transcend 365 5
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 5

Cost – 9

The Transcend 3 has a nice value price when compared to other popular travel CPAP machines on the market today. It debuted at $529, and when you consider all that comes with this machine, it’s a really good bargain.

Other Machine Cost Scores
AirMini 9
DreamStation Go 6
Transcend 365 8
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 9

Warranty – 9

The Transcend 3 has an industry leading 3-year warranty, much like the Transcend 365. Most premium CPAP machines only cover a machine for up to 2 years. The Transcend 3 takes this a step further and adds an extra year without adding extra cost.

Other Machine Warranty Scores
AirMini 8
DreamStation Go 8
Transcend 365 9
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 9

Weight – 9

The weight of the Transcend 3 is comparable to the Transcend Auto. It’s small enough to fit into a briefcase, backpack, or small travel bag and go to almost any destination near or far.

Other Machine Weight Scores
AirMini 9
DreamStation Go 9
Transcend 365 7
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 9

Size – 9

The size of the Transcend 3 is roughly the same as the Transcend Auto. It’s compact in size and light in weight. It’s not the smallest CPAP on the market today, but it’s pretty close.

Other Machine Size Scores
AirMini 9
DreamStation Go 9
Transcend 365 8
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 9

Pressure Relief – 9

The Transcend 3 uses EZEX pressure relief (comparable to EPR or C-Flex), reducing pressure on exhale so it’s easier to breathe out, and more comfortable to use. Most CPAP and APAP machines have similar features, so the Transcend 3 isn’t doing something unique, but it’s still a good thing to have.

Other Machine Pressure Relief Scores
AirMini 9
DreamStation Go 9
Transcend 365 9
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 7

Therapy Tracking – 3

Somnetics doesn’t have a mobile app for any of their machines, and getting access to your therapy data isn’t easy. You’ll need to have a Windows computer to view the information, as the Transcend 3 isn’t compatible with Macs. The Transcend 3 also doesn’t have an LCD screen, meaning you’ll have few options to get at your data.

Other Machine Therapy Tracking Scores
AirMini 9
DreamStation Go 9
Transcend 365 3
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 3

Humidification – 5

The only humidification options for the Transcend 3 is the waterless HME units that are popular with the Transcend machines and the Z1 and Z2. There aren’t a lot of good water-based humidification options for the Transcend 3, which is why we gave it a 5.

By contrast, the humidifier on the Transcend 365 is able to only supply humidification when inhaling, making more efficient use of water. It can even run purely on battery power, something no other machine / humidifier combo can do.

Other Machine Humidification Scores
AirMini 8
DreamStation Go 8
Transcend 365 9
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 5

Smart Features – 8

Despite not having much in the way of therapy tracking, the Transcend 3 has smart features like ramp, AHI, and leak detect with cloud-based compliance tracking.

Other Machine Smart Features Scores
AirMini 6
DreamStation Go 8
Transcend 365 9
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 4

Battery – 8

While the Transcend 3 doesn’t have a battery of its own, it uses all the same accessories as the Transcend Auto. This means the existing P4 and the P8 batteries will work with the Transcend Auto, and that’s a huge plus when considering the overall cost of ownership.

Other Machine Battery Scores
AirMini 7
DreamStation Go 9
Transcend 365 8
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 8

TOTAL SCORE: 74 / 100

Other Machine Total Scores
AirMini 78
DreamStation Go 71
Transcend 365 75
Transcend Auto (Transcend 2) 71


The Transcend 3 has been a welcome update to the design of the Transcend Auto, which was very well received by the CPAP community. The Transcend 3 resolved several pain points with the Transcend Auto, and continued in the Somnetics tradition of ultra-portable, rugged CPAP machines ideal for off-the-grid use.

For anyone who likes camping or trekking, this is a good machine to use. The Transcend 3 scored the highest for cost, warranty, size, smart features, and battery. This makes it a great value-priced option for anyone looking to get a travel CPAP machine. It may not be a good machine to use if you want to keep a close eye on your therapy data, as it scored the worst in the therapy tracking category.

Overall, it’s a good machine, at a great price, and the final score is pretty good when compared to other CPAP machines we’ve rated.

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