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The Airing: What’s Next

Table of Contents

No hose. No cords. No mask. You guessed it! It’s the Airing CPAP. This tiny CPAP device has had a huge impact on the CPAP market. It has sparked hundreds of questions across the CPAP community and has inspired many of us to dream about the future of CPAP. How will Obstructive Sleep Apnea be treated in a few years?


Now, before we head in that direction, let’s backtrack for a second. It’s time for a CPAP flashback. It’s the 1980s; a time filled with neon, parachute pants, and shiny leggings. Finally, you can purchase a CPAP machine to use at home! Granted, it’s extremely heavy and loud, but it allows you to sleep better.


As the mysteries behind Sleep Apnea and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) are unraveled, the equipment becomes much more compact, light, and helpful.

We may be on the verge of masks and machines becoming one. The Airing intends to change the way CPAP therapy is delivered by creating a simple and easy to use micro-CPAP device. This product is still in it’s early stages. Once the Airing reaches its final form, we’ll be able to provide you with a lot more info on it. Meanwhile, here’s what we know:

Nose Buds

The current prototype uses soft, silicone nose buds to keep the device in place. Wondering how that feels? Try out a nasal pillow mask today. This will give you a better feel of how nose buds work and your level of tolerance towards this type of seal. Plus, they are some of the smallest masks around. Top rated on CPAP.com are the Swift™ FX and AirFit™ P10. You may also consider using a chinstrap at first to make sure your mouth remains closed while in use.


The micro-CPAP device weighs less than an ounce. If your current mask or hose is weighing you down, check out the lightweight tubes and SleepWeaver masks. These soft cloth masks also weigh less than an ounce and help reduce red marks.


The Airing relies on micro-blowers and a Zinc-air battery to provide the air pressure needed to keep the airway open. When put together, they should result in a device that is powered for eight hours and delivers the right amount of pressure. It is meant to be a disposable device and shouldn’t require any cleaning.

If you’re looking for something that you can use every night and is packed with comfort features, view the Z1 Auto Travel CPAP Machine or the Transcend Auto miniCPAP™ Machine. The pressure delivered by the machine adjusts on a breath by breath basis and operates at a quiet level of 26.6 dB. They are two of the smallest, lightweight machines on the market, making them ideal for use at home or while you travel.

Or if you’re looking for an alternative to CPAP therapy, read more about Provent and discover if it’s right for you.

Just Can’t Wait?!

Anticipation. What a miserably wonderful feeling!  CPAP.com loves new products, and as soon as more information becomes available, we will update our blog to keep you in the loop. You may also sign up for the CPAP.com newsletter to stay up to date on all things CPAP.


Need Help With Sleep Apnea?

Table of Contents

74 Responses

  1. I have a very hard time believing a zinc air hearing aid battery can move thousands of liters of air. Micro blowers are efficient, but they can’t break the laws of physics. And $3 for blowers, battery, monitoring hardware/software, housing and profit? Unlikely. If this is such a breakthrough, why isn’t the larger press commenting on this?

  2. Would love he to try this product. Hate my cpap machine. Have had 2 surgerys but neither worked

  3. I would like to purchase the micro cpap nose device. Please provide details. Thank you for your assistance.



    1. Calvin,

      The Airing is still under development. Please subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you posted on this device and all other CPAP related news.

  4. Trying to get info and cost of smallest , cordless CPAP that would be good for travelling

  5. I am a 56 year old male. I’ve been a CPAP user for eight (8) years now. I never travel (Caribbean, Europe, US) without it. How do I become a Beta tester ?

    1. Tom,
      That’s great! Continuing to use your CPAP while you travel is extremely recommended. Airing will be handling testing since it’s still under development, but there a many other CPAP items available to shop at CPAP.com.

  6. When will the Airing be available for purchase? Are you doing clinical trials presently? I would be very interested in participating.
    Thank you

  7. I have severe OSA. I hate the mask and hoses etc. I would love to be a tester of the Airing!! Please let me know if you are doing clinical trials with the Airing. I would love to try it. Please keep me informed, Thanking you in advance

  8. I have tried several masks with hoses and could not adjust to them My sleep is poor and I believe is affecting my blood pressure. I need to know more about this nasal c pap with no tubes or wires. What is the company and what is it called? I want to order and inform my doctor.

  9. I would like to purchase the micro cpap nose device. Please provide details. Thank you for your assistance.

  10. I would like to participate in the trial for this product and at the very least purchase it perhaps.. Please keep me informed.

  11. Man O Day! I feel for you! Try reading in bed. Maybe you will sneak into a dose, and get a litlte sleep. I know what you mean about lack of sleep, it can mess you up. Try watching TV, and maybe you will dose off. Get a heating pad and put it on low, and maybe the heat will comfort you, and you may sleep a litlte. Also make a rice bag,(look up Rice Bag on a Search engine, and it will tell you how to make one). Heat can be a comfort. Then see if you can find a good holistic doctor, he may have some natural answers instead of drugs that may help. At least one of these suggestions may help you. Good Luck! arum

  12. When?

    They had not made a prototype before getting IndieGoGo funding.

    In theory feasible though I don’t believe projected price, but they must prove the technology as providing enough pressure and prove the mfg process.

  13. I remember reading some time ago that these were going to be disposable items, that you’d wear for one night and then throw away. Has that changed? If not, are they recyclable?

  14. The sheer amount of waste this would produce is terrible. If they make the battery rechargeable and replaceable air filters then I would consider this. But I do not like the waste at all.

  15. I’m confused… Sleep Apnea makes me STOP BREATHING. This device claims that it “relies on your every breath”. If this relies on MY every breath in order to work… and my soft pallet collapses (like it does) and I STOP breath in… does that mean this has nothing to “rely on”? It’s when my throat collapses and I STOP breathing that I need the continuous air pressure to prevent it. What does this device do when I stop breathing?

  16. Please keep me updated, my husband has been told he needs a cpap and he refuses to wear one. I have been following you since last year. I have showed him your prototype and he says he would try it.

  17. I just can’t use the CPAP machine hoses hanging on me while I sleep the noise I’ve tried many masks but nothing works I would love to test this item I’m at my wits end this would save me.

  18. i would like to know when your product becomes available. my wife has sleep apnea and were looking for an alternative to the current mask.Thank you

    1. The Airing is still in it’s development phase and it may take years for it to be available. In the meantime, you could try a mask that has minimal contact, for example:

      DreamWear Nasal Mask https://www.cpap.com/productpage/pr-dreamwear-nasal-cpap-mask-fit-pack
      AirFit™ P10 For Her https://www.cpap.com/productpage/resmed-airfit-p10-nasal-pillow-cpap-mask-headgear-her
      TAP PAP Nasal Pillow Mask https://www.cpap.com/productpage/tap-pap-nasal-pillow-cpap-mask-improved

  19. I am thrilled to hear of this alternative to C-PAP/BiPAP machines. However I am unable to sleep with my mouth closed. I hope this contingency is being taken into consideration and I will be able to use the AiRing device. After 20+ yrs. under the mask I am ready for some relief. I think it will work for me if it has some way to cover and seal my mouth. At present I use a full face mask to enable proper seal and maximum oxygen saturation. I would appreciate knowing what you are doing to deal with my circumstance. Thank you for what you are doing to help people like me with chronic obstructive sleep apnea.

  20. Me gustaria saber donde se puede con seguir porque hace 12 años que uso cpap , careta completa, careta de naris y todas escapan el aire y si me la ajusto me marca mucho la cara al ver este anuncio estoy impaciente por usarla y mi esposa tambien. 22/07/2016

    Desde Puerto Rico

    1. Si necesita ayuda con el equipo CPAP puede llamar al 1-800-356-5221 y hable con uno de nuestros expertos españoles CPAP habla.



  21. My sister has severe sleep apnea but can’t sleep with the machine. she would very much like to be a tester and can provide you with her medical history. thank you

    1. @tanya klein Yes, hopefully this concept will reach the market so CPAP comply rates would shoot up. However, seasoned manufacturers are making breakthroughs as well. You should tell your sister to check out the new DreamWear nasal pillow mask. It’s one of the most minimalistic masks on the market right now. If you have any questions about it or other products, contact our CPAP experts at 1-800-356-5221.

      DreamWear: https://www.cpap.com/productpage/pr-dreamwear-nasal-cpap-mask-fit-pack

  22. I’ve had medically diagnosed sleep apnea for about 22 years. Since then I’ve used TAP devices, traditional CPAP device with full mask, and UPPP surgery, all successfully up to a point. My UPPP surgery was successful for about 10 years. My TAP was expensive and as my mouth changed due to dental work it became unwearable. My CPAP has been a godsend but as I travel extensively it’s a pain that it makes up about 25-40% of my luggage by volume. When flying to Europe it would be amazing if I had this device so that I could nap on the flight. Additionally, it would make backpacking for extended periods of time a possibility again. If you need a test subject let me know, I’ve years of software testing background that may be useful. Keep me posted on this product.

    1. @Kenneth Forrester Thanks for sharing your experience. Agree, a small device like this would open doors for frequent flyers. Actually we are not the manufacturer of the Airing. We’re an e-commerce medical equipment that sells products specifically for the treatment of Sleep Apnea. However, we offer the latest products and like to keep our customers up to speed on what we’re hearing in the industry via our blog. They seem to still be in their early stages of building a prototype, a bit too early for testers. We’ll definitely keep you posted 🙂

  23. I’ve had a hard time since I was put on a c pap machine. Can’t wear partial face mask because mouth comes open. Can’t wear full mask because loses suction and makes sucking noises. Gave up and just quit trying. Would like to try these.

    1. @Sandra P

      Airing has made a major break-through with in their prototyping phase but no word yet on when it’ll be available to us. It is important that you continue your CPAP therapy, perhaps trying a Nasal mask with chinstrap can improve your therapy. I suggest shopping masks that offer “Free Returns.” That way you have the ability to return it within 30 days if it doesn’t work for you. Always feel free to reach out to our sleep experts at 1.800.356.5221 or check out CPAPtalk.com for therapy advice.

  24. I would love to be a prototype tester to see if it works. I have been used before for asthma research

    1. @Muffitdog@yahoo.com

      The manufacturer is responsible for building and testing the prototypes. CPAP.com is not responsible for finding volunteers who would like to test this device.

    1. @mwreeder53@gmail.com

      The Airing is still in development. It’s still too early to tell where or when this product will be available.

  25. I’m a Physician Assistant, and very interested in following the development of this device. Are clinical trials in progress so this will be geared towards evidence-based medicine? The theory behind the science seems legit, but I’d need more research before recommending it to my patients.

    Also, is this going to be geared towards patients with mild OSA, or mild-moderate?

    Thank you!

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