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Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask Review

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mirage quattro full face mask reviews

They say good things come in pairs, and if a pair is a set of two, the Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask is doubly good. We combed through hundreds of Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask reviews to see what some people diagnosed with sleep apnea are saying about this full face mask, and now we’re sharing an in–depth write–up about our findings to help you make the best decision for your sleep apnea journey.

Our Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask reviews the pros and cons of this full face mask and compares it to other similar masks, including the AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask and the Ultra Mirage Full Face CPAP Mask.

Benefits of the Mirage Quattro 

Designed by ResMed, an industry-leading medical equipment company, the Mirage Quattro is a budget-friendly option with several features that make it a go-to mask for those newly diagnosed with sleep apnea and those who have been treating their sleep apnea for a while. 

Additionally, since the Mirage Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask covers the mouth and nose well, it’s a helpful option to have once allergy season strikes and you suddenly have to deal with nasal congestion.

Key Features

  • Stays in place but provides advanced adjustability 
  • Outfitted with the MicroFit Dial with 24 incremental settings to help find your best fit
  • Padding of the mask is made with soft silicone 
  • Four sizes available to fit almost any face size or shape

Between the contouring forehead support and dual-wall cushion designed to provide an enhanced seal, the Mirage Quattro is built to stay in place throughout the night—even with some movement. The forehead support offers stability and helps keep your mask secure, even as pillows and CPAP hoses push and pull around and against it, and the double-walled cushion lets you wear the mask more loosely (and more comfortably) while accommodating jaw movement. Plus, taking the mask on and off is easy to do. The headgear straps, which are made with durable plastic, let you unclip the mask for a middle-of-the-night bathroom break without detaching the headgear or impacting the fit.

The dual-wall cushion makes this mask a big hit, but the MicroFit Dial is another favorite feature for those who wear the Mirage Quattro. With 24 incremental settings, you can find a just-right fit and reduce the amount of times you have to make adjustments to how you wear the mask. 

Beyond the forehead support, dual-wall cushion, and MicroFit Dial, the mask and the Mirage Quattro Full Face Cushion are made of soft silicone, which is elastic, durable, and easy to clean. 

Between the innovative features and user-friendly materials, the Mirage Quattro is a top pick for many. And since it comes in four sizes—including extra-small, small, medium, and large—more people can wear it.

A Potential Drawback to Consider

Though the Mirage Quattro is a popular choice, the mask is somewhat bulky—which can be intimidating—and features multiple parts. 

A mask with many parts might feel daunting, but each piece serves a purpose with the Mirage Quattro. Though the straps and forehead support are in place to keep your mask in place, the design may cause some minor skin irritation or bruising. While this side effect may simply be caused by a too-tight fit, there are several products available to help protect your skin, including: 

It wouldn’t be a complete Mirage Quattro review without discussing potential downsides, but if you can look past the bulk of this mask and utilize some of these high-performance mask aid products, you may really enjoy using the Mirage Quattro for your sleep therapy.

Keep in mind that, due to the bulk of the mask, those who primarily sleep on their sides may experience more frequent mask leaks than those who sleep in other positions. Ultimately, this mask style is best for those who sleep on their back. Continue reading as we see how the Mirage Quattro reviews against other full face mask options on the market!

How It Compares: Mirage Quattro vs. Ultra Mirage

Looking at the ResMed Ultra Mirage vs. Mirage Quattro? Many do! Since both masks are made by ResMed, you can rest assured you will receive a quality mask either way.

Like the Mirage Quattro, the Ultra Mirage is a solid choice for those who suffer from allergies or nasal congestion, plus it offers similar features like a sturdy forehead support and a dual-wall cushion. 

However, the Ultra Mirage is made from polycarbonate (rather than the soft, durable silicone of the Mirage Quattro) and is only available in two sizes rather than four.

Some say the Mirage Quattro offers a lower profile, leaks less, and is more comfortable than the Ultra Mirage, but others mention that they use both and switch between the two masks. And since it’s nice to have options, it can be helpful to see what others think when comparing the Mirage Quattro and the Ultra Mirage so you can decide if you want one or both.

How It Compares: Mirage Quattro vs. AirFit F20

Another mask option that is frequently compared to the Mirage Quattro is the AirFit F20, which is also from ResMed.

When looking at ResMed Mirage Quattro vs. AirFit F20, you’ll notice more differences than when comparing the Mirage Quattro and Ultra Mirage, but the AirFit F20 is another excellent choice for treating sleep apnea for those who prefer a full face mask.

The AirFit F20 has a QuietAir elbow, which helps reduce mask noise, and doesn’t have forehead support—a big difference from the Mirage Quattro. Since some mention they experience skin irritation or mild bruising from the forehead support of the Mirage Quattro, people with sensitive skin may prefer the AirFit F20. 

Some similarities between the two masks are that they both offer an open-line-of-sight for bedtime reading or TV watching, and they both offer several headgear and cushion sizes for wider utilization. Be sure to use our handy sizing guides when purchasing a Mirage Quattro or AirFit F20, though, since the mask fit may be different across the two masks.

Final Thoughts

ResMed is known for its quality and the Mirage Quattro is no exception. First-time users love it, and many people who seek options with newer technology and enhanced upgrades eventually come back to this mask, too. 

But we all have different preferences and budgets, so what works really well for some may not be the best option for others. Our Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask reviews (and others like it) are created to help you make the best choice for your sleep apnea treatment. Fortunately, there are several best-loved full face CPAP masks of a similar caliber that may suit your personal needs better—and help you get the peaceful shut-eye you deserve.

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    Merritt Wakefield is a writer and researcher committed to helping people with CPAP learn about sleep apnea and the various benefits and features of sleep therapy and CPAP products.

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