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Top Reviews

"The liners helped a great deal with both leakage and face irritation."

October 23, 2014

"The liners help me to sleep better at night. Before getting the liners, I was fighting with my mask every night, as too large, but the liners fixed that."

November 11, 2015

Product Overview

Tired of the feeling of cold silicone on your face? Are you experiencing mask leaks with your full face mask? If so, you may find the RemZzzs Full Face Mask Liners helpful. These comfortable mask liners add an extra layer of softness between the silicone and your face, while also absorbing human oils so there's no breaking the seal.

The RemZzzs Mask Liners will give you the comfort and fit you're looking for while helping you fight pesky mask leaks, making it easier for you to get quality sleep.

Use the Full Face Sizing Chart to select the right liner for your mask.

Manufactured by Remzzzs.

Product Features

Silicone often feels cool or cold to the touch, depending on the ambient temperature of the room. Putting on a full face mask in a cold climate during the winter can be downright uncomfortable. A good solution is to wrap your mask cushion in cloth, creating a thin layer between your cheeks and the mask, that's often more comfortable than just the mask by itself.

Features & Benefits

  • Create a Stronger Seal by Absorbing Human Oils and Preventing Slipping
  • Makes the Mask Fit Feel Fabric-Soft
  • Eliminate the Feeling of Cold Silicone on the Cheeks
  • Includes Forehead Liners
  • Good for a 30-Day Supply

Creates a Stronger Seal by Absorbing Human Oils

Mask leaks can be annoying, especially if they make so much noise you can't fall asleep! One possible cause could be the presence of human oils and sweat on your face, creating a slippery layer between the mask and your cheeks. RemZzzs Mask Liners absorb the sweat from your face, eliminating the problem, and making it easier for the mask to create a good seal.

Makes the Mask Fit Feel Fabric-Soft

Let's face it. A little softness can go a long way in making your CPAP experience more pleasant. Added softness can help take the discomfort out of your silicone mask, making it feel gentle to the touch, and ultimately less "medical".

Eliminate the Feeling of Cold Silicone on the Cheeks

The feeling of cool silicone on the cheeks is one you may not like, but there IS something you can do about it! By using RemZzzs Full Face Mask Liners, the silicone will not be able to touch your face. Instead, you'll feel an added layer of comfort that feels soft and warm to the touch.

Includes Forehead Liners

If you have a full face mask that uses a forehead pad, you may be experiencing skin irritation and redness. The RemZzz Mask Liners include a fabric wrap for your forehead to help reduce red marks and softening the feeling of silicone on the head.

One Box Contains Enough Liners for a 30 Day Supply

The mask liners are meant to be disposed of and changed daily, and each package of RemZzz contains 30 liners. You'll also get 2 forehead pads that are meant to be changed every 15 days. You'll have enough liners for a 30 day supply.

Full Face Sizing Chart

Mask Mask Size RemZzz Size
AirFit F10 Extra Small Small A
AirFit F10 Small Small A
AirFit F10 Medium Medium A
AirFit F10 Large Large A
AirFit F20 / For Her, AirTouch F20 / For Her Small Small A
AirFit F20 / For Her, AirTouch F20 / For Her Medium Medium A
AirFit F20 / For Her, AirTouch F20 / For Her Large Large A
Amara Petite Small A
Amara Small Small A
Amara Medium Medium A
Amara View All Sizes Amara View & DreamWear Full Face Liner
Amara Large Large A
ComfortFull 2 Small Small A
ComfortFull 2 Medium Medium A
ComfortFull 2 Large Large A
ComfortGel/ComfortGel Blue Full Small Small A
ComfortGel/ComfortGel Blue Full Medium Medium A
ComfortGel/ComfortGel Blue Full Large Large A
ComfortGel Blue Full Extra Large Large A
D100 Full Face Small Small A
D100 Full Face Medium Medium A
D100 Full Face Large Large A
DreamWear Full Face All Sizes Amara View & DreamWear Full Face Liner
EasyFit-All Cushion Types Small Small A
EasyFit-All Cushion Types Medium Medium A
EasyFit-All Cushion Types Large Large A
EasyLife (Nasal) Medium Small A
EasyLife (Nasal) Large Small A
FlexiFit 431 Small Small B
FlexiFit 431 Medium Medium B
FlexiFit 431 Large Large B
FlexiFit 432 Small Small B
FlexiFit 432 Medium Medium B
FlexiFit 432 Large Large B
FlexiFit 432 Extra Large Large B
Forma Small Small B
Forma Medium Medium B
Forma Large Large B
Forma Extra Large Large B
Full Advantage Small Small A
Full Advantage Medium Medium A
Full Advantage Large Medium A
Full Advantage Extra Large Large A
Full Life Small Small A
Full Life Medium Medium A
Full Life Large Large A
Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Small Small B
Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Medium Medium B
Hans Rudolph 7600 V2 Large Large B
Quattro Extra Small Small A
Quattro Small Small A
Quattro Medium Medium A
Quattro Large Large A
Quattro Air Extra Small Small A
Quattro Air Small Small A
Quattro Air Medium Medium A
Quattro Air Large Large A
Quattro FX Small Small A
Quattro FX Medium Medium A
Quattro FX Large Medium A
Simplus Small Small A
Simplus Medium Medium A
Simplus Large Large A
Ultra Mirage Full Face Small Small A
Ultra Mirage Full Face Medium Medium A
Ultra Mirage Full Face Large Large A
Zzz-Mask Full Face Small Small B
Zzz-Mask Full Face Medium Medium B
Zzz-Mask Full Face Large Large B
Zzz-Mask Full Face SG Small Small A
Zzz-Mask Full Face SG Medium Medium A
Zzz-Mask Full Face SG Large Large A

Packaging Note: In some instances the printing on the RemZzzs box may be purple instead of blue. This is a packaging change only and the product itself remains unchanged.

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This Product Includes...

  • 30 - Liners

Product Specifications

Material Content: 100% Natural Cotton Fibers always offers these services:

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Important Tips

Fit & Sizing Tips

The manufacturer offers these Instructions for use of the RemZzz liner: RemZzzs Easy as 1-2-3-4.

RemZzz liners can be stretched for a custom fit. If you used the Full Face Sizing Chart on the Important Tips tab of this product page to select a RemZzz liner and find the liner is too small for you, please keep in mind that facial features can vary greatly among individuals.

If you encounter this problem, RemZzz recommends trying a size larger than your current liner in order to have more material to fit around the cushion. As an example, if a RemZzz mask liner size Small A is recommended for your mask size, then you would want to try a size Medium A.

CPAP Video & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I wear RemZzzs for more than one night?
Since RemZzzs is designed to absorb oil and moisture from your face, we recommend one fresh facial liner per night for maximum effectiveness and comfort. However we recognize that each person may wear a single liner for as many nights as they personally feel comfortable doing so, or find it to still work for them. RemZzzs forehead liners are designed to be used for fifteen nights each, as their sole purpose is to aid in stability and comfort. You may use all sides of the forehead liner by simply turning over or refolding.
Am I able to wear face cream to bed while using a RemZzzs Liner?
YES! Actually we encourage the use of a cream or lotion on one's face before putting on your mask, with a RemZzzs in place. It will aid in keeping the liner in place, as well as promote healthier facial skin. The face cream will not interfere with the mask's silicone cushion, since the liner is a barrier between your face & the mask.
What if I wrinkle my facial liners? Can I iron RemZzzs?
Applying heat from an iron will flatten the fibers and diminish its absorption abilities. If you have trouble with wrinkling, do your best to position the liner as flat as possible on the mask cushion. Once you fasten the mask in place, the liner should smooth out. If you have already fastened the mask in place and wrinkling is still a concern, adjusting RemZzzs by pulling on the protruding edges may decrease wrinkling as well.
After I have fastened RemZzzs in place, the edges curl. Is this ok?
RemZzzs is very delicate and it is very common for the edges to curl. Curling does not affect performance.
The liner seems kind of wide. Is it supposed to stick out around the edges of my mask?
Definitely. In order to offer the highest comfort, RemZzzs will extend about a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch beyond your mask cushion's edge. These edges also help to adjust RemZzzs once your mask has been fastened in place.
The oval-shaped center hole looks pretty small, should it be bigger?
It is actually like that on purpose. RemZzzs is designed to stretch around your nose and mouth in order to provide a custom fit. Once you position your face into the liner (while it lays on top of your mask) and fasten the straps into place, you can adjust RemZzzs by pulling outward on the protruding edges. We do not recommend cutting the center hole to make it larger.
I have a large scar on my face and the silicone irritates my skin. Can RemZzzs help this problem?
In fact, it really does help! RemZzzs conforms to the contours of your face, filling in imperfections, blemishes, and scars while also protecting your skin from irritation. It is very comfortable!
Does RemZzzs actually decrease air from leaking?
Yes!! Studies and patient reports show that RemZzzs significantly reduces air leaks, allowing more consistent pressure. Best of all, you will not be waking up anymore from those rapid, "squealing balloon" air leaks! Please note: If your mask cushion is 3-6 months old, some customers have experienced an increase in air leaking around the eyes. By replacing the worn out cushion, this problem should be eliminated.
What is RemZzzs made of?
RemZzzs is a special blend of 100% naturally absorbent cotton fibers, made specifically for this product.
What size should I choose?
We offer sizes Small, Medium, and Large in each of the most common Full Face and Nasal CPAP masks on the market. Each of our liner patterns are designed to follow the contour and shape/size of the mask it is compatible with. To find your specific mask model, use the Sizing Chart found on the RemZzzs product page.
What if I do not see my Mask Model in the Sizing Chart section?
Currently, we support the most common Full Face and Nasal CPAP masks on the market, and we are constantly working to develop liners for new mask types and models. Actually, some of our RemZzzs are compatible with mask styles not shown in our drop down menu of mask types. Please contact customer service about your specific needs.
Will RemZzzs still work if I have facial hair?
Yes, absolutely! Beards or mustaches do not seem to interfere with the effectiveness of RemZzzs.
What is the extra rectangular liner for?
That is a RemZzzs forehead liner. If your mask has a forehead cushion, follow the instructions for how to use appropriately. If your mask does not have a forehead cushion you probably will not need to use it. Each 30-Day Kit includes (2) forehead liners. Since the forehead liner does not stretch to custom fit your face, or absorb moisture from inside the mask, it can be used for fifteen days each. You may use all sides of the forehead liner by simply turning it over or refolding.
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