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"There's not much to say about these - they are what they say they are. I like 'em."

September 28, 2006

Product Overview

Manufactured by Pad A Cheek.

Product Features

Pad A Cheek CPAP Mask Strap Pads pads slide over the lower strap of a standard four point connection CPAP mask headgear. The soft pads help to prevent red marks and irritation on the face. Pad A Cheek Pads are made of two layers of soft, breathable polyester micro fleece and are very comfortable to wear.

The Pad A Cheek CPAP Mask Strap Pads design allows users to select up to three layers of padding between your face and headgear straps. Just slide the wire loop tool through the Pad A Cheek and thread the headgear strap through one of the layers.

Pad A Cheeks are approximately 6" long and 1 5/8" wide when flat. The micro fleece can be washed and dried in a machine washer and dryer without shrinking or fading.

This is a single pair of Pad A Cheek pads in the selected color. This product is designed to cover the bottom strap of a standard four point headgear. The mask and headgear must be purchased separately.

Examples of four point connection nasal and full face masks and headgear include, but are not limited to:

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This Product Includes...

  • 2- Strap Pads
  • Wire Loop Installation Tool
  • Instruction Sheet

Product Specifications

Pad Dimensions - Flat: 6 x 1 5/8 x 1/4 inches

Care: Machine wash and dry always offers these services:

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Important Tips

This common-sense product was invented by a user and has been tested and applauded by many in the community.

The Pad A Cheek package contains instructions for the standard 4 strap headgear.

To install PAD A CHEEK on your mask:

  • Remove one strap from the lower side of your mask and remove the clip. (You may use one, two, or three layers of padding between your face and the straps, depending on where you slide the wire into the PAD A CHEEK.)

  • Slide the wire loop tool all the way through the PAD A CHEEK and out the other end.

  • Put the strap thru the closed end of the wire loop and pull strap through the PAD A CHEEK.

  • Slide the PAD A CHEEK far up on the strap, remove the wire and re-attach the strap to the mask. Adjust straps for best fit with the seam away from your face when wearing the mask.

  • Slide the PAD A CHEEK down along the strap to the mask. (If necessary, cut PAD A CHEEK to the best length for you with sharp scissors.)

This product is designed to work with a standard 4 point connection headgear.

Color Variation:

The shade of Medium Blue may vary; however, performance is not affected.

CPAP Video & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I avoid red marks?
Most red marks on the face are caused by over tightening the CPAP mask. CPAP masks should only be tightened down enough to create a seal. To avoid over tightening your mask, you should work clockwise around the mask, making small adjustments to the headgear, until the mask is securely in place but not overly tight. You should avoid pulling too much on one side of the mask than on the other.

By cleaning your mask cushion, nasal pillows, and nasal prongs on a daily basis, you ensure a better seal each time you put on your mask. If you know you have a mask that fits, and are cleaning it daily, and still have red marks, consider using Mask Straps Pads which are soft covering for the headgear straps.

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