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Philips Respironics DreamStation Go Travel CPAP Review

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Updated August 16, 2019

The relationship a user has with their CPAP and accessories can be personal; a lot of people tend to prefer a particular manufacturer and like to stay loyal to the line of apnea machines and masks that they know and like.

If you’re a Philips Respironics fan and are accustomed to using their popular DreamStation CPAP, then you’ll probably love using the portable version of the same: the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine. The DreamStation Go delivers similar features to the full-size machine you use at home, but at half the size—good news for travelers who prefer to pack light.

In addition to the smaller, more portable size, the DreamStation Go comes equipped with several travel-friendly features and options. These include a USB charging port (handy for powering up your phone or tablet off your CPAP), the ability to run the CPAP machine off an optional battery, and a slim, easily packable 12mm microtube. Plus, you can use the DreamStation Go with any CPAP mask, a convenience that isn’t the case with all portable or mini machines.

Is the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine the right choice for you—either for travel or everyday use? Read on to learn more about its features.

Update: Heated Humidifier Now Available!

Ever since its release, the biggest issue with the DreamStation Go was a lack of humidification. The manufacturer has recently resolved this issue by releasing a state-of-the-art heated humidifier for the DreamStation Go. The humidifier is lightweight, portable, and can even use tap water (sparingly) instead of being a distilled water only device.

Quick and Convenient Setup

Philips Respironics was thinking about travelers’ requirements when they designed this portable CPAP machine and their attention to detail shows. The DreamStation Go comes with an easy-to-pack, 6-foot 12mm tube, 3mm slimmer than traditional “slim” tubing. This makes it easy to coil up and pack.

Also, tubing for the DreamStation Go snaps onto the port, making assembly easy when you’re in a hurry or an awkward space—for example if you’re trying to set up your travel machine on an airplane or while sitting in a bus or train seat.

A bonus: the tubing for the DreamStation Go (both slim or standard 22m) is compatible with any CPAP mask, which means you can keep your favorite mask and not spend extra money or go through the time-consuming process of “breaking in” the fit on something new before your trip.

A really handy, unique feature that comes with this machine is an integrated USB port on the side. Travelers who grumble at needing to sacrifice space or weight for their CPAP kit will be pleased to gain something in exchange for the hassle; the USB port allows users to plug into the machine to charge their tablets, smartphones, Kindles, or anything else USB-powered.

This means you can leave a wall adapter at home and power everything off a single power outlet—a big gain, especially when staying in hotel rooms that are short on places to plug in.

AC power from 100 – 240V AC means this travel CPAP can be used domestically or abroad, with the help of the World Traveler Power Adapter Plugs (sold separately).

An optional, longer power cord (10 feet, instead of the standard 6-foot cable that comes with the machine) is also available.

DreamStation Go Battery Power Options

Finally, the DreamStation Go Overnight Battery option with failover. Failover is a way of ensuring the DreamStation Go will keep working even if there’s a complete loss of power. The DreamStation Go Overnight Battery can tell when the CPAP machine is running on outlet current and when it isn’t. It will automatically kick in if the power is cut off for any reason. Depending on your pressure settings and other variables, you may get up 13 hours off a full battery charge. 

You may also want to look at the Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite (with the DreamStation Go Adapter Kit) or the Portable Outlet CPAP Battery as another option available to power your DreamStation Go off-the-grid. 

The Pilot-24 Lite was designed to accommodate the power needs of 24-volt devices like the ResMed AirMini and the DreamStation Go and needs the right adapter kit to make the connection.

The Portable Outlet can connect to any electronic device using the power supply and plug from the machine. It’s designed to provide a full night of therapy with a pressure setting of 10— even when using humidification! 

Compatible with All CPAP Masks

Mentioned above, this bears repeating because it’s such a helpful feature: the tubing for the DreamStation Go is compatible with any CPAP mask.

Some manufacturers have made their portable CPAPs so small or their tubing so custom that users need to buy special masks to use the machines and all their features. Not so with this model; you can keep using your favorite apnea mask and still take advantage of every feature that comes standard with the CPAP.

Flex Pressure Relief for Comfort

All Respironics machines, including the DreamStation Go, include flex pressure relief so you can decrease CPAP pressure during exhalation. This comfort setting makes exhaling easier and more natural. Users who choose pressure relief frequently report that they have an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. When traveling, especially across time zones, any advantage you can take to promote better sleep is a big help.

Touch-Screen Display

Sleekness matters when you’re trying to cram as much as possible into a carry-on to bring to the airport. One nice feature of the DreamStation Go is that it uses a touch-screen display to power the machine on and off and to adjust settings, rather than cumbersome knobs and buttons that might get snagged on clothing in your suitcase or backpack. (Such snags are always a nuisance, even more so when you’re fumbling to pull your CPAP out in the security line.)

The interface is easy to navigate: swipe and press to run through your settings, exactly as you would do on a smartphone or tablet.

Considerations (Possible Drawbacks)

Are there any drawbacks to traveling with the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP? We looked through the machine’s features and customer feedback to look for downsides. Here’s what we found:

Weight and size. Weighing 1.86 pounds and measuring about 6 inches square, this travel CPAP is smaller than a full-sized Respironics machine, but it’s larger and heavier than some of the competitors’ models (some of which approximate the size and weight of a can of soda). While it is portable enough for air, train, bus, or car travel, it may not be the best option for back-country hiking and backpacking. (Car camping is probably fine.) In the end, whether you choose the DreamStation Go will depend largely on your commitment to staying with the Respironics line of products.

Noise. As is the case with almost all travel-sized CPAPs, the machine and tubing can make slightly more sound than a full-sized machine, especially upon inhaling. However, most reviewers on our site say that unless you’re a light sleeper, it’s not too distracting. White noise or a room fan may be able to drown out the sound. Some even describe the machine as “extremely quiet.”

Cost. As a premium offering from an industry-leading brand, it’s no surprise that the Respironics DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP machine is on the pricier end of the spectrum. Users may be able to find lower-cost machines in the same category. However, not all of these offer the convenience of slim 12mm micro tubing, an integrated USB port, or the ability to use any mask you like.

Final Thoughts

Philips Respironics users, especially those accustomed to the popular DreamStation CPAP, will love the DreamStation Go Auto Travel CPAP. Customers who’ve tried it say it’s ideal for international travel. They also like that the DreamStation Go offers the same level of therapy as the larger version, at a smaller size, with easier setup, and with an easier breakdown. It’s basically like traveling with a smaller, sleeker version of the larger CPAP they keep on their bedside tables.

This machine, compatible with any Respironics CPAP mask, is a solid choice for Respironics loyalists who wish to keep their current masks.

It also looks good. With its rounded corners, all-white design, and digital display, it looks modern and elegant on a bedside table—which may appeal to design fans with an eye for modernist or futuristic aesthetics.

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