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    Product Overview

    Ever wished there was one battery pack that works with every CPAP machine, without complicated adapters or additional plugs? The Portable Outlet is that battery.

    The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery Pack can power many CPAP machines for an entire night— and even allows you to use humidification! To make it work, you'd just plug into the battery using your machine's standard cord, with no adapters or inverters required. It's the ultimate AC outlet battery pack for travel, and is even TSA and FAA compliant, allowing you to explore more of your world and go places you never thought possible.

    Manufactured by Portable Outlet.

    Product Features

    This product is not currently available for expedited shipping within the continental U.S. Regular ground shipping will be the only options. Other options may be available for non-continental U.S. residents.

    The Portable Outlet CPAP Battery is versatile and fully rechargeable; designed to accommodate any electronic device and power your CPAP machine for 1 to 2 nights, taking you anywhere you need to be.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Get 1 Full Night of Therapy With Most Devices— Even With Humidification!
    • TSA and FAA Compliant for Air Travel
    • Simple Controls and Easy to Operate
    • Powers ALL Your Tech With AC Outlet Power
    • Convenient USB Charging Ports for Your Phone
    • LED Power Level Indication
    • Compatible with CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP Machines

    Get 1 Full Night of Therapy With Most Devices— Even With Humidification!

    Tired of being told you can't use humidification with a CPAP battery? The Portable Outlet turns battery power into portable wall outlet power, and it's been tested with leading CPAP machines with built-in humidification. The results of the tests show that many will be able to get an entire night of therapy while using popular CPAP machines and humidification with this battery. Please note, every machine is different, and run times will vary depending on factors like location, altitude, humidification setting, as well as pressure setting. Higher altitudes and pressures can result in reduced run times. Also, using the Portable Outlet charger with wall outlet to power other devices will result in reduced run times for your CPAP machine.

    TSA and FAA Compliant for Air Travel

    You'll breeze through security with this TSA compliant battery, and you can even use it in flight. It meets all the requirements set by the FAA for lithium-ion batteries, so go ahead and get some shut-eye. Arrive at your destination rested and ready to go! The Portable Outlet accepts domestic and international input voltages and outputs power at 110 volts. You will need plug adapters to use internationally.

    Power Your Devices Easily

    You won't need to be a master electrician to use this battery pack. There are no cables, cords, adapters, or inverters required to connect to your CPAP machine. The battery pack converts the power stored in the battery into convenient AC outlet power. Just plug in!

    Simple Controls and Easy to Operate

    If you can plug in your CPAP machine, you can use this battery. It's versatile enough to power all your devices, and if you're not using your CPAP machine, you can use the battery to power a TV or stereo, making it ideal for things like tailgating or other popular outdoor activities.

    Convenient USB Charging Ports for Your Phone

    If you want to charge your phone, it's easy. There are two standard USB ports on the Portable Outlet charger intended to charge both your cell phone and another USB device. Just plug the USB charging cable into the battery and you'll give your phone all the juice it needs.

    Easy to Read LCD Charge Indicators

    With four LED lights on top of the battery used to indicate charge level, you can easily and quickly tell what level the battery is currently at. Instead of confusing digital displays, this simple system is easy to understand. Each LED represents a power level of 25%. If two LEDs are shining, the battery level is roughly 50%. If three LEDs are lit, it indicates a power level of roughly 75%. If all lights are illuminated, the battery charge is around 100%.

    Compatible With CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP Models

    This device has been tested with CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines and can power these devices without issues. Because it creates outlet power, you can safely plug in even the most power-hungry devices and enjoy decent run times.

    Portable Outlet Charge Times

    From being completely depleted, the Portable Outlet recharges in only 4 hours, getting you back to the action faster!

    Portable Outlet Battery Pack Run Times

    The run times featured here were published by the manufacturer, and are based on their testing and research. Actual results may be different from what is listed here.

    Run times will vary widely depending on the type of device, altitude, and if humidification is used. Run times will also be affected if you use other devices with the battery during the day, as these devices reduce overall power. For best results, use no humidification with the battery, and use at sea level.

    Machine   Pressure   Humidifier Setting   Run Time  
    AirMini 15 None 14 hours
    AirMini 20 None 9 hours
    AirSense 10 10 Off 8.5 hours
    AirSense 10 15 Off 7.5 hours
    AirSense 10 15 On - 4 6.5 hours
    DreamStation Go 15 None 8 hours
    System One 10 On - 3 11.5 hours
    Transcend Auto miniCPAP 15 None 10.5 hours

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    This Product Includes...

    • Portable Outlet CPAP Battery
    • AC Power Supply
    • USB to Micro USB Cable
    • Carrying Case

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: 4.88 in W X 7.28 in L X 1.69 in H
    • Weight: 2.11 pounds
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • AC Output: 110v AC 60hz/100w
    • Input Voltage: 110v to 240v Input Voltage - Use Internationally
    • Charging Time: Roughly 4 hours
    • USB Ports: 2 Standard USB Ports
    • USB Port Voltage: 5 Volts / 2.1 Amps
    • Battery Capacity: 155 Watts
    • Battery Lifetime: 500 Charge Cycles
    • TSA / FAA Compliant: Yes.
    • Working Temperature: 14°F - 113°F
    • Charging Temperature: 32°F - 113°F always offers these services:

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    Important Tips

    Charging the Battery

    Here's the steps you'd need to take to charge the Portable Outlet:

    1. Slde the "AC Output Switch" to the "OFF" position and plug the included cord into the DC Input Port.
    2. Plug the Power Supply into a 110V Electrical Outlet.
    3. The device will charge.

    Charging from a 12 Volt DC Source

    To charge from a DC source like a car or boat battery, you'll need to use an inverter (sold separately), which converts the DC power to AC power. From there you can plug in the charging cable for the Portable Outlet, and recharge it that way.

    Powering Phones and Tablets with USB

    Here's how to power phones and tablets using the USB ports on the device:

    1. Plug the USB cord into the USB Output Port and connect your device.
    2. Your devices should begin to charge.

    Using the AC Output Port

    It's fairly easy to use AC power from the Portable Outlet:

    1. Plug the CPAP machine's AC power supply into the outlet.
    2. Slide the AC Output Switch to on.

    Tips for Improving Battery Run Times

    Even though this device is able to accommodate a CPAP machine and humidifier, using both at the same time will reduce the run times of the battery. For best results, consider using the machine without the humidifier. This will reduce the power demands on the battery and give a better overall runtime.

    As stated before, using a CPAP machine at a higher elevation can impact battery run times. This is because at higher altitudes the air is thinner, and the machine has to work harder to get to the correct pressure. Because the machine is working harder, it's using the battery much more quickly than at sea level.

    Higher therapy pressures also lead to lower run times. If your pressure is typically above 15, you may get less time than advertised. For the run times published by the manufacturer, these were created assuming a pressure of 15. Higher pressures than 15 will lead to lower than expected run time.

    FAA Battery Regulations

    Here's the regulations from the FAA explaining its policies on what types of batteries are acceptable for bringing on a flight. Per the manufacturer, this battery meets the requirements for in-flight use:

    FAA Regulations for Batteries


    • DO NOT Expose to Temperatures Below 32°F or Above 113°F: Lithium-ion batteries such as this device contain chemicals that can be unstable outside of this range. Avoid very cold or very hot environments.
    • DO NOT Expose to Water: If this device gets wet, it will cause damage or loss.
    • Keep Away from Open Flame: Exposure to open flame can cause this battery to explode.
    • Use Only the Original Power Supply for Charging:
    • Do NOT Disassemble Battery

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