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Best BiPAP Machine Reviews and Our Top Picks

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BiPAPs are the least common PAP therapy devices, but are very effective for certain types of sleep apnea! Because BiPAPs are not as common there are fewer to choose from, which can sometimes make the decision process harder. But that’s why we’re here! Using our extensive ranking methodology we’ve selected the best BiPAP machines currently on the market.

The Best BiPAP Machines

AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel

The AirCurve™ line of BiPAP machines looks similar to the AirSense™ and AirStart™ machines from ResMed, but it’s a lot more advanced. It includes a heated humidifier, which is critical for keeping you from drying you out during the night. It’s important to point out that the AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel is an auto-adjusting machine, meaning it will sample your breathing to determine the best pressure for inhalation and the best pressure for exhalation.

This means that as your needs change, your AirCurve™ 10 will be able to adapt and change—automatically. It’s a nice feature that all of the machines we’ll be going over today have, and it can be a lifesaver, as it will mean fewer trips to the doctor for things like changing pressures.

AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel Review

Noise Level8The AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel registers 26.6 decibels, which is considered whisper-quiet. While 26 decibels is indeed very quiet, it’s not the quietest machine we reviewed. For most people, a machine that’s 26 decibels will be quiet enough to use and not have it be especially bothersome.
Cost5In terms of cost, the AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel is the most expensive machine we reviewed and is priced at around $1,700. BiPAP machines generally cost the most out of any type of PAP therapy device.


When it comes to anything, you tend to get what you pay for. This ResMed machine is a high-quality model from a great manufacturer, and the craftsmanship is there to back up the high price.

Warranty7With a two-year warranty, the manufacturer stands by its work, safeguarding you against manufacturer defects and any problems. Like most warranties, it doesn’t cover misuse or abuse. Of the machines we rated, a two-year warranty is about average for this type of machine, and it isn’t the longest warranty of the group.
Weight8This model tops out at 2.75 pounds, which is a lot heavier than a lightweight travel CPAP. It’s a little heavier because it includes a humidifier and has some additional features that a CPAP machine doesn’t have. Still, 2.75 pounds isn’t all that much when you consider it may weigh less than your laptop.
Size8The footprint of the AirCurve™ 10 VAuto is pretty compact, and it doesn’t take up much space. It’s about the size of a rectangular box of Kleenex, so it will fit on most nightstands. It’s not the smallest footprint, but it will meet the needs of most users.
Pressure Relief Features10BiLevels are all about managing pressure in a way that’s going to be most comfortable for a user. With one set pressure for inhale and another for exhale, it will be easy to breathe out. By also using automatic pressure adjustments, you’d be surprised at how much you’ll enjoy therapy with this machine, as it truly puts your comfort at the forefront.
Therapy TrackingThe AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiPAP uses ResMed’s myAir smartphone app for you to be able to track your therapy progress. The myAir app is easy to use, read, and interpret the data coming back to you from your machine.
Humidification Options10With a built-in heated humidifier, there’s nothing extra to buy. It comes out of the box with everything you’ll need to make your therapy a success, including a real water humidifier that will keep your sinuses from drying out during the night.
Smart Features10The AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel comes packed with state-of-the-art smart features that will keep your therapy comfortable throughout the night. It has an auto start/auto stop and even has a spontaneous mode. The AirCurve™ 10 VA BiLevel is one of the most advanced BiPAP machines on the market today.
Battery Connectivity8The AirCurve™ 10 VAuto is compatible with the Medistrom Pilot-24 and the Portable Outlet and has good battery connectivity options.

TOTAL: 83 / 100 

Buy it Now: AirCurve 10 VAuto BiLevel Machine

IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel

The IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel is a very economical auto-adjusting BiLevel that earns our vote for the best for first-timers, largely because of its low price and what’s included. It’s about as quiet as the AirCurve™ 10, checking in at just over 26 decibels. This will be a quiet machine right out of the gate, and it’s protected from manufacturing defects for five years with a best-in-class warranty. No other machine we’ve reviewed comes close to matching the warranty offered by DeVilbiss for the IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel.

While it is an older machine, without a companion mobile app, the IntelliPAP doesn’t disappoint in performance, and it costs only around $1,100. It’s also our best value. For someone new to sleep apnea, the IntelliPAP may be the best machine for your needs.

IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel CPAP Machine Review

Noise Level9The IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel comes in at 26 decibels and is the 2nd-quietest machine we reviewed. om26 decibels is considered whisper-quiet, and you should be able to use the IntelliPAP without being disturbed by the noise from your machine.
Cost10It’s rare to find an auto-adjusting BiPAP machine for a price as low as this. Part of the reason for the low price is the absence of truly advanced data tracking. If you’re a person that doesn’t even own a smartphone, truthfully, you may not miss it. For what it does, it comes at an awesome price!
Warranty10For most machines, a five-year manufacturer’s warranty is unheard of. For the IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel, it comes standard. DeVilbiss will stand beside their work for a total of 5 years after you purchase the device, and repair any manufacturing defects. It’s uncommon to have this kind of protection from a manufacturer.
Weight7For just the machine itself, the weight is only 2.75 pounds, and that doesn’t include a humidifier. If you include the weight of all the optional accessories, bag, and hose, it will top out at over 6 pounds, which is why we didn’t rate it higher.
Size9The size of the IntelliPAP is about the size of a square box of Kleenex, and it will take up a small footprint on your side table. It’s small and compact and can go almost anywhere.
Pressure Relief Features9The IntelliPAP has a broad spectrum of pressure features geared towards your comfort as you use the machine. It also has Flow Rounding technology which is designed to make the switch from inhale to exhale feel more natural and softer to you while you sleep.
Therapy Tracking6This is one area where the IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel disappoints. There’s no companion app, and instead, you can get your results by entering your unique nighly code on a website. It will give you the data feedback you’re looking for, but it’s clunky and isn’t as convenient as an app on your phone. To save on costs, DeVilbiss skimped here. But if you factor in all of the awesome comfort features of the device, and the low price, you may be willing to make the trade.
Humidification Options6The IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel doesn’t include built-in humidification, but it does have an integrated humidifier that’s designed to work with this machine. It’s a little pricey at around $149, but if you’ve ever woken up with dry mouth, you’ll know why we recommend spending the extra money to get it. Even with the extra purchase, you’ll still be well under the cost of the other two machines.
Smart Features7This machine comes with automatic on/off, and a few other smart features designed to make your night easier. It’s not as advanced as the DreamStation or the AirCurve™ 10, but it will do just fine.
Battery Connectivity9The IntelliPAP has a wide range of battery options, and it’s smart enough to know when it has lost AC power. If you get the optional DC cord, you can connect it to a DC source. If the main power fails, it will automatically switch over. It’s also compatible with the Portable Outlet, and several other options.

TOTAL: 82/100

Buy it Now: IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel Machine

DreamStation BiPAP Auto

The DreamStation BiPAP Auto is a lot like the popular CPAP and auto-adjusting versions and comes with many great features that are very helpful and comfort-focused. Of the CPAP, APAP and BiPAP models, the DreamStation BiPAP Auto is the most expensive, but you’re going to get a lot of great benefits that come with spending the extra money.

Like the AirCurve™ 10, the DreamStation BiPAP Auto is an auto-adjusting machine, designed to sample and monitor your breathing to determine the best inhalation pressure and your best exhalation pressure, and then set it automatically. As your needs change throughout the night, your pressures will change with you.

The DreamStation is also the quietest machine we reviewed, checking in at 25.8 decibels. That’s below whisper-quiet! When the machine is running at night, it will be difficult to hear. If you’re easily bothered by noise while you try to sleep, this is the machine for you.

DreamStation BiPAP Auto Review

Noise Level10The DreamStation is so quiet, you’ll have to take off your mask to hear it, even when running the optional humidifier. At 25.8 decibels, it’s the quietest machine we’ve reviewed.
Cost7The DreamStation is priced around $1,630 and is separated from the AirCurve™ by about $100. BiPAPs are generally more expensive, and when you’re shopping for the best BiPAP machine on the market, you’ll pay a little extra, but the quality is worth it.
Warranty7The DreamStation BiPAP has a two-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects but doesn’t shield you from abuse or misuse of the product.
Weight7By itself, the DreamStation BiPAP weighs in at 1.56 pounds, so it’s the lightest machine we’ve reviewed. But if you add the weight of the optional humidifier and power cord, the total weight can go up to almost 4.37 pounds. The weight of the machine itself is lower, but if you’re comparing to the AirCurve™ 10, that device weighs 5.1 pounds with the machine, humidifier, power cord and carry bag.


Most of the weight with these devices is from the power supply, and not the actual machine itself.

Size6The DreamStation itself is a small machine, but if you get the optional humidifier, you’ll have a device that has the biggest footprint out of the 3.
Pressure Relief Features9The DreamStation family of machines from Philips Respironics prides itself on premium machines that deliver premium comfort. With features like ramp and a state-of-the-art automatic pressure adjusting algorithm, you’re sure to get the level of comfort you’re looking for.
Therapy Tracking8The DreamMapper app comes with your DreamStation and provides the sleep health monitoring data you need sent right to your smartphone. You’ll be able to keep track of your AHI, mask fit, time used, and the total number of events from the night before. It’s not as useful as the myAir, in my opinion, but the DreamMapper app is going to provide a lot of excellent data available right at your fingertips.
Humidification Options8The DreamStation features an optional heated humidifier, that’s available for an additional purchase. It’s designed to work only with the DreamStation and will not work with any other machine. It’s very quiet and efficient, and may not disturb your bed partner.
Smart Features9The DreamStation comes with auto start/auto stop, Bluetooth connectivity, and regular reminders to replace your filters and other equipment when it’s time.
Battery Connectivity9The DreamStation has a wide range of battery options, including the Medistrom Pilot-12 Lite and the Portable Outlet.

TOTAL: 80/100

Buy it Now: DreamStation BiPAP Auto Machine

What’s a BiPAP?

BiPAPs are designed to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea with pressures higher than 20, and in some cases, can even treat Central Sleep Apnea or Complex Sleep Apnea. To purchase a BiPAP machine, you’ll need to get a prescription that specifies you need a BiPAP machine. A regular CPAP prescription doesn’t permit you to purchase a BiPAP machine, so if you want to make the switch, you’ll need to get your doctor on board.

A BiPAP (or BiLevel) machine uses two set pressures: one for when you’re inhaling and a second pressure for when you’re exhaling. The pressure on exhale is going to be lower than the pressure you use for inhale, and it’s going to be more comfortable because you won’t be fighting against the incoming air.

Another type of BiPAP machine is called a BiPAP Auto machine. These machines are designed to study your breathing and automatically choose the correct pressure for inhalation and the best pressure for exhalation. These changes happen automatically. With a regular BiPAP, the pressures for inhalation and exhalation are set at a fixed pressure and can’t change on the fly.

Having auto-adjusting pressure is an advantage because it means you won’t have to go to the doctor to make the pressure adjustment, saving you time and money.

Learn the differences between BiPAP, CPAP, and APAP machines

Do I need a BiPAP?

BiPAPs are used to treat a few different conditions. Here’s a breakdown:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: For treating OSA, a BiPAP is an overkill in most cases, unless you need a pressure above 20. CPAP and APAP machines can’t deliver a pressure higher than 20, so if you require something a little higher, a BiPAP is going to be your only option.

BiPAP vs CPAP: How to know if you need a BiPAP Machine

Central Sleep Apnea: BiPAPs are beneficial for treating Central Sleep Apnea because of the ability of some models to prompt breathing. If the BiPAP notices you haven’t drawn a breath in a while, some models can get you to take your next breath with a gentle pulse of air.

Central Sleep Apnea is a condition where breathing sometimes doesn’t happen on its own because the brain doesn’t send the signal to the lungs to take a breath. This can be caused by shallow periods of breathing that will get softer and softer until they eventually cease. Central Sleep Apnea is typically found in people that have severe cardiac problems.

Complex Sleep Apnea: Complex Sleep Apnea is a condition where a person may be experiencing both Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Central Sleep Apnea at the same time. For people suffering from this condition, you would need a BiPAP or an ASV machine to treat this condition.

Final Thoughts

Of the three machines we reviewed, the AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel had the most features, while the DreamStation BiPAP Auto was our quietest machine, and the IntelliPAP Auto BiLevel was best for beginners and had the lowest price tag. We also learned that BiPAP machines are a specific kind of PAP therapy device, intended to treat specific conditions. We hope this article helped you as you shop for the best BiPAP machine for you!

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