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CPAP Power Solutions

When you travel for business or pleasure, take your therapy with you, and ensure you're rested and ready to enjoy your adventure! CPAP batteries make it possible to enjoy quality sleep, even when off the grid. 

Stay Prepared

Don’t lose sleep over lost power. Get a backup battery for emergencies and for travel!

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From backup batteries for CPAP machines to DC cables and replacement power supplies, chances are we have just what you need to power your CPAP machine in almost any situation.

Never Lose Sleep Again

Stayed charged throughout the night and get the sleep you need with a CPAP battery.

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Never Lose Sleep Again

Stayed charged through the night with a CPAP battery.

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Common Questions

What are CPAP Batteries, and how long do they last? Why do you need a battery for your CPAP? We've covered these and other common questions below.