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Humidifier Parts

CPAP humidifier parts include replacement items like humidifier chambers, lids, and seals. If a part breaks, you don't have to replace the entire humidifier. Browse our selection to see if we have the part you need to save the cost of replacement. 

H20 4 CPAP Water Filter

Create your own distilled water to save time and money.

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View all of our Humidifier & Chamber product parts

From entire heated humidification systems to replacement gaskets for a specific chamber, we've got what you need.

The ResMed P30i Mask

Have the freedom of movement with this minimal, low-contact nasal pillow mask.

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The Lumin Bullet

The latest tech in CPAP hose sanitization.

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Common Questions

What parts of my humidifier should I replace? How should I clean my humidifier parts? We've answered a few of the most common questions surrounding CPAP humidifier parts below.